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Saturday Night's Main Event Memories/Discussion Thread

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#15 2/2/88 "The Main Event"

-From Indianapolis, IN

-Hosts are Vince & Jesse

-Jesse is wearing perhaps the world's ugliest hat, and doesn't seem too happy about it. The crowd is molten hot as Jesse predicts a heel sweep of tonight's matches, which are all title matches.

-A video of Hogan training, set to Jake's music for some reason (I'm guessing Jake isn't using it yet) airs.

-Mean Gene interviews Honky & Jimmy, and Honky considers the match a formality to be a prelude to him taking Liz. Honky runs through a list of Elvis song titles to describe what is going to happen after the match is over.

-Honky makes his entrance, and Sherri makes her first appearance as "Peggy Sue".

-Gene tries to ask Liz if she's worried about Honky, but Macho naturally cuts her off and says Liz has nothing to worry about and that vengeance will be his.

-Match 1 for the Intercontinental Championship: Honky Tonk Man [c] (w/Jimmy Hart & Peggy Sue) VS Randy Savage (w/Liz)

-Before the match starts, Jimmy distracts Macho so Honky can put the moves on Liz. The bell rings, and Macho immediately takes complete control. Jimmy grabs Macho's leg, which allows a brief flurry of offense for Honky. Macho blocks a sunset flip with a punch to the face, but misses a charge in the corner. Macho avoids an elbow drop, but stops to go after Jimmy. Macho chases Jimmy into the ring, and Jimmy drops the megaphone for Honky, who cracks Macho in the gut with it for two. Macho fights out of a headlock, but runs into a knee to the gut to turn the tide back towards Honky. Honky works Macho over, twice stopping to taunt Liz, which also distracts the ref and allows Jimmy & Peggy to do some damage too.

Macho fires back with punches, but Honky goes to the gut, then adds a clothesline to regain control. Honky stops to go after Liz, allowing Macho to go on the attack. Macho tosses Honky out over the top, then follows with a double axe from the top. Back in, Macho bates Honky into accidentally hitting Jimmy, then slaps on a sleeper that looks to finish, but Peggy goes after Liz, forcing Macho to break the hold. Honky goes outside, and ends up getting rammed into the post for a count out at 8:46. This was getting really good before the abrupt finish.

-Honky threatens Macho with the guitar, and Jimmy cracks Macho with the megaphone. Liz throws herself in front of Macho to prevent a guitar shot. Honky thinks about it, then decides to crack Liz and/or Macho anyway, but Macho blocks it, then chases Honky away before destroying the guitar. Macho holds the ropes for Liz to show his appreciation before raising her hand and putting her on his shoulder.

-Vince & Jesse recap the build to Hogan/Andre II.

-Gene is with Andre, DiBiase, and Virgil. DiBiase talks about paying for the best training money can buy for Andre, then Andre closes by saying he's going to squeeze and twist Hogan until he wins the belt.

-Hogan responds, repeatedly referring to DiBiase as "multi-million dollar man". Hogan has the "winged eagle" belt now.

-Match 2 for the WWF Championship: Hulk Hogan [c] VS Andre the Giant (w/Ted DiBiase & Virgil)

-After some stalling, Hogan takes care of DiBiase and Virgil, then pounds on Andre, unable to knock him down. Hogan goes up top, but Andre catches him by the throat and tosses him. The shrieks of terror during that spot are something else. Andre misses a headbutt and Hogan slugs away, but Andre goes to a choke, breaking each time right before five. Andre whips Hogan into the buckle, stomps him hand, then slams him. Andre beats Hogan down with ease, as Jesse actually praises the officiating in a nice touch. Hogan fights out of a choke, and drops Andre with a clothesline off the second rope. Hogan goes after Virgil, then drops the leg, but Virgil has the ref. Andre grabs Hogan, hits a couple headbutts, and you know what happens next. Andre wins the title at 9:05. This was all about the end result. The match was all punch-kick, and not nearly as good as the WM III main event.

