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On 9/25/2019 at 1:01 PM, Technico Support said:

Apparently that Oscar was given just in recognition of the editor salvaging something of a film after the shitshow that was its production.  Like, "yes, we recognize that it's a shit movie, but it was better than no movie and it did make money."

Editing out Bryan Singer and bringing in Dexter Fletcher. Sad it's going to do better than Rocketman at the Oscars. Taron Egerton actually sung. 

Christian Bale was robbed of his Academy Award for Best Actor won by Rami Malek instead. Bale should be on three or four Oscars.

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Now time for another edition of "Films That Are Only Showing at My Local Theatre." This weekend, it's a doozy of premieres for the 55+ crowd ...

Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis have a bald-off in "10 Minutes Gone."  Showing in that same theater as the Nic Cage/Laurence Fishburne flick mentioned in another thread.



Not the Simon and Garfunkel biopic I was expecting.


This is showing at my local theater under the title "Christmas Survival." There's always time down here for a Christmas movie no one has heard of.


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