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5 hours ago, RIPPA said:

Cayde definitely still hasn’t his because remember in the cutscene when you rescue him - he pulls it back into his hiding spot.

I am old and forgot that, but YouTube remembered it for me.

I checked the match stats on my smartphone for the IB match I was in last night.... early this morning....

There is no K/D stat, but I did have an Efficiency Rating of 1.14.  Hopefully that is Control equivalent of K/D and means that I broke a little more than even while shooting dudes in the face. 

That would make me feel a little better about my shit performance.

And I call bullshit on not being able to see your own PvP medals at Bungie.com anymore..

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Milestones.  So many milestones...  And a really confusing story to finish...

  • Be careful what you wish for.  Two nights ago I was all, "Aw, I'd love to have a girl Ghost as my sidekick," and last night I was all, "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY HOMIE~??" when Sugira jacked my Ghost Shell.
  • I am not going to lie to you and tell you that I understand all of the temporal mechanics going on with the new Osiris story.  All that I know is that the plot is badass and the Vex mech-assimilation of space / time is very frightening and something I really should put an end to... with bullets..
  • Yeah, the future that Osiris's dimensional clone showed me where the Vex control all of reality totally sucks.  Not on my watch, time droids.
  • I am probably the only person playing this game who made Chikara jokes during that mission.  HEY~!  IT IS THE OSIRIAN PORTAL~!!
  • Just when you thought there could not be a more intimidating bad guy than Atheon or Ghaul, there he is.... Floating in the middle of the air...  with really really really long claws.
  • Sweet, sweet, recently decrypted Graviton Lance.  You are my favorite Minotaur Killer.  Yes you are..  Fly, purple bullets.  Fly to my enemies and destroy them with black hole explosions..
  • Unwisely, I sharded Quickfang yesterday because I needed LSs to infuse into sweet, sweet Graviton Lance.  In retrospect, I probably should've kept the sword as I like to zerg enemies trapped in my Void Bow tethers with a blade when I am running Nightstalker.  I also did not want to shard my new Widow's Bite sniper rifle before putting it through the paces.  
  • I began to regret sharding Quickfang after being totally underwhelmed with Widow's Bite, especially when compared to the performance to A Single Clap in PvE and PvP.  I sharded Widow's Bite and used it to buff my new Masterwork Tarantula fusion rifle (Flame element) which is totally fucking sweet for PvE.  I completed the Hat Trick Challenge for Strikes after lining up three Vex Goblins and incinerating them where they stood.  TOASTY~!
  • Had to end this morning's session with the third (fourth?) story mission on the Vex Have Taken Sugira Captive cliffhanger.  Work calls and this Xbox Gold status won't pay for itself.
  • The only thing I do not like about A Single Clap is that it has a Fire element mod stuck on it.  If I ever get a Purple kinetic mod, I am slapping it on that weapon with the swiftness and that will be my go-to PvP Power Weapon.
  • I knocked out both of the Crucible Quickplays to take care of one of those milestones that is messing with my OCD.  My fireteams went 0-2.  I am still looking for my first Crucible win.
  • I didn't do too horribly the first game of Control (not up to old form, though), but my team and I got spanked during the second game. 
  • I died a lot trying to capture zones by myself in the second match since my shitty team decided that they'd rather play as if it were Clash. Everyone else on the squad was pretty much the bullet sponge for the top scorer in our group as he always managed to save his own neck rather than attack with the unit.
  • Playing Control with a four man team is definitely challenging especially if you're having an off night or if you are working with retards.  It is hard to gain and hold  ground with a small team if your unit refuses to press or defend.  Bungie should've at least kept Control as 6v6 and set the rest of the Crucible match types as 4v4.
  • I really wish I could look at my Crucible medals.  I hate the new D2 website and my OCD hates it even more.  Bungie.com has zero functionality for character tracking.  The only things you can do at the website are bitch about the game and  try to recruit players for your clan.
  • And now this dumb game wants me to play Competitive Crucible and has put another fucking milestone on my list that my OCD cannot resist.  Grrrr...
  • Insult to injury.  If you want me to humiliate myself playing Competitive Crucible, you could at least give me a Legendary Engram for participating..
  • I got past the Heroic Strike milestone before calling it a session last night.  I was kinda upset with myself because my fireteam drew the strike from the Osiris storyline and I hadn't completed the main Osiris story yet. SPOILERS~!  Silver Lining being that the foreknowledge of the layout of the spire helped me get past the crazy ass Vex Super Cyclops in the last Osiris story mission I beat this morning.
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I got my all my IB stuff yesterday done in just two matches and it took one more match to finish my Call to Arms.