-Andre immediately hands the "tag team" championship over to DiBiase, as DiBiase's greed dictates that he gets the title NOW instead of waiting to have a sham match to do a switch, which ends up biting DiBiase in the ass later. The Hebners get in each other's face, then the "impostor" Earl kicks Dave's ass, which signals to Hogan that it's not the real ref. Hogan tosses poor Earl out over the top, actually missing DiBiase & Virgil.

-After a break we're almost ready for the tag title match, but first Gene is with Hogan. Hogan immediately goes into a paranoid rant about plastic surgeries instead of the obvious explanation of them being twins.

-Match 3 for the WWF Tag Team Championship: Strike Force [c] VS The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart)

-The match is JIP, then the show ends ten seconds later after Bret spikes Tito with a piledriver. Well that sucks.

-FINAL THOUGHTS: This is all about the world title change, and worth checking out just for that. Macho/Honky is pretty good too.

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#16 3/12/88

-From Nashville, TN

-Macho has some words for DiBiase, then DiBiase responds.

-Beefcake says his match against The Hammer will be "hair raising".

-Slick says Ken Patera will do what any good U.S. Olympian does: lose. In this case, to the One Man Gang.

-Heenan predicts Hogan will bow to King Harley, while Hogan responds that he's going to "crown" Race like he's never been crowned before.

-Hosts are Vince & Jesse

-Jesse checks Vince's neck, and confirms that it's red before they talk about tonight's card.

-They talk about the title change, and Jesse claims the footage of the finish is doctored, and the building shown doesn't even look like Indianapolis.

-Mean Gene interviews Greg Valentine & Jimmy Hart. Valentine gets a great line, promising to "tenderize that meat head".

-After Valentine & Hart make their entrance, Gene interviews Beefcake, and the two make a bunch of sharp weapon puns.

-Match 1: Greg Valentine (w/Jimmy Hart) VS Brutus Beefcake

-Beefcake uses his sheers to chase Valentine out of the ring. After a bit of stalling, Brutus wins one lockup, but Valentine sticks a knee in the gut to win a second, and pounds away. Beefcake fires back with a high knee, followed by a slam. Beefcake hits a big boot and struts. Beefcake hits a couple atomic drops, and Valentine's sell is pretty funny. Beefcake hits an elbow to the forehead, and gets a jackknife cover which puts his crotch right in front of the camera, and gets two while Jesse is disgusted by the view. Valentine turns the tide with an elbow to the head, then drops several elbows to the chest before hitting another elbow to the head from the second rope. Valentine drops a measured forearm for two, then gets the figure 4, intentionally locking it in by the ropes so he can grab them for added pressure, breaking just before he is DQ'd. Beefcake rolls to the floor, and I instinctively wait for the commercial break, but it doesn't come. Honky Tonk Man comes to ringside to taunt Beefcake, helping set up their IC title match at WrestleMania IV. The ref stops counting to help send Honky to the back and conveniently give Beefcake time to recover as we do go to break.

Back from break, Valentine rolls Beefcake into the ring and drops some elbows. Valentine hits a slam and calls for the figure 4, but then opts to drop a headbutt to the midsection instead. Valentine works the legs and goes for the figure 4, but Beefcake yanks on his tights to block. Beefcake sends Valentine hard into the corner and slugs away before slapping on a sleeper. They spill outside, and I anticipate a double count out, but Beefcake rolls Valentine into the ring. Hart grabs Beefcake's leg, and Beefcake chases him into a cheap shot from Valentine. Valentine hits a belly-to-back suplex, but leaves his shoulders down as Beefcake rolls one up, and Beefcake gets the win at about 9:00 shown. I'm really glad that finish has gone the way of the dodo since the late 80's. Surprisingly good match, since I've never been a fan of either guy.

-Beefcake manages to snip a few locks of Valentine's hair, then chases him off.

