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  2. This is hilarious but it's also an incredibly salient point. I watch WWE because I know you're getting a few matches a week with good workers that you'll enjoy. Most people don't watch wrestling for that and there's no chance that they're tuning in, watching the latest GM angle shittiness and staying tuned for the next week. It would take a crazy person to watch HHH and Vince act out their millionaire quarrel bullshit for 15 minutes and tune back in next week.
  3. I'm going to throw a vote in for Rodney for being a supreme dick at the Armory throughout Season 4. Not the best but staring down a rocket launcher and still being a dick is pretty great.
  4. I've never seen anyone wearing a TNA shirt. I've always wondered if they ever sold any of these. Haha, look at that dork. PRO WRESTLING IS REAL? I don't know about that but that shirt is real, alright. Real stupid. Extreme Expose 2 baby!
  5. You've got to think they pick up Angle for a DVD and a part-time kinda deal. Knowing WWE, they'd pick up one guy completely out of left field like Anderson and team him with Hornswoggle for 6 months on Saturday Morning Slam. Actually, that'd be pretty great.
  6. I'll second Nier but don't dip into the sidequests too much unless you want to slowly go insane. The story alone is worth a look and that's not something I say often with games. Maybe I'm losing interest in that style of RPG but I tapped out of Ni No Kuni about 11 hours in as the combat going through dungeons just became a bit much. If you're looking for RPGs though, I'm sure you're down so I can recommend it anyway. The game looks gorgeous too.
  7. Yeah, I agree. The finishing stretch is good but I feel it's the only thing people remember because the rest is unremarkable.
  8. ah, OK. I'll make sure I look out for it, thanks.
  9. Man, I just watched William Regal vs. Boogeyman from the 4th May 2007 episode of Smackdown and Regal is absolutely glorious. Throwing hard kicks at Boogey, dropping nasty knees to the face before really aggressively pinning him and a spot where he puts Boogey's head against the ringpost and straight up kicks him in it. Then Dave Taylor hits the midget Boogeyman straight in the face and it's so wonderful. If you offered me a William Regal in WWE comp, I would give you all of the money you wanted and more.
  10. I just got a hold of the first "year" of this show, from the rebranding up to the end of 2012. Anything in particular I should be watching for aside from Ambrose/Regal?
  11. There's an article on WWE.com that goes over their past together, starting with a random match on Velocity in 2003 of all things.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNhY5oQuI4k Finlay vs. Lorenzo http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2o1av_big-daddy-v-vs-locals_news#.UexJx42G2So Big Daddy V vs. 3 scrubs
  13. Still with WWE in 2007 and coming up to Backlash. Some general thoughts: - There was people in this world that thought John Cena was a poor worker at this time and that blows my mind. Both the Michaels matches are completely on Cena, both Umaga PPV matches are excellent and the guy is just doing everything right. His selling for Michaels' dainty little wrists is a joy to watch. I can't wait to get to the Khali matches to see how they hold up. - Bobby Lashley was a straight up entertaining dude and that's the truth. I mean, the guy is in there with Umaga and Vince but he more than holds his own and he's at the point now where he's over enough to warrant the move to Raw and the push that would have followed. - They have Carlito paired with Flair and I can't tell if Carlito is unmotivated and thus lazy, or he was always just not very good. - Elijah Burke is quite clearly the best guy on ECW at this point in time. Punk would morph into it but he hasn't put the pieces together yet. Every time Burke works with RVD, he leans into all of his kicks and makes them look like death, he's got great offense and he's a good talker. I know he failed because of other factors but he's really fun to watch right now. - I am amazed that everyone wanted Ken Kennedy to be the next big thing, what a fucking dork. He may be the biggest proponent of "acting" rather than "being" his character. Even here, he's kicking his legs and squirming when he's up for suplexes and powerbombs and I'm amazed he hasn't just been dropped on his head yet. - I know I have the name and I'm a complete fan of them but Deuce and Domino are totally better than I remember. Deuce in particular has just had a good match with Brian Kendrick on Smackdown and he just looked really good. Kendrick was bumping round like a lunatic but Deuce more than held his own. - Benoit is clearly on a major decline right now. Unless he's in there with Finlay or MVP, the dude is throwing about 500 German Suplexes a match. - JBL and Cole are absolutely the best commentary team they've had in years and Cole is great at being an idiot so JBL can berate him. They just work together incredibly well. EDIT: Doh, forgot my list of matches that you should check out: PPV: John Cena vs. Umaga - New Year's Revolution Hardys vs. MNM - Royal Rumble John Cena vs. Umaga - Royal Rumble John Cena and Shawn Michaels vs. Batista and Undertaker - No Way Out Chris Benoit vs. MVP - Mania 23 The Undertaker vs. Batista - Mania 23 John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels - Mania 23 TV: Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit - 16/1 Smackdown Matt Hardy vs. Joey Mercury - Not sure of the date on this one Finlay vs. Undertaker - 6/3 Smackdown Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy - 13/3 Smackdown New Breed vs. ECW Originals - 3/4 ECW Chris Benoit vs. MVP - 10/4 Smackdown Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena - 23/4 Raw I know that in a couple of months, Smackdown picks up some injuries and that's when you have Finlay and Matt Hardy getting 15 minutes every week and that's when it gets really great.
  14. Sweet fucking CHRIST, there's no way I can pick the best part of that video. That super smart dolphin must be stopped.
  15. hahah, HHH is so bad. but Daniel Bryan is fucking great
  16. Great American Bash 07 and yeah, it's really fun. Came around the time that Lashley wanted to turn heel so he peppers in a few subtle heel mannerisms into that match IIRC
  17. Del Rio kicking Ziggler in the head repeatedly is so awesome. Cena/Henry was a ton of fun as both guys are so great in those kind of matches and Sheamus bumping like a goddamn lunatic warmed my heart. I really enjoyed all of Cody Rhodes' spots in the opener and thought he stood out in a match full of good performances.
  18. JBL keeps calling her "Sandy" and "Sally" too. That run of JBL on commentary is incredible
  19. In years ahead, Main Event and Superstars (and to an extent Saturday Morning Slam, if it continues) will make for awesome compilation material. Cesaro has been on an absolute roll this year, getting really good matches out of a slew of uninteresting guys. As much as I'd rather not see him teaming with Swagger, I'd be down with them getting a good Tag Title reign when The Shield drop them.
  20. My love for Johnny Dangerously runs deeper than the ocean itself and I support this 100%, you fargin sneaky bastage. I'm gonna take all your dworks and nail 'em to the wall!
  21. WWE 2007 recently and man, it starts off shaky but when they start building to Mania, it just takes off. I had forgotten just how good Matt Hardy was at this point with long TV matches every week with guys like Finlay and MVP. Is Lashley the last guy that they booked this strongly? He hasn't been beaten thus far, I believe. has broken the Masterlock and has clean wins over Orton and Kennedy in a handicap match, he's really been presented as a star. Why did Brad Armstrong disappear from the ECW announce desk? And, man, Deuce, Domino and Cherry have THE greatest theme music of modern times.
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