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UFC 271: Adesanya vs. Whittaker II (02/12/2022) - Houston, TX (Toyota Center)


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I'd have to watch it back, but part of me felt like Izzy was getting points based on his threat level and not necessarily on what he did. Like there was one point he landed one punch that Bisping/DC were in awe of, and then Whittaker responded with two of his own. There response was that "Yeah Whittaker connected but it didn't sound like Izzy's." It was like the idea was Izzy has proven he can knock out Whittaker, so every punch in this fight means more than whatever Whittaker landed.

It was a really good fight, and I'm not sore that Izzy won at all. I just felt like it was even closer than people gave it credit for(and they admittedly said it was close.) And if they said Rob won, I wouldn't have been surprised nor would I have thought it was a robbery.

Again I might watch it back and see it differently. But yeah I think it's clear there's these two guys and then everybody else in the division.

Excited for Cannonier to have his go though.

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Definitely thought Izzy won the fight.  I must say, it is soooo refreshing having a champion who immediately sets up his next fight and acknowledges deserving contenders. Not like these champs don’t deserve rest but it’s pretty deflating when a guy wins and all he’s talking about at the press conference is his upcoming vacation and acts like no one deserves to face him. Woodley was the worst at this, dude was calling for GSP or Nick Diaz after one title defense and refused to talk up rising contenders. Izzy knows how to create buzz.

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I also scored the fight for Israel Adesanya, but some of the rounds were close. Like Whittaker would score a takedown, but he did very little with them. Or Adesanya would immediately get back up. So it's not like the takedowns were especially effective, and Whittaker didn't really have a lot of top time or control either. If you score a takedown and your opponent quickly gets back up, not really sure you're scoring points. 

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