-Mean Gene interviews Bobby Heenan, who gloats about playing a role in Hogan losing the title before claiming that bowing to the King will become a "new thing", and then King Harley himself, who says Hogan's loss to Andre proved Hogan is mortal. Heenan vows that Hogan will not only bow, but will also kiss the King's feet.

-After Heenan & Harley make their entrance, Mean Gene gets some words from Hogan, who of course says he won't bow to the king.

-Match 2: Harley Race (w/Bobby Heenan) VS Hulk Hogan

-Hogan chases Heenan from ringside before the match starts, but gets caught sliding into the ring with elbows from Race. Hogan no-sells those, then a couple headbutts before firing back. Hogan drops Race with a couple clotheslines, then another sends Race over the top to the floor. Hogan follows, and rams Race's shoulder into the post before chasing Heenan, who had made his way back to ringside, again. That leaves Hogan open for a cheap shot from Harley. Race tries a piledriver on the floor, and Hogan backdrops out of it before adding an atomic drop. They spend so much time on the floor without a count out that Jesse has to comment on it.

They finally get back in, and Hogan continues to work Race over. Hogan stops listening to the ref then uses his hand tape as a weapon, which of course gives Jesse an anuerism, especially when Joey Marella refuses to DQ Hogan. Hogan again goes after Heenan, allowing Race to attack him from behind. Race hits a diving headbutt, belly-to-belly suplex, knee drop, and a piledriver before stomping Hogan's face. They go back outside, where Race gets Hogan on the timekeeper's table and goes for a headbutt off the apron, but Hogan moves and Race crashes onto the table, which obviously isn't gimmicked, since breaking tables isn't en vogues yet and the table only bends.

Race manages to keep control and almost gets a pin, but Hogan Hulks Up, and you know the rest. Hogan finishes with a clothesline and the Legdrop of Doom at 7:20. This was a pretty good TV version of the Hogan Formula Match, since Harley was able to keep his heat segments interesting.

-Hogan does his pose routine, motioning that he wants the belt back.

-Mean Gene interviews Ted DiBiase, who blames politics for him not having the title. DiBiase refuses to reveal who will be in his corner besides Virgil. DiBiase turns his attention to Macho, saying there's nothing more macho than a man with money, and he's got it all.

-DiBiase makes his entrance, then a video of Macho putting Liz on his shoulder from the last SNME is shown before Gene gets some words from Macho, who makes some money puns before introducing Liz as "the bravest little manager in the world".

-Match 3: Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) VS Randy Savage (w/Liz)

-DiBiase is not impressed with Macho's entrance, then of course Andre comes out to be in DiBiase's corner. Virgil immediately makes a move towards Liz which naturally distracts Macho, and allows DiBiase to get a cheap shot in. DiBiase hits a back elbow and talks some shit before stomping on Macho's face. DiBiase hits a flying elbow to the forehead, and chokes Macho before Andre adds a cheap shot to huge heat. Savage reverses a whip and catches DiBiase with a back elbow. Savage hits DiBiase with a knee to the back, which sends DiBiase out over the top. Savage throws DiBiase back in, then follows with a double axe handle. Savage taunts DiBiase then blocks a kick before hitting a clothesline for two. Savage keeps the pressure on, and DiBiase bails to confer with Andre.

DiBiase manages to turn the tide and slug Macho down before adding a couple fist drops. DiBiase whips Macho into the corner, but runs into a boot to the face, then Savage drops an elbow for two. Savage hits a slam and looks to follow up with a kneedrop, but DiBiase moves. DiBiase gets a spinning toe hold, but Macho kicks him off through the ropes. Macho follows and looks to suplex DiBiase on the floor, but Andre steps in, and Virgil clobbers Macho from behind. The ref kicks Virgil out from ringside, threatening to award the mach to Macho as we go to break.

