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  1. Yeah, way too many power moves being suggested here, although I like the idea of him stealing the STJoe. Reigns should be getting over with sudden, smart violence. I want to see him doing stuff like looking as if he's turning his back on his opponent only to wheel round for a spinning lariat of doom.
  2. Bert Royal and Vic Faulkner: Sure they drive sportscars and fly in private planes, but I really don't think enough can be said about their natty choice of menswear.
  3. Just goes to show that the simple wristlock is the hardest hold to break in all wrestling.
  4. There's some good stuff in the Time magazine archives from the '20s and '30s. It used to be publicly available, but it's gone subscriber-only in recent years. If your library has a sub it's well worth looking through. I don't recall any lengthy pieces but the wry prose style is such a pleasure. And where else are you going to go to read about Dick Shikat and Danno O'Mahoney?
  5. Wrestlers are real, and wrestling is the fanfic about them.
  6. Sitcom Wyatt Family would be incredible.
  7. This thing ain't over until someone takes on the "I respect you, pollster man" gimmick and defects to another board.
  8. Okay, now I want Cesaro to win by one vote so we can pick on Big Fresh all year. Because that would be new.
  9. When I watch Daniel Bryan wrestle I know exactly who he is. He is a man who refuses to hold back, who pushes himself every single moment he is in the ring. A man who will exert every last iota of energy in his body to win. Hell yes I'll cheer for that. He's the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. When I watch Cesaro in the ring I see someone who is a fucking great wrestler. He knows all of these amazing wrestling things, and I'm a real fan of wrestling things so that's cool. But I couldn't tell you much about the man. He's, um, a bit grim? And I can't believe I've got to be the first one to say this, but has anyone else noticed that his uppercuts are sort of goofy? He swings his arms about like a pantomime marching soldier. And I know boxing uppercuts and European uppercuts are different things, but both are supposed to make contact with the underside of the chin, and Cesaro throws them at the backs of people's heads. Something's really wrong there guys. It's okay, you can all agree with me now.
  10. I know we don't discuss politics here any more, but apparently the Russian Duma is currently debating a bill that will outlaw "Russophobia". The jokes write themselves.
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