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  1. Bayou Independent Wrestling presents End of the Line January 23rd 2021 Lincoln County Civic Center Brookhaven Mississippi. MS use to be known for the wild brawls the Memphis guys would do up in Tupelo. Over the past 10 years Brookhaven has become the town for wild brawls all over buildings. Early last year in the same building Apoc Adam Asher faced Nightmare Known as Jeremiah in dog collar match. This time to end a feud going on for a bit over a year,BIW Southern Heavyweight Champion Steve Anthony puts his title and his hair on the line. But if Apoc Adam Asher loses he has to retire from BIW. Back in October these two faced each other in the cattle auction area behind the Civic Center. Anthony had to cheat to win,and this was after he threw dried cowshit at Apoc(Which Apoc side stepped so I got hit by it!). One elderly lady,Ms Gloria,was so pissed when the rest of Anthony's stable came out,Southern Royality,she attacked Jeremiah and King Rob Love with her walker. Jeremiah grabbed it figure she would let go.She didn't!! ANyways hope yall enjoy this match.
  2. Izzy aka Isiah aka Gregory James has been pretty good for about 5 years now. Just never seems to work places that get much attention. Watched him defend the Elev8 Pro title in a zombie themed paintball/lazer tag arena 4 years ago. Faced John Saxon.
  3. Last 20 seconds of the match and the after math. When Steve heads to the back to escape getting his head shaved he was suppose to be stopped by T-ray,the large black dude that comes out the entrance,and Vordell Walker. Well as yall saw earlier when Steve when down Apoc went to the back and got Vordell,who is a firefighter and EMT now,and Cassidy Riley,who is a nurse,to come check on steve. Cause from what we saw and been told Steve told no one he was gonna fake getting knocked out. I talked to Cassidy after the show. "When I got in the ring I leaned in and told Steve Squeeze my hand if this is a work." You see Cassidy in my footage lean in and whisper something to Steve. ALso in that clip look at the bald dude to the left outside the ring. He pulls out his phone and legit called 911. So once Steve recovered. Vordell and Cassidy were pissed. Walker and RIley goto the back. Vordell is pacing the locker room pissed. Then he decides he is going out to the ring and beating Steve's ass. The promoter who is like 5'3" tops managed to get in Vordell's path and talk him out of doing this. Anyways sometime in the next week I wil get the entire match posted plus the other 2 I filmed using my roaming camera. Plus edited from 4 camera versions of the matches will be uploaded.
  4. After Apoc Adam Asher and Steve Anthony brawled back to the ring this happened. The shirtless ref is Brandon Turner,the host with the most that is pale as a ghost from King of Wrestling Podcast. He was supposed to lay on the floor for 5 minutes then get escorted to the back by Top Flight Security James & James. They forgot and he laid there for the rest of the match. THe other guys hitting the ring are In overhalls and mask=Nightmare Known as Jeremiah,he is a member of southern royality. The heel stable that Steve Anthony is head of. big fat dude that looks like Acey Romero-Angel Camacho another member of Southern Royality. Fake ref in hoodie=King Rob Love.
  5. After the last video here is the next highlight of the match. Watch the left side of the screen closely. I had been told before the show that "They are gonna go fight out in the parking lot be sure to head that way." So I informed my father. He is waiting by the front door when Apoc and Steve brawl right past him and hang a right.
  6. Ok so the last bit of footage ended with Steve hitting the mat. Here is what happened next. Best heel tactic I have seen in person in my 40 years of going to shows. Steve Anthony is best known for beating Jushin Liger for the NWA Jr Heavyweight title a few years ago in Vegas.
  7. THis is my Hard Cam footage of the main event. It was BIW Southern Heavyweight Champion Steve Anthony vs Apoc Adam Asher in a NO DQ match. If Apoc loses,these 2 have been feuding for almost 2 years,he has to retire from BIW. If Steve loses he not only loses his title he has to shave his head. You will see me down by the ring filming while wearing a Pentagon Jr mask. When Steve went down and we all thought he was hurt,Koby cut his hard camera and my hard camera,then signaled for the guy running his roaming camera to cut it. On my roaming camera I never cut it. Next post I will put up some clips from that footage.