Back from break, DiBiase hits a double axe handle from the second rope, followed by a fist drop for two. DiBiase hits the chinlock, and Macho almost goes out. Macho uses elbows to escape, and then catches DiBiase with a big runing clothesline. Macho hits a backdrop and DiBiase begs off, only to sucker Macho in and hit a punch to the gut. The ref gets bumped and they go outside, where Andre whips Macho into the post. The ref comes to, and Macho is counted out at 11:45 shown. This was pretty great, and definitely better than the tournament final at WrestleMania, most likely because they weren't exhausted going into it.

-A heel beatdown follows, until Liz comes back with Hogan, who chases the heels away. Oh the bitching that would be taking place online if this happened today.

-Jesse interviews Heenan (in a bee keeper's mask), and The Islanders.

-Match 4: The Killer Bees VS The Islanders (w/Bobby Heenan)

-Brunzell slams Tama and drops a leg for two right off the bat before tagging in Blair, who gets a school boy for two. Back to Brunzell, who gets a hammerlock takedown, but whiffs on a dropkick. Tama hits a suplex as Jesse & Vince discuss fashion, including Vince claiming to have seen Jesse in high heels. Haku gets in and briefly works Brunzell over before tagging Tama back in. Brunzell comes back with an inverted atomic drop, and Tama tags out again. Haku and Brunzell do a double KO, and tags are made on both sides.

Blair cleans house, hitting slams on both Islanders. Blair gets a roll up for a visual fall, but the ref has to get Brunzell out of the ring, which allows Haku to hit a clothesline on Blair, and Tama steals the pin at 3:49. Not much to this one.

-Mean Gene interviews Slick, who defends his comments about the U.S. Olympic team.

-Match 5: One Man Gang (w/Slick) VS Ken Patera

-Patera gets the NBC Olympic coverage theme for entrance music. OMG jumps Patera as Patera tries to remove his entrance gear. Patera blocks a bunch and fires back with a bunch of his own, then Patera applies a bearhug. OMG goes to the eyes to escape, but soon after walks into a full nelson. OMG steps through the ropes to force a break, and Patera slugs away. Patera shrugs off a little OMG offense and hits some corner punches, but OMG comes back with a running clothesline and falls on top for the pin at 3:09. Quick match meant to put both guys over. It did it's job.

-OMG tries a beatdown but Patera fires back, and Slick has to hit Patera with OMG's chain to allow an escape.

-Mean Gene gets some words from a laughing Hogan. Hogan says he responded in kind when King Harley threw the rule book out, then has some closing words for Andre.

-Jesse thinks Hogan has gone nuts, and that it will work against him at WrestleMania.

-The credits play over Hogan saving Savage earlier and to the tune of "Real American".

-FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a pretty good show, and it's mostly in-ring action. The first three matches get some time and are at the very least quite good. The tag match is nothing, but the final match is decent enough for the time given and the people involved.

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My lapse in memory that OMG = One Man Gang as I re-read these comically results in my erroneous impression that there's some exciting ass midcard matches.

Also, looking at these back to back really exposes some junk, like how quickly they fell back on video replays and heels supposedly having a legit claim to a title win.

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#14 1/2/88



The first wrestling show I know I watched - because it's the first one I videotaped! And thus started the collection...


That Hogan-Bundy/Andre angle was real dramatic for a 4 year old. Still remember the Take Me Home video at the end of the show.

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You know, Jesse was completely right about Hogan losing him composure and how it was going to hurt him at Wrestlemania.


Something bugging me:  In my memory, the Honkey/Macho match had a segment where the Hart Foundation and Honky worked together to beat down Savage, with Liz begging them to stop...  Was that a different show?  Am I totally imagining that this ever happened?

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You know, Jesse was completely right about Hogan losing him composure and how it was going to hurt him at Wrestlemania.


Something bugging me:  In my memory, the Honkey/Macho match had a segment where the Hart Foundation and Honky worked together to beat down Savage, with Liz begging them to stop...  Was that a different show?  Am I totally imagining that this ever happened?