I would have shot you a party invite but my wife was walking through my father in law how to use Google docs on the phone and I couldn't talk (nor was I able to contain my laughter)

Tell me if you have gotten the Rat King quest dealies yet because I still have that sitting there because the only time I have ever done random shit in a fire team was with Mis and Slimy a couple of weeks ago. So I am still on the first stage and we can knock a lot of that out together.

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I'll keep an eye out for this Rat King dealie.

I currently have two weapon quest things going on right now. 

  1. The Drang (Masterwork!) sidearm dropped for me yesterday so I spent about twenty minutes finding PEs on Nessus that were Fallen heavy so that I could shoot them with Drang for quest credit.  It dropped as a Void weapon, so I put an Arc mod on it so that it could be a slightly better Fallen-bane weapon.  I'm up to the part in this Drang quest where Rahool still needs to decrypt an Exotic Engram for me.  I scored on the five LEs through the course of adventure.
  2. WhIle I was working on the Flashpoint on Tuesday, a shit ton of Cabal Communications started dropping for me.  It took me an additional hour to push the quest progress up to the point where my heart sank into my chest when I saw that the next step is to beat the Leviathan raid.

When I get to the crib tonight, I'm going to finish the Wrath of Osiris story and then piddle around in Vanguard Strikes for a bit.  Daddy needs Vanguard tokens to pay for his full set of Took Offense armor and ornamentation.

I still have one more Challenge to beat for Strikes where I have to defeat enemies that are under the influence of Nightwalker smoke bombs. 

I gut shot a Goblin with Nameless Midnight yesterday that was suffering from the effects of someone else's Nightstalker melee and got nada progress on that Challenge, so that means I don't get credit unless I am the one throwing the ninja bombs.  Yay.

I ground out of the Nessus challenges yesterday while working on that quest for Drang.

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Oh, and I am sorry but all the terraforming in the galaxy could not convert a planet that is 35.98 million miles from the sun into a garden world.

The Traveler is working some serious miracle shit..

Could you conceivably colonize Mercury if you ever got there.  Science says, "probably."  Could you get wheat fields to grow there like in this game?  Science says, "probably not.."

Also, I am heartened by the notion that it is possible for me to recover Quickfang without re-rolling my Hunter, but it involves me being really lucky and hoping that the RNG Gremlins are kind as I continue to feed weapon parts to Banshee-44.

I also need to pray that Bungie hasn't stealth patched the database so that I can't get the sword back.

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40 minutes ago, misanthrope304 said:

Kinetic mods only work on the primary slot...snipers all deal energy damage

Stop messing with my dream. Mis.  It is a good dream.

43 minutes ago, misanthrope304 said:

It will drop again.

My OCD thanks you.

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There is one Power Weapon that does kinetic damage, but it is an Exotic so go figure.

Anyway, yesterday was all about the PvE.

  • Die, evil time droid overlord, die.  That boss fight was rather Vault of Glass-esque in its slightly convoluted way of dealing with the Omega Threat, but at least bullets continued to be the primary means of killing bad guys.  The ending cutscene was nearly as awesome as the beginning of the mission when Ikora brute forces the Infinte Forest gate open with Void Light.
  • After that, I ran errands for Osiris.  I think I still have to do a Heroic version of one of those missions to finish up all of the Mercury milestones.
  • I got all of the challenges done the Vanguard Strike playlist.  Holy fuck, it is hard getting Ten Double Kills when your Fireteam buddies are really good at their job and provide excellent cover fire.  The ornament for the Took Offense boots dropped for me, so that made the grind seem like it wasn't a complete time sink.
  • Thanks to the Arcstrider focused Vanguard Strike challenges, I have finally figured out how to effectively use Disorientating Blow.  Definitely a PvE type of power.  Trying to zerg a group of enemy players in a Crucible match just to land an AoE debuff will probably result in diminishing returns.
  • I also knocked out the Nessus challenges while trying to chip away at this Drang weapon quest I've got going on.  I think I've still got kill four more Yellow Bar Fallen on Nessus to push the quest progress along to the next stage..
  • My Hunter's LL is up to 310 or so now.  I am slowly working my way up.
  • Good News, I got another sword!  Bad News, it was a 305 Unspoken Promise and not the Quickfang.  Oh, well.  I'll keep trying.  The sword came in handy during the third side mission on Mercury when you're inside the simulation that the Vex are using to study the Hive.  Fuck you, Thrall swarms.
  • I have hit the Glimmer cap.  That didn't take long.
  • It's my custody weekend and we've also got my boo's grand young'un over at the house, so game time will come at a premium if it comes at all.  Since I hate football right now, I may spend Sunday afternoon chasing down this fucking Competitive Crucible milestone since I only have to compete in two matches..  I should be online on Sunday around 6PM or so.
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17 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

Spend your money on mods to stay under the cap.