  8. Semi Main Event BIW Deep South Heritage Champion Frankie THomas,who has been on AEW Dark a few times last year,vs Cassidy Riley Cassidy trained Frankie years ago. Cassidy is a nurse full time so it looking to retire. And wants to have a longish feud with his favorite student to end his career. BIW comes back in May. And it will be Frankie defending his title again against Riley in a Tables match. Again this is my Hard Cam footage. I also filmed it upclose with my other camera will have it up soon.
  9. King Rob Love is a member of the heel stable Southern Royality. Esterlla Galactica is Houston based. This is the footage from my Hard Cam.
  10. Rey Fury,Jackson MS based Luchadore, vs Amazing Danny Chance,Drives 14 hours from Mission Texas to Brookhaven MS There was 4 cameras running during this match. 2 hard cams and 2 roaming cameras. Bodyslam Media took all the footage and had it edited together. I think I'm on commentary as Ultimo Gallos. The other two are Koby Rutland,who runs Bodyslam Media,and Wes Warren,a injured local wrestler.
  11. This goes live at 6pm central time tonight. From BIW's End of the Line event. Jan 23rd 2021 Brookhaven Mississippi.. King Rob Love vs Estrella Galactica
  12. Pro Wrestling 225 October 2020 Tylertown Mississippi Vladimire Koloff(trained by legendary Alabama Doink) vs Braxton Hunter.
  13. Pro Wrestling 225 Tylertown Mississippi October 2020 Lucha Lucora is a FL panhandle based luchadore. I think he books CWF down that way. Xian Blake works all over MS/LA/TX.
  14. Exactly,Derrick is a legend in Memphis. Plus uber nice dude. Met him a handful of times now.
  15. I watch the Memphis airings each week. Same show as what airs on Z Living,but with less ads. Plus you get some wraparound segments with Dustin&Maria Starr.
  16. Right now the people i know signed for Memphis are Dustin Starr,Bill Dundee and Van Vicious. But hearing guys like Derrick King will be there.
  17. Odd that Z Living Channel aired the Memphis edit of the new episode. It was a best of 2020. But was hosted by DUstin and Maria Starr. Might be cause starting in Feb Championship Wrestling from Memphis starts up. First taping is Valentines day this year. Dustin is hosting. Also hearing a Championship Wrestling From the Gulf Coast is starting up. Ring announcer down in LA was telling some of us a few weeks back.
  18. Yea need to order me a Bodega shirt soon. Loved the tag. 4 Minutes Till they get Beat have risen above jobber status nicely.
  19. So what all weekly wrestling shows are y'all watching? Monday-ROH on FITE Tues-Impact on AXS,gets DVRed and I'm always a week or so behind. Wednesday-MLW Fusion on Youtube and Limitless Wrestling The Road on IWTV Thursday&Friday-Nothing Saturday-Championship Wrestling From Hollywood either the Memphis Airings on Youtube or Zliving's late night airing of it. I know about New South's Action Clash on IWTV Tuesdays,but man the commentary team is so bad it makes the show a pain to watch.
  20. Been reading a collection of both issues of Skywald's Crime Machine series from 71. Grabbed it cheap about a year ago. Didn't know until I started reading it that it just reprints a bunch of Avon published Pre-Code Crime comics. Still the 8 or 9 page stories make it perfect quick reading.
  21. Shit. Back when he was working at Marvel. I wrote in a letter praising some of his work on MCP. For the next 8 years I got a Xmas card and a small sketch from Lightle.
  22. I pretty much gave up on WWE back in 2010 or so. Would still watch the Rumble each year and WM. This year will be the first year in forever I'm not watching Rumble or WM. But for weekly wrestling.... Mondays ROH on FITE Wednesdays MLW on Youtube and Limitless Wrestling the Road on IWTV. Saturdays CWFH on either Youtube or Zliving. Between those 4 shows all ,3 of which are free to watch,I get my weekly wrestling fix.
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