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BPL Fantasy Leagues are Up!

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Quick heads up since I slept on getting this up and running- I'm giving everyone an extra week to get their teams in. So the leagues scoring won't actually start until Week 2.

I blame myself.

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Week One scores (that don't count, but someone might want to claim a visual pinfall later):


Cambridge is Back: 59

Ardboe Aces: 52

Dinamo Fife: 50

Ooh a Shiny: 50

The Godless Heathens: 46

The Gomes Howlers: 42

Qwerty Bouba Diop: 41


Gacy's Young Boys: 28

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Are we doing this again this year?  Season starts on Saturday.


EDIT: They've added things to it - like the Transfer Wild Card thing. You've got an All-Out Attack card (allows you to play 2-5-3 one week), a Triple Captain Card (Captain scores points x3 instead of x2) and a Bench Boost card (points scored by subs count). All to be used once in a season. Looks interesting.

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I win again! Two years in a row.

That other guy doesn't post here, ignore him. He doesn't count. He got kicked out of the DVDVR league a few years ago for not being a member of the board, unless that was someone else and I'm getting them confused. But anyway, I WIN~!

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