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  1. 1. Will the Shield continue to eleminate foreign competition?!

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I'll say this in Dean's favor: he is one of the few guys in recent memory that has offense instead of spots. Sure, he has a clothesline and the DDT and the headlock driver, but I feel every time I watch an Ambrose match, he caters his offense to what will look the best against his opponents. Those crazy ass windmill punches against the Wyatts were different than what he brought to the table against the Rhodes, which is different than what he used to fight Mark Henry. I think it shows a real forethought that not a lot of wrestlers use. I also think it is a great way to subtly play in to his unhinged character. This is a guy who will do whatever comes to mind and whatever works in a fight, not a guy that tries to perfect a series of moves to be effective against all comers. It shows in a really concrete way how unpredictable he is for his opponents. It's stuff like that that makes me love wrestling, and I think Ambrose has always been someone I've been excited to watch because of it this year. 

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Ishii is as generic as a puro guy could possibly be and I won't watch another minute of his "let us throw forearms at each other for a minute strait" garbage.  I've liked one half of a match I've watched this period from the guy out of 5 (and they are all 20 minutes damn long) and it was due to Tanahashi working like a complete dick before it got drug into Ishii fighting spirit horse plop territory.

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