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UFC Fight Night 75: Barnett vs. Nelson (9/26/2015) - Saitama, Japan (Saitama Super Arena)


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UFC Fight Night 75: Barnett vs. Nelson
September 26, 2015
Saitama, Japan (Saitama Super Arena)
Josh Barnett (239) vs. Roy Nelson (261) - Barnett, DEC (unanimous)
Gegard Mousasi (186) vs. Uriah Hall (186) - Hall, TKO (strikes), R2 (0:25)
Kyoji Horiguchi (125) vs. Chico Camus (126)* - Horiguchi, DEC (unanimous)
Takeya Mizugaki (136) vs. George Roop (135) - Mizugaki, DEC (unanimous)
Katsunori Kikuno (145) vs. Diego Brandao (146) - Brandao, TKO (punches), R1 (0:28)
Road to UFC: Japan Featherweight Final: Mizuto Hirota (146) vs. Teruto Ishihara (146) - DRAW (split)
Fox Sports 2 Preliminary Card:
Keita Nakamura (170) vs. Jingliang Li (171) - Nakamura, SUB (rear naked choke), R3 (2:17)
Nick Hein (155) vs. Yusuke Kasuya (156) - Hein, DEC (unanimous)
Naoyuki Kotani (156) vs. Kajan Johnson (156) - Johnson, DEC (unanimous)
Shinsho Anzai (170) vs. Roger Zapata (171) - Anzai, TKO (hand injury). R3 (0:47)
*Reweighed after weighing 126.5 on first attempt
Event Bonuses ($50,000):
Performance of the Night: Keita Nakamura
Performance of the Night: Diego Brandao
Performance of the Night: Uriah Hall
Performance of the Night: Josh Barnett

Attendance: 10,137
Rating: 841,000 viewers

Cancelled Bouts:
Gegard Mousasi vs. Roan Carneiro - Injury to Carneiro (Elbow)
Jingliang Li vs. Kiichi Kunimoto - Injury to Kunimoto
Norifumi Yamamoto vs. Matt Hobar - Injuries to Both Fighters

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Musasi vs. Hall could be interesting, probably not a tonne of fireworks though. I hope Horiguchi can get back on track after that ass whoopin' Demetrious put on him. 


Have you been watching the Road to UFC Japan stuff? Are any of the featherweights any good?

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I guess this is going to be on FS1?


Yeah, primetime Saturday night in North America and early Sunday morning in Japan. The next Fight Pass card I believe is Dublin.


The prelims being on FS2 is most likely due to college football commitments.

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This might be a make or break fight for Roy Nelson. He can't afford to have 3 straight losses. Definitely watching this fight. I have always admired Roy Nelson for dropping that heavy right hand but I hope he will also mix it up with other techniques that will help him win against a veteran fighter like Josh Barnett. I hope it will not be his last fight.

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He will probably get an extra shot just because he is a heavyweight with sort of a name. I don't know what his situation is or where he stands with Zuffa, but it's unclear how much he would get on the market right now. Three or four years ago, other organizations would be all over him.


WSOF would likely go after him. Bellator would probably pass on him because that's not exactly the guy you want beating up your heavyweights, even he has slipped. 


Unless he knows he can get a lot more in sponsorship, it would probably be best for him to end his career in the UFC.

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yeah, i really don't think he's on the chopping block. not enough depth in heavyweight, plus casuals still know him (even if it is only as 'that big fat guy. country something?')


now, if they told him to cut off (or at least dye) his scraggly beard and terrible mullet, then i completely agree.

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Kotani-Johnson was closer than it should have been. This should have been a first round knockout for Kajan, but he spent most of his time just moving around and doing nothing. If he can't finish Kotani, he is going to have a rough go at 155.

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HOLY FUCK! I've never seen that before! How wrong was I saying that this was going to be a boring fight?!

I had a feeling that once Hall was snatching kimuras and shit, that Mousasi was ripe for an upset.

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That was like some Shinjiro Otani shit. Like, damn. Good on Hall, though I'm a Mousasi fan I can't begrudge him a great victory like that. Also builds back some of that aura he had during his early UFC career after that spinning hook kick.

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Kenshiro was with Josh Barnett tonight.  


Where has this Uriah Hall been.  Obviously, his ground game is still weak as hell, and I would imagine anyone else in the top 5 would take him apart, but hell of a win by Uriah Hall.  

Diego Brandao looking good again.  Good win for Kyoji Horiguchi as well after his loss to Johnson. 


Awesome finish by Keita Nakamura as well over Jingliang.  His first UFC win.

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