They end up probably being the most important thing in the game anyway 

Yeah, the total Recovery score for my base armor set is shit so I need to get mods to buff my Health Regen rate.

I've also managed to recover 8 Masterwork Cores and have no idea what I should use them on.  I'd probably MW mod Quickfang if the game ever gives me back that sword.

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Polygon says that Xur is on Nessus this week and his location is just north of the spawn zone at the Watcher's Grave.

His items for sale are:

  • The Prospector, Exotic grenade launcher: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Lucky Raspberry, Hunter chest: 23 Legendary Shards
  • An Insurmountable Skullfort, Titan helmet: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Ophidian Outlook, Warlock gauntlets: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Fated Engram: 97 Legendary Shards
  • Three of Coins: 31 Legendary Shards
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For future reference Xur is always on the planet that the Flashpoint is on (and always the same spot)

So for Nessus - he is always in that God Damn tree.

Only exception is if the Flashpoint is on Mercury. Then Xur is in the Tower

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I may buy the Lucky Raspberry.  Raiden Flux is arguably the best Arcstrider exotic, but it only really shines in PvE.

Being able to lob Arcbolt Grenades for days has uses in PvE and PvP.

I'll probably end up saving my shards to buy Orpheus Rig when / if Xur ever sells it again, and in the mean time I'll continue to buff my Light Level.

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Well, the last update allegedly fixes this...but I've been hearing that bullshit for years from bungie.


What exotic power weapon does kinetic damage?  Ive gotten pretty much every exotic in the game except the raid legend of acrius (still need to do the strike, I'm lazy and I don't use shotguns much), and from what ive seen, that comes with an energy mod.  They all have an energy mod slot.  If it takes a kinetic mod,  then it = primary

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Just a tip if you plan on buying the Fated Engram from Xur J.T. It's a special engram that guarantees a drop of an exotic you don't have. So make sure you finish up any weekly milestones you plan on doing first in case they drop an exotic for you. This is Destiny. It will screw you over and probably drop the exotic you just spent 97 shards on from Xur.

I've been slacking with my Iron Banner commitments this week. I hit rank 5 with the Titan a few days ago but he needs to be rank 10 if i want to buy the rest of the gear (unless RNG favours me and it drops from packages). I plan on grinding out a bunch tomorrow. I'm hoping the daily challenges are somewhat simple and not the tedious double kills or kill someone on a super.

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I finally hit Level 25 on my Warlock and finished off all three classes.

Now to power through the story to unlock everything else.

Being Level 25 on another character is allowing me to free up some vault space since clearly that update isn't gonna happen until the next DLC

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Went on somewhat of a tear in the Iron Banner today, in 9 games across 3 characters i accumulated 79 tokens thanks to the daily milestones and actually getting matched with some decent people. It was enough to hit rank 10 on the Titan and get all of the gear aside from the mark which i need 4 more tokens to buy. One more win or 2 losses will do it. I might jump on after the reset tonight and tomorrow to make a start on the Hunter gear. And hopefully get the new scout rifle to drop.

Bungie have also released a road map for their next few updates.


The things that stand out to me are the changes to the Nightfall on the 27th. They are going back to a scoring system like Rise of Iron rather than the tedious timer. Heroic Strike modifiers and 6v6 Iron Banner in the March 27th update. And exotic Masterworks and vault space increase in season 3 starting May. Eater of Worlds prestige dropping in May also pretty much confirms that the second DLC wont be released until season 4. That would put it almost a year, maybe even a year if it's September, since the base game was released. At this point in Destiny 1 lifespan that was The Taken King. I can't see the second season pass DLC being TTK sized so Bungie could have a lack of content problem on their hands like they did in Year 2 of Destiny.


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Actually, Chris Barrett said on Twitter that the Rasputin DLC will be out in May.  It got accidentally left off the road map because it wouldn't be a Bungie info dump without some critical piece of info getting left out.


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11 minutes ago, EVA said:

Actually, Chris Barrett said on Twitter that the Rasputin DLC will be out in May.  It got accidentally left off the road map because it wouldn't be a Bungie info dump without some critical piece of info getting left out.


Tremendous, only Bungie could leave out the part that could make them money from an update.

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I hate it when I am right (in this case re: Vault Space)

I am trying to decide if I just want to spend the Super Bowl grinding out IB matches to complete the 30 now (I have done like 60%) or just space it out until Space 3

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On ‎2‎/‎3‎/‎2018 at 11:25 AM, misanthrope304 said:

What exotic power weapon does kinetic damage? 

It may have been my old man eyes, but I thought I saw a few days ago that someone had a Wardcliff Coil that did KD. 

I know that they usually do Arc Damage, so that 's when I started to wonder if you could change an exotic's damage type to kinetic.... or if this guy was cheating and working some sort of glitch..

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