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The Official Masahiro Chono Appreciation Thread

Thomas Bugg

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Mu favorite disappointing match remains the Mutoh/Chono "BLACK SUMMIT" match at the Tokyo Dome. First they announce tbe match like 2 months early when Mutoh is IWGP champ, I think Chono is getting a much deserved 3nd IWGO run. Tben Mutoh drops the belt to Tenryu to set a defense against Sasaki. Thus we get NBM Mutoh wrestling Chono to determine who leads NWO Japan.

I really thought Mutoh and Chono would bring their A Games but instead they have the world's dullest 40 minute match... AT THE DOME!

Fuck Chono tried but sometimes Mutoh just gonna Mutoh. The point of this is... I LOVE CHONO!


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I figured the Takayama match would get posted pretty quickly. Still my favourite Chono singles match, although I'm sure he has some monsters against Mutoh and Hashimoto and the like that I've never seen. 

Here he is teaming with Misawa in a ridiculously good tag team match against Kobashi and Akira "When Do I Ever Not Steal the Whole Fing Show" Taue: 


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22 hours ago, Belgian_Waffle said:

I'm sure he has some monsters against Mutoh and Hashimoto

The final match of the ginormous Weekly Pro show with every promotion but WAR with him and Hash was really good IMO. Meltzer shat on it and the crowd was definitely burnt after the epic All Japan tag but I thought it was very solid. The show is still online so skip to the end of the entire five hours (!) if you wanna give it a shot. 

Dammit, now I'm gonna have to go watch all the shootstyle and Joshi matches I neglected on there...

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I watched about 1/3-1/2 of it. 

The Good: 

UWFi tag (very inspired. Gary Albright was a hell of a tag worker)

All Japan tag (well, just lookit the lineup) 

M-Pro tag (them in their early whimsical phase but still fun. Good crowd reaction) 

IWA Japan tag (sloppy but what do you expect)

Main Event

The Bad:

Onita vs. Pogo (terrible, just the absolute pits)

The Ugly:

Ryuma Go vs. Crystal Lake Space Jews (???)

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