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  1. I wish we had gotten more out of his 2008 return. D-Lo could have been good fun on ECW/Smackdown.
  2. God damn, there is nothing more beautiful than wrestling terminology used in everyday situations, especially when it's Mae Young refusing to tap out. You glorious bastards.
  3. Has Ryan improved? I haven't seen NXT. If not, putting him in there with Ambrose, Rey, Goldust and co every week may be the best way to speed that along.
  4. I'm watching the Summer of Punk right now and despite the shows being incredible, it seems weird that people weren't expecting Punk to become a star even in the WWE climate of 2005. I know that things had to change a lot for him to get to where he was but the segment where he attacks Gibson with the chain at Fate of an Angel is tremendous. A great dickish promo to begin with, chicken shits out as Gibson comes to fight him, sneaks back in with a chain when his back is turned. And then you have him walking around ringside. "Hey, Bobby Cruise, you wanna fight the champ? I don't even know who the hell you are!" What a great company this was from 05 to 07, man, damn.
  5. Looking at that list, the one that hasn't been mentioned that has me excited in N++. N+ is one of the best purchases I made on the 360, really well designed, a challenge and 3 massive DLC packs all released from free. I can't recommend it enough.
  6. Have you tried the lead guitar lessons? If so, how is it for practicing scales and such?
  7. At least three of those have a better midfield
  8. I had no idea that the new Broken Sword game had been released. George and Nico are the real video game super team.
  9. You jest, but her in-cut-scene suggestion of "Blow It To Smithereens With a Rocket Launcher" was a way more practical idea (and more in line with the tactical thinking you'd expect from PROFESSIONAL SOLDIERS) than the bullshit train jumping minigame players ended up having to do during that phase of the game. Would've been a more fun minigame, too. Stock FF party roster Perky Airhead Girl that she is, I'm discovering as I play through the game again she often comes off as the Shakespearian Fool (i.e. the only one talking any sense) in some of the game's more tortured leaps of logic to set up the next set-piece of game play. And her ideas on how to chop the Gordian Knot are no-sold by the "sane" members of the team every time. Selphie's rocket launcher plans are flawless when you think about it which means it almost couldn't be motioned by anyone in the rest of that game. A FFVIII-2 would see at least 4 instances of Selphie looking right into the camera like Oliver Hardy as her idiot teammates conspired the most ridiculous plans imaginable.
  10. I own a physical copy but because it's some crazy-ass version with a weird serial number that only fucking idiots own, it doesn't work on my PS3, I had to download a digital version to tide me over when I'm feeling nostalgic. Just imagine the resigned disappointment that came about when I added funds to my wallet for that purchase. And recently, I had to factory reset my PS3 so I lost all my saves which means I'll almost certainly start the game again when I'm hungover.
  11. Final Fantasy VIII has a plot riddled with crater-sized plot holes, paper thin, annoying characters, a magic/junction system that can see you be unbeatable 5 hours in by simply abusing the fun but paper thin card game, annoying sidequests that you couldn't POSSIBLY solve without use of an FAQ, that annoying ass mission in the fucking desert dungeon when you're running round and round like a Scooby Doo episode, a really bad translation and completely drops everything that is the slightest bit interesting for time-jumping, convoluted sorceress, weepy bullshit. But, since I played it non-stop as a child, every single bit of it is ingrained onto my very being and I could sit down now, load up a save from any point in the game and pick right up with an encyclopedic knowledge of what cards to refine, what magic to junction and where to go next. Some people know how to save lives, I know how to get unlimited energy crystals from monsters in Esthar. Jesus Christ.
  12. Awwwwwwwwesome. He better not miss a beat with his heel gimmick
  13. Vinyl, mostly. All started when my grandfather passed and my dad took all his Harry Nilsson and jazz vinyl which is now passed on to me. Since I was 18 or so, I've just been adding to it every week. I'll pick up awful compilations in charity shops just because they're 40p and there's one decent track hidden away on there. I've never actually added up how much it's all worth but the first pressings of things like Bowie albums or 7" from the 60s must be worth something in the good condition that they are. Every now and then, I get a real inkling to go out and buy a ton of games for one of the retro consoles I have lying around. Usually results in me buying things I've already bought for other consoles or realising that I am never, ever going to touch any of them again after the month of retro game passion disappears/
  14. Twitter is the single greatest thing to happen to pro wrestling.
  15. Cena's bump into that table was pretty crazy and that's about the best I can say for that main. But, man, what a tremendous match that 4-way tag was. Give me Rhodes Brothers vs. Rey/Show at the Rumble.
  16. Yep. Rey Mysterio beat The Miz in the WWE Championship tournament finals on RAW. John Cena challenged him later that night beating him for it. The tournament was done because of CM Punk walking out with the WWE Championship after beating John Cena at the 2011 Money in the Bank PPV. RAW ended with Punk's return. Instead of Punk vs. Cena II at SummerSlam 2011 so soon after Punk's return, I would've done Mysterio vs. Cena for the WWE Championship at that event. It's crazy how quickly they blew through the tournament and a potential Cena/Rey feud just to fast track Punk into a HHH feud. Again, WWE succeeds in spite of itself.
  17. Give the photographer who took this a massive raise.
  18. I was thinking that the other day actually. Give him a 6 month run, have guys like Ziggler eat the Gore and then build to a battle of awesome spears vs. Reigns. The two could both go for it at the same time, butt heads and the ring could collapse.
  19. In May 2001, he returned from an injury, was immediately turned back babyface and worked a couple of TV main events opposite HHH before getting injured very shortly after. It seems like he was being positioned into the title/main event picture for the summer of 2001 so it would have been interesting to see an Austin/Rikishi PPV match with Austin in crazy worker mode. Rikishi in the Invasion could have allowed him to solidify in the upper card too.
  20. It depends if WWE can get a fresh batch of guys to work against them once the current crop runs its course. The Christian stuff is an easy choice and he'd be awesome plugged into those crazy 6 mans but Rey coming back is the last babyface they have left who you could put them against, right? Actually, 3 months of Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio and Christian vs. The Shield sounds pretty great to me. When is Evan Bourne back? He and Rollins need to have some kind of bump off. They can keep putting different guys in the Sin Cara mask and have Reigns kill him off every week. Stylish Alan could attempt to give Seth Rollins a hairstyle befitting of someone over the age of 16. Fuck it, keep them together forever.
  21. Moving away from a general WWE Best of, you could compile a "Year One of The Shield" comp, which I guess could be the last year if the Reigns babyface turn happens. Anyway, I assembled this list on 15th of October, I missed out a couple of matches through Cawthon's site not quite being updated fully but the fact that there has been even more to add to this in this past 2 months is so awesome. The Shield is the best stable in WWF/E history on a sheer match quality standpoint. Yeah, there's a couple matches from 2012 but that doesn't distract from the point that the Shield, along with Bryan, The Rhodes, The Usos, Punk, Harper and Wyatt have made some awesome TV matches in the past year. If anyone has a good list of matches since 14/10, it'd be awesome and only strengthen the case that this run of matches needs a comp.
  22. Man, I didn't realise Billy Gunn was so puny compared to Taker.
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