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UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 11: Gustafsson vs. Smith (6/1/2019) - Stockholm, Sweden (Ericsson Globe)


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UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 11: Gustafsson vs. Smith 
June 1, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden (Ericsson Globe)

Alexander Gustafsson (205) vs. Anthony Smith (206) - Smith, SUB (rear naked choke), R4 (2:38)
Jimi Manuwa (205) vs. Aleksandar Rakić (205) - Rakić, KO (head kick), R1 (0:42)
Makwan Amirkhani (145) vs. Chris Fishgold (145) - Amirkhani, SUB (anaconda choke), R2 (4:25)
Damir Hadžović (155) vs. Christos Giagos (155) - Giagos, DEC (unanimous)
Daniel Teymur (145) vs. Sung Bin Jo (145) - Teymur, DEC (unanimous)

ESPN2 Preliminary Card:
Rostem Akman (170) vs. Sergey Khandozhko (170) - Khandozhko, DEC (unanimous)
Tonya Evinger (135) vs. Lina Länsberg (135) - Länsberg, DEC
Stevie Ray (155) vs. Leonardo Santos (155) - Santos, KO (punch), R1 (2:17)
Nick Hein (155) vs. Frank Camacho (155) - Camacho, TKO (strikes), R2 (2:56)
Bea Malecki (136) vs. Eduarda Santana (135) - Malecki, SUB (rear naked choke), R2 (1:59)
Darko Stošić (205) vs. Devin Clark (205) - Clark, DEC (unanimous)
Joel Alvarez (155) vs. Danilo Belluardo (155) - Alvarez, TKO (punches), R2 (2:22)

Event Bonuses ($50,000)
Performance of the Night: Leonardo Santos
Performance of the Night: Makwan Amirkhani
Performance of the Night: Aleksandar Rakić
Performance of the Night: Anthony Smith

Attendance: 14,319
Gate: $2 million

Cancelled Fights:
Nick Hein vs. Luigi Vendramini - Injury to Vendramini (Knee)
Bartosz Fabiński vs. Sergey Khandozhko - Injury to Fabiński
Volkan Oezdemir vs. Ilir Latifi - Injury to Latifi (Back)

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What are your thoughts on the main? Gustafsson sure looked like he was done in that Jones fight but Jon Jones makes people look awful regularly, kind of like what he did with Anthony Smith. 

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2 minutes ago, Oyaji said:

What are your thoughts on the main? Gustafsson sure looked like he was done in that Jones fight but Jon Jones makes people look awful regularly, kind of like what he did with Anthony Smith. 

I don't think Gustafsson was done at all. He just got broken down over time by a much superior fighter who had several years to research him after the fact of fighting him the first time. It's like when HBO was trying to do the hard sell for the Brandon Rios vs. Manny Pacquiao fight years back. Alexander Gustafsson is more versatile as an MMA fighter than Brandon Rios is as a boxer, but the comparison stills holds up imo.  Brandon Rios has success based on his ability to draw you into phone booth brawls. He had fight of the year candidates with Mike Alvarado doing that and won other fights like that. The thing is...Manny Pacquiao don't have to fight like that because he floods you with activity. Even though he wasn't landing something freakish like 45-50% of his total punches by that point of his career anymore, he still is essentially beating you up at 35% total landed since he is still throwing way more punches than the division average. It's very similar to the amount of success Gustafsson could achieve against Jon in a rematch. Unless Jon just aged severely in his time off or PEDs only made him just this unstoppable beast, he didn't have to fight Gustafsson's fight and allow Alex to use his reach. He could systematically break down Gustafsson attacking him from head to toe. I think Gustafsson made it worse because he came out headhunting in an attempt to draw Jon into this wild fight. It wasn't going to work. Once that punishment started to soak in on Gustafsson, it was a wrap.

In this fight, Gustafsson should be able to win because ironically Anthony Smith needs this fight to be a brawl in order to beat Gustafsson. Gustafsson can just destroy him from range. The best strategy may be to employ what Jon did on him in the rematch against Smith because Anthony doesn't like getting hit in the body either if you remember the Marreta fight. He can wilt over time too. IMO that's what happens here and Gustafsson wins via stoppage in the round 4 or 5. If not, he wins a very wide UD.

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Just caught up to the main event.

Gustafsson zigged when he should have zagged and gave up his back. Now we have one less top light heavyweight in the fold. 

Rakic's emphatic victory just became that more important for the division.

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37 minutes ago, DreamBroken said:

Hell yeah for Lionheart! Always enjoy watching Tonya Evinger but sad to see her not fare well in the UFC, tough loss.

@supremebve and myself were talking about Faber last week, and I was talking about how simple Faber's gameplan usually is. Calling Evinger's gameplan simple would the understatement of understatements. Since she isn't an athlete, if she doesn't get that takedown and STAY in top control, she is in a world of hurt. It was telling that yesterday Gooden and Felder were essentially talking about her telling them she has no confidence in her boxing ability. I think the other part of that is her training. It's antiquated for this level of MMA. I remember seeing her train for Cyborg, and it looked like something from the year 1995.  That old school Spartan training works to a certain level, and most of that even is based on athletic prowess which she obviously lacks. I know she fired her head coach or team after she broke her leg in training. However, I didn't see anything in the Lansberg fight that makes me believe anything has changed. She might be worse now because Lansberg is very beatable.

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