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UFC on Fox 22: VanZant vs. Waterson (12/17/2016) - Sacramento, CA (Golden 1 Center)


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UFC on Fox 22: VanZant vs. Waterson 
December 17, 2016
Sacramento, CA (Golden 1 Center)

Paige VanZant (116) vs. Michelle Waterson (115) - Waterson, SUB (rear naked choke), R1 (3:21)
Sage Northcutt (170) vs. Mickey Gall (171) - Gall, SUB (rear naked choke), R2 (1:40)
Urijah Faber (136) vs. Brad Pickett (136) - Faber, DEC (unanimous)
Alan Jouban (170.5) vs. Mike Perry (171) - Jouban, DEC (unanimous)

Fox Sports 1 Preliminary Card:
Luis Henrique da Silva (206) vs. Paul Craig (204) - Craig, SUB (armbar), R2 (1:59)
Cole Miller (146) vs. Mizuto Hirota (146) - Hirota, DEC (unanimous)
Bryan Barberena (171) vs. Colby Covington (170.5) - Covington, DEC (unanimous)
James Moontasri (171) vs. Alex Morono (170.5) - Morono, DEC (unanimous)
Josh Emmett (156) vs. Scott Holtzman (156) - Emmett, DEC (unanimous)
Leslie Smith (135.5) vs. Irene Aldana (136) - Smith, DEC (unanimous)

Fight Pass Preliminary Card:
Eddie Wineland (135) vs. Takeya Mizugaki (136) - Wineland, TKO (punches), R1 (3:04)
Hector Sandoval (125.5) vs. Fredy Serrano (126) - Sandoval, DEC (unanimous)
Bojan Veličković (170) vs. Sultan Aliev (171) - Aliev, DEC (split)

Event Bonuses ($50,000):
Performance of the Night: Eddie Wineland
Performance of the Night: Paul Craig
Fight of the Night: Leslie Smith vs. Irene Aldana
: 13,136
Gate: $1,238,992
Rating: 3.18 million viewers

Cancelled Fights:

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4 hours ago, A_K said:

Looking forward to watching Sage beat on M. Gall

Wyman brought up a pretty solid point about Gall not having faced a UFC level fighter yet. However, on the other hand, Sage is basically a lower level UFC fighter at this point. I dunno if traveling around to random gyms with his dad and cutting down on classes is really going to help his game. Mohler MMA is only a few steps up from the gym he was training at. I think with Gall, it's fair to say he is talented but rough around the edges a little. I think he might be a year or two from challenging a legit mid level UFC welterweight. Right now, I would definitely say Gall is the better long term investment because you don't have the crazy dad factor. Also, Sage is such an offense first fighter and that drastically affects his fight IQ. His mechanics rely so heavily on him being in the driver's seat in the fight at all times. I think Gall getting with Tristar could help, but I think that's a gym where it takes some time to show those improvements. I think we're going to get mostly the amateurish Mickey Gall in this fight, but the noticeable improvements will show up probably in the next fight or the fight after that if he chooses to stick with them. Hence, why I think Sage might have a chance if it stays standing. I think on the ground, Gall might be a little too good for him. Sage is probably always going to have trouble with gritty fighters. Gall hasn't faced any push back in 3 MMA fights, but I seriously doubt he is any worse than Enrique Marin or Cody Pfister in terms of toughness. I think this is one of those fights where it might be competitive now, but the winner could get murked by the loser 2-3 years down the line based on the career arcs. It would be like Miguel Cotto losing to Muhammad Abdullaev (ditto for Kelson Pinto) or Mike Tyson losing to Henry Tillman in the amateurs and then the pro rematches being complete blowouts w/ inverse results. It's hard to make a legit prediction knowing that Gall isn't that great yet, but Northcutt definitely isn't.

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Fair points: have to factor in Northcutt's appearingly poor training / camp regimen ( & what he can fit in between classes). But like you said, I get the impression Gall hasn't fought anyone of note (the middle aged, effectively 'random' / straight-off-the-street amateur that CM Punk was certainly doesnt count) & that could show. I guess I hope Sage beats on him.

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Jouban vs. Perry is going to be insane for however long it lasts.

Also, did anyone notice that the UFC called in a Code Red on Leslie Smith? Because I don't see this fight with Aldana going well for her. A loss here puts her at 2-4 in the UFC and possibly out of the organization. Hard to be a leader in a UFC targeted union/association when you don't fight in the UFC. Like impossible.

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That's easily the best Smith has looked in the UFC. Instead of just coming out guns ablazing, she had a sound and functional gameplan that allowed her to put together tangible offense. Her biggest problem in her UFC run has been making her pressure effective. In this fight, she kept Aldana out of the center for the most part and kept Aldana's big combos to a minimum. Her timing was much better, and the punches Smith was throwing didn't get wider as the fight progressed. She was getting caught here and there with big punches, but nothing that would change the tide of the fight. She still kept moving forward with effective pressure. That's what kept the momentum from sliding in Aldana's direction after Aldana regrouped in round 2.

Damn good fight as well.

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Time to send Cole Miller packing.  He's been absolutely abysmal as a featherweight.  Not sure why he believes he is better at that weight.  

Colby Covington had a strong performance tonight.  Hope this moves him up for a bigger fight.

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Just now, TheVileOne said:

Time to send Cole Miller packing.  He's been absolutely abysmal as a featherweight.  Not sure why he believes he is better at that weight.  

Colby Covington had a strong performance tonight.  Hope this moves him up for a bigger fight.

Covington called out Stun Gun just minutes ago. I am not sure if DHK is a better fighter than Barberena at this point. Bigger name probably, but I don't see what Covington would be unable to do against him that he did tonight versus Barberena.

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