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[NXT SPOILERS] NXT TV 1/16/19 (Taped 1/3/19)


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Usual caveat that they might air stuff out of order. Spoiler tags for size reasons



Week 2

- Street Profits def. the Metro Brothers

Post match: The Profits are attacked by the Forgotten Sons

- Bianca Belair comes out and says the world saw she can't be stopped when she sent Nikki Cross packing. She says she's walking out of Takeover undefeated. Shayna, Jessamyn, and Marina comes out. Shayna says Bianca may be the strongest, the fastest, but not the smartest. Shayna says she will tear Bianca's arms off.  Shayna says shell change Bianca's vocabulary from undefeated to overated. Bianca slaps Shayna

- Dominik Dijakovic def. Adrian Jaoude

- Johnny Gargano def. Humberto Carillo

- Kassius Ohno def. Keith Lee



- The Street Profits defeated The Metro Brothers

This was light work for the Profits. The Forgotten Sons attacked them after the match.

- An in-ring promo by Bianca Belair was next. She said it may be 2019 -- but she has 2020 vision on that NXT Women's Championship. Shayna Baszler made her way to the ring and said she's going to change Belair's vocabulary and replace “undefeated” with “overrated."

Belair hit Baszler and then escaped the Horsewomen on her way out.

- Dominik Dijakovic defeated Adrian Jaoude

Dijakovic won with his Feast Your Eyes torture rack into a knee strike.

- Johnny Gargano defeated Humberto Carrillo

An outside-in DDT got Gargano the win.

- Kassius Ohno defeated Keith Lee

They had a hard-hitting big man match that was escalating nicely until Ohno hit a low blow to steal the win.

Following the match, Matt Riddle in a shirt, tie, pants, and flip flops charged the ring to fight off Ohno.


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That Bianca/Shayna segment was fun. Really looking forward to that one at Takeover.

When I saw the Metro Brothers come out, it made me wonder where the Brazilian team has been lately. Don't remember seeing them on TV in months. Lo and behold, Jaunde shows up 10 minutes later.

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On 1/16/2019 at 8:41 PM, Nice Guy Eddie said:

I hope the Metro Brothers eventually move up beyond job duty. I'll always love the 50's greaser gimmick. They need a valet to be the Cherry to their Deuce 'N Domino.

It'll be great if the irregular jobbers banned together and had a faction.

Kinda off subject, but there was that one great jobber tag team that did a stint... they were scrawny welterweights with a ton of personality and had a great catchphrase(s) they kept on yelling that actually got the crowd to follow along. It was a really neat one too, involved "defense" I believe.

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