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  1. Watching this match, you almost forget that their is a pandemic going on in this world. You got crowd brawling, spitting beer in the crowd, no social distancing whatsoever. However, it's entertaining. I get a kick out of Caristico's fat brothers. They have turned into lucha brawling machines. Also watched the Canek match from this show so @DEANdoesn't have to. Having a almost 70 year old man wrestle in that environment has to have broken some law. This is the most Monterrey goes to Memphis match i've seen a while. Except for a chain it's a weight belt. Lots of working the crowd. Dig Electo's new look.
  2. I think NXT right now is the best it's been since probably around 2017 or whenever Sami/Nakamura happened. Finn is a great champion who can have good matches with just about everyone. The midcard is loaded with lots of feuds and good personalities. The women's division is the best it's been since the Sasha/Bayley days. I'm looking forward to what they do when they move to Tuesdays. The invention of streaming every show on Youtube or IWTV has hurt my interest in Lucha and to an extent Indie wrestling. There was a time back in like 2017 when I was watching every AAA, CMLL, IWRG and Monterrey show on that was on the net. Plus the handhelds from guys like Black Terry Jr and it just became too much. I remember watching a random Friday CMLL card and just wondering " why am I watching this it means nothing?" Same thing happened with IWTV. I see so many shows to watch that look intriguing but it's just too much and I don't know where to start. I get this is very first world problems.
  3. 10- Ever Rise WWE- This is probably cheating since it's two guys but love those dude. They don't get much ring time but they are always entertaining 9- Eddie Colon- WWC: No crowd WWC is a tough watch but Eddie has been great since his return. Feuding with his brother and Cousin and beating up jobbers every week. 8- Jey Uso- WWE: Been killing it on Smackdown with Roman. Every match he has is at least good 7- Jon Moxley AEW- I liked him as Ambrose in WWE but his AEW run has been incredible. Glad he is with Kingston now 6- Timothy Thatcher WWE- Been injured lately but his matches are must see. Especially the ones with Ciampa 5- Eddie Kingston- AEW- Not much needs to be said. Incredible promo and good matches 5- WALTER- So glad he's on the main NXT even if it's just for a a couple weeks 4- Rey Fenix AEW- My favorite guy in AEW. Best flyer in the game 3- Sheamus WWE- He just has one banger after another. Works incredibly stiff. Need him vs WALTER for the NXT uk title 2- Daniel Bryan- WWE Continues to be great. This feud with Roman has reignited something in him 1- Roman Reigns WWE- The best wrestler in the world IMO. The heel run is legendary.
  4. This is two matches in one video and the second match is the one that features Ricky Santana being a personal blood bank. First match is a total brawl too.
  5. 1. Io Shirai- NXT. Not just the best woman in WWE but one of the best wrestlers in the world. I'm interested in how she's going to fair on the main roster after she loses at Takeover 2 Sasha Banks WWE - The Bayley feud was great. Still a must see wrestler even when in the ring with Nia Jax and Tamina 3: Bayley WWE: Even if she was the longest reigning Smackdown women's champion, she's still underrated 4 - Tay Conti AEW _ I've been a fan since she first started in NXT. One of the few people that has benifited getting out of the WWE system that went to AEW. She gets better every week 5. Dakota Kai NXT - Another must see every match wrestler. Great as a heel and a bayface. 6 Thunder Rosa AEW/NWA - The Britt Baker feud has been real good but I enjoyed the match with Priscilla Kelly better. She's awesome and should beat Shida for the title 7- Asuka WWE- Bad booking has hurt her some but she's still great. I have hopes for the Ripley match 8 Britt Baker AEW- Great character and good in the ring. 9- Reina Gonzalez NXT- Probably the most improved in NXT. 10- Shotzi Blackhart NXT- Her matches aren't always great but I love her character and her feud with Robert Stone was the best thing in NXT for a few months.
  6. Not a ton of blood but El Brazo and Brazo de Oro bleed a good amount in this. Lots of biting of foreheads and great punches from the Infernales and Porky is motivated.
  7. Never thought I would see Pro Wrestling Diana footage on WWE tv but here we are. Excited to see Sarray finally after hearing so much about her. So glad WALTER is back. Who knows for how long but I hope they do the WALTER/Finn match while he's here. Main event kinda fell apart after the Danny injury but I'm glad they Finn and Kross didn't win like I feared.
  8. The amount of blood in this is too much even for me. I think Savio blades the back of his head.
  9. Robert Stone breaking out in hives over Shotzi and her tahnk continues to be the best story in NXT. Tag title match was disappointing especially the finish. I hope this doesn't lead to a NXT women's tag titles but I'm guessing that's what happens. Next week's episode is loaded with Cole/Balor and IO/Toni.
  10. Today's WWC features Bellito Calderón vs Pablo Marquez and Orlando Colon vs Pedro Portillo III. And the return of Cha Cha Charlie.
  11. This isn't the best match as it's kinda short and Tourney lucha but it's a masterclass in great diving by Ciclon Ramirez. His first dive where he lands in the crowd and takes out a lady fan's shoulder is incredible
  12. Unless they add a match, this will be the first takeover since Takeover: Toronto back in November 2016 without a member of the Undisputed era in a match. That's kinda crazy to think about.
  13. IWA Puerto Rico returned with it's first "match" since the pandemic started with Mr. Big vs Noel Rodriguez. I put match in quotes because there is no ref and it's just a brawl that goes all through a Puerto Rican junkyard. Lots of bumps into tires and cars. Sadly no blood but a legit Junkyard Dog gets involved.
  14. Bianca/Sasha has to close out one night. I'm guessing the first one. If not, we will never heard the end of it. How long is Jimmy Uso out for? They should do Roman/Usos vs Owens/Edge/christian at one of the ppvs before Mania.
  15. Turns out Edge didn't really do anything. But I did like the tease of a Edge/Kross match. Why is Kross feuding with Santos Escobar anyways?
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