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  1. If WWE was willing, I am confident TK would let Jericho be inducted into the HOF even if he was still with AEW.
  2. Does anyone else feel like the trials of Jericho seems kind of like a farewell tour? Matches he never got a chance to try...opponents from the past...? I don't mean to suggest that he is leaving the company permanently, but I could see him losing the MJF match where the stip was "Loser Leaves AEW".
  3. It seems Super Porky NEVER lost the charisma.
  4. Yeah. My favorite part of my exchange with him was when he told me to "detach from the political theatre and try to think objectively". Fairly talented wrestler, but certifiably koo koo for Cocoa Puffs.
  5. Not my goal...love the mods...really...except for that one really pretentious dude. I just wanted to know the answers to my questions and wanted to say that Austin Aries is a bit "out there", in my opinion. I will gladly mail fast acting BC powder to the mods if they would like.
  6. Holy Buzz Sawyer! I have been engaging in a "discussion" on Twitter with Austin Aries as regards his feelings about vaccines. This leads me to a couple questions. How many vehemently anti-vax wrestlers are there? Are wrestlers required to submit proof of HIV or Hep C status prior to appearances?
  7. Shit...two in a row. I am in danger of becoming a John from Cincinnati fan...quick say something positive about Cody Rhodes in-ring.
  8. This is literally the first post of yours that I have enjoyed, but man, that's quality stuff.
  9. Does anyone know if the stipulation for SCU was that their losing meant they could never team in AEW again or could never team again anywhere, period?
  10. I knew Starks was going to be cheered, but I didn't realize it would be so overwhelming. He really does ooze charisma like no one since the Rock. Tommy End/Malakai Black had the crowd in the palm of his hand as well. Really awesome crowd, not snarky or smarky in any way. Really enjoyed the Magical Girl return. She is everything Riho should be, imho.
  11. My PC in my home office works fine with this site, using Brave browser and default theme. However, every other PC in my house refuses to allow navigation from page to page within a thread. Each PC that doesn't work also uses Brave browser and default theme. I am at my wits end, as I have checked every setting within the browser and everything is the same on every PC. Any suggestions?
  12. Not saying JR is racist, and the Hobbs/Butch Reed comparison is fine and valid; but JR referred to Hobbs on a Dynamite past as "quite articulate". As someone who has lived in the South my entire life, I recognize that as a low key racist comment predicated on the fallacious notion that blacks are generally inferior to whites, and it is surprising when a black person is capable of speaking adroitly. So, JR is either low key racist or a product of his times. The Guevara/Hernandez comparison is a head scratcher, certainly. Either way, to me, renewing his contract is not good business; however, Tony Khan is a freaking saint and an old school fan, so he will keep JR around until the wheels come completely off.
  13. Is it crazy that I am legitimately worried about what happens to Fuego Del Sol when AEW goes back on the road full time? While I am in sympathetic mode, I went from "Hell yeah, Zicky Dice!" to "Oh no, Zicky Dice" in the span of about 34 seconds.
  14. Best PPV I have seen in a lot of years. I enjoyed everything except Homelander versus Union Jack. The crowd really accentuated the in-ring stuff. Acapella sing-song for Jungle Boy was a highlight. I like Lio Rush, but that was not the spot to introduce him. Britt/Tony moment was awesome. The crowd biting on the near-falls in the 3 way showed how well Orange, PAC, and Kenny complement each other. For me, as a fan for nearly 40 years at this point, the highlight for me was Sting's performance and All Ego's Bam Bam Bigelow homage. Just a great show. I know others have touched on it, but I am glad to see Mark Henry signed with AEW. I think he has a lot to offer as a mentor/coach, and he is just an all around quality human being (AEW is kind of getting famous for having those). I hope Tony Khan's live action EWR simulation never ends.
  15. I have to wonder if the Cage win leads to him challenging Omega for the belt at DON. Omega agrees, but only if it is title vs. "title". Omega wins and collects another belt for his Ultimo Dragon start-up kit.
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