#12 10/3/87

-From Hershey, PA


-Match 1 for the Intercontinental Championship: Honky Tonk Man [c] (w/Jimmy Hart) VS Randy Savage (w/Liz)

-They tie up, and Honky gets a cheap shot in to take control. Honky lowers his head, and takes a kick to the chest, then Macho uses the top rope to snap against Honky's throat. Macho chokes away, then adds a knee drop to the chest. Savage hits a back elbow, but then stops to keep Jimmy away from Liz, allowing Honky to hit a cheap shot from behind. Back in, Macho ducks a clothesline and hits an elbow to the forehead, followed by some jabs and a snap mare, but Honky avoids a knee drop. Honky turns his attention to Liz as he taunts the crowd. Honky hits a fist drop from the second turnbuckle, then makes a move on Liz, which obviously pisses Macho off. He goes on the attack, hitting a double axe off the top before throwing Honky back in. Savage gets a school boy, but Jimmy rakes Macho's eyes to break. Savage hits a suplex, and it happens again. Savage goes up again, kicking Jimmy away in the process, and hits a double axe, forcing Jimmy to put Honky's leg on the bottom rope. Macho KO's Jimmy for that little stunt.

Macho blocks a sunset flip and punches Honky in the forehead. Honky rushes out to tend to Jimmy, and the Harts come from the back to do the same. Macho keeps the pressure on as The Harts tends to Jimmy. Macho knocks Honky outside, and Honky goes to the back with the Harts as Anvil carries Jimmy and e go to break.

Back from break, Honky comes back accompanied by the Harts. Macho immediately regains control, hitting a standard elbow drop. Macho absorbs a couple kicks and hits an elbow to the head before whiffing on a charge in the corner. Honky hits a big backdrop as Anvil laughs. Honky gyrates towards Liz, and Macho gets a double-leg takedown for two. Honky fires back with punches, including some in the corner. Honky takes time to taunt the crowd, and misses on a second rope fist drop. Macho comes back and hits a back drop, forcing Honky to beg off. It doesn't work, and Macho hits a back elbow for two, followed by a suplex for another near-fall. Honky goes to the eyes and tosses Macho out over the top, where the Harts attack him. The Harts roll Macho back in, and Honky covers for two. Savage counters the Shake, Rattle, & Roll then drops the big elbow, but Bret clobbers him to draw the DQ at 12:04. This was really good, possibly the best match on SNME to this point.

-A heel beat down follows, and in a pretty infamous moment, Honky shoves Liz aside to deliver EL KABONG to Macho. Honky takes so long to deliver the blow that if I didn't know better, I would have thought something was going to happen to prevent it. Liz leaves before the guitar shot, and afterwards comes back with Hogan, whose "what do you want?---> OHHHH" reaction is really funny. The faces clean house, then join forces via the MEGA POWERS HAND SHAKE.


This one?

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#17 4/30/88

-From Springfield, MA

-Jim Duggan is ready to do some spring cleaning.

-Heenan says Duggan is not wrestling just Hercules, but he's going to have to deal with Andre, and that after tonight, Duggan will be called "Jigsaw Jim", because there will be a lot of missing pieces. Nice line.

-Slick says One Man Gang was ROBBED at WrestleMania IV, but everything will be rectified tonight.

-Macho is ready to make his first televised title defense. Liz looks really worried as he does his promo.

-Macho (holding Liz) is now the final image in the show open in a nice touch.

-Hosts are Vince & Jesse

-Vince & Jesse run down the card. Jesse is VERY upset about Duggan recently using his 2X4 on Andre. Vince says Gene is a respected journalist who will get to the bottom of the story.

-Gene gets some words from Heenan, Herc, & Andre, who take longer to say the exact same things they said in the intro video.

-Duggan still wants a piece of Andre for costing him his match against DiBiase at WrestleMania IV.

-Match 1: Hercules (w/Bobby Heenan & Andre the Giant) VS Jim Duggan

-Hercules gets a cheap shot in, but Duggan blocks a ram into the buckles, and fires back with a huge clothesline, causing Hercules to confer with Andre. Duggan ducks a punch and hits an atomic drop before adding a back elbow. Herc goes to the apron, so Duggan brings him back in the hard way before adding a backdrop. Duggan misses a kneedrop, and Herc smartly goes after the injured knee. Duggan fires back with punches, but Herc goes to the eyes to regain control. Duggan fires back again, but misses a charge in the corner, ramming his shoulder into the buckle.

Duggan fires back yet again with punches, but Herc yanks on Duggan's tights to send him through the ropes to the floor. Back in Duggan ducks a clothesline, but runs right into a back elbow. Heenan adds a cheap shot, so Duggan uses that as a convenient excuse to grab his 2X4 and chase Bobby as we go to break.

Back from break, the ref disarms Duggan, allowing Herc to attack from behind. Herc cuts off another comeback with a thumb to the eye, and applies a bearhug. Duggan punches his way out, but gets caught with a high knee. Herc lowers his head and gets clubbed down, and Duggan finally makes his comeback with corner punches. Duggan hits a hiptoss and a three-point-stance clothesline, but Heenan runs in for the DQ at 5:30 shown. Hercules carried things admirably, especially considering all Duggan had was punches.

-The Heenan Family go for a heel beatdown, but The Ultimate Warrior runs out to make the save.

-FROM WRESTLEMANIA IV: Brutus Beefcake puts The Honky Tonk Man to sleep, then cuts Jimmy Hart's hair.

-Mean Gene interviews Jimmy (clad in a beret to hide the haircut), who is prepared to give Beefcake a haircut after Beefcake's match with Dangerous Danny Davis.

-Beefcake promises to give Jimmy a trim, and Davis the "full treatment" before presenting Gene with (supposedly) Jimmy's hair.

-Match 2: Danny Davis (w/Jimmy Hart) VS Brutus Beefcake

-Beefcake wins a lockup and shoves Davis into the corner as Jesse notes that they both look like candy canes due to their striped tights. Davis hits a punch, then cowers in the corner when Beefcake gets mad about it. Beefcake messes up Davis' hair and hits a hiptoss. Davis manages to land a cheapshot and slug Beefcake down, then takes him over to Jimmy for an attempt haircutt. Beefcake counters a takedown attempt with a knee to the face, then slams the possibly KO'd Davis before strutting. Davis rolls outside to confer with Jimmy, but is then brought back in the hard way. Beefcake gets a sleeper as Jimmy freaks the fuck out, and Davis is out at 3:05. Decent enough squash for Beefcake.

-Beefcake gives Davis a haircut, before spraying him with gray paint and waking Davis up so he can see it. Beefcake adds a couple punches and another hiptoss to end the humiliation for Davis.

-A video shows the finish to Macho/OMG at WrestleMania IV.

-Slick claims OMG was using Slick's cane only to save Slick from Savage, before promising a OMG title win tonight.

-Macho responds by promising to kick OMG's ass all around the arena before imploring Liz to inspire him to victory.

-Match 3 for the WWF Championship: Randy Savage [c] (w/Liz) VS The One Man Gang (w/Slick)

-Macho chases Slick to the back for getting too close to Liz. OMG backs Macho into a corner, but Macho escapes and hits a few elbows. OMG snatches Macho up, but Macho shifts his weight and OMG falls down. OMG throws Macho outside, but Macho comes right back with a cross-body off the top for two. Macho hits his ropes-assisted clothesline for two, but then OMG manages to turn the tide and pound away in the corner. OMG gets a choke lift, and Slick gets a cheap shot in. Macho ducks a clothesline and goes after Slick, who runs Macho right into an elbow drop from OMG.

OMG pounds on Macho as Slick threatens to knock Macho out for touching Slick's clothes. OMG drops a big elbow for two, but misses an avalanche, and Macho uses elbows to the forehead to make his comeback before clotheslining OMG out over the top. Macho follows up with a double axe from the top, and OMG topples over a camera man. Back in, OMG counters another double axe with a punch to the gut, and hits a slam. OMG goes to the second rope, but takes time to show a little Akeem-esque flair, and he misses the 747 splash.

Slick again distracts Macho by going after Liz, allowing OMG to attack from behind. Slick accidentally KO's OMG with the cane, and Macho finishes with the big elbow at 5:55. Decent enough first TV title defense for Macho.

-Gene gets some words from the British Bulldogs (and Matilda). Gene says he heard rumors that Demolition plan to take Matilda, dip her in chrome, and use her as a hood ornament. The Bulldogs promise that won't happen.

-Jesse interviews the new tag champs Demolition and Mr. Fuji, congratulating them on winning the titles and complementing them on their choice in attire. Jesse asks Fuji if the face paint has helped them win the titles, and all three call their faces the "face of pain".  

-Match 4: The British Bulldogs (w/Matilda) VS WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition (w/Mr. Fuji)

-Smash *ahem* smashes Davey Boy to start, but Dynamite makes a blind tag and catches Smash with a big clothesline. Smash blocks a rollup, but misses an elbowdrop, so he tags Ax. The Bulldogs promptly go to work on Ax's arm, but Smash helps Ax block a snap suplex from Dynamite. Smash gets in legally and hits a backbreaker for two before slapping on a bearhug. Dynamite plays FIP for a bit before countering a Smash avalanche with a boot to the face and tagging in Davey Boy, who cleans house.

Dynamite gets back in, and is immediately dropped by Smash, who then tosses him to the floor for cheap shots from Fuji. Davey Boy grabs Matilda and uses her to chase Fuji to the back. Demolition try to follow, but for some reason are stopped by officials as we go to break.

Back from break, the Bulldogs attack Demolition with pieces of Mr. Fuji's cane before knocking the ref down, which finally draws the DQ at 4:54 shown. This was getting good before the weird finish.

-Mean Gene asks Superstar Billy Graham & Don Muraco how they plan to counter Ted DiBiase's money. Graham says he'd rather have a piece of "The Rock" than DiBiase's cash.

-Ted DiBiase naturally claims to be the rightful WWF champion, and if he needs to go through Muraco to get to Savage, consider it done.

-Match 5: Don Muraco (w/Billy Graham) VS Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil)

-Muraco goes after Virgil, allowing DiBiase to hit some rapid fire punches. Muraco comes back with a backdrop, then batters him around the ring. Muraco hits a shoulderblock, then DiBiase comes back with a hiptoss, but misses an elbowdrop. Muraco hits a huge clothesline followed by an awkward powerslam, but Virgil puts DiBiase's foot on the bottom ropes. DiBiase comes back with a clothesline of his own, followed by a gutwrench suplex for two.

Muraco comes back with an elbow to the face, followed by a better-looking powerslam for two. Muraco hits a shot to the throat, but DiBiase fires back with punches to the gut, followed by a slam. Muraco gets his foot on the ropes and points to it rather than try to kick out, and DiBiase gets the pin at 4:12 because the ref doesn't see the foot. Muraco has no one to blame but himself for that one. Meh.

-Macho welcomes any challenge from DiBiase.

-Match 6: Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) VS Koko B. Ware

-Rude jumps Koko as Koko gets on the apron. Koko fights back and leaps over a hunched-over Rude before hitting a dropkick when Rude turns around. Rude lands a cheap shot and drops some forearms to the neck before going to work on the back. Rude stops to swivel his hips then hits a suplex followed by a fistdrop off the top and a kiss to the camera. Rude uses the ropes to choke Koko, then hits a dropkick. Koko avoids a second dropkick, then hits a HUGE backdrop, and Rude takes an awkward fall. Rude avoids a flying Koko who guillotines himself, then finishes with the Rude Awakening at 3:40. Good enough showcase for Rude.

-Vince & Jesse recap the show.

-FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a watchable show, but not much better than that. So many matches in a shorter span of time with all the promos means nothing gets much time, so nothing here got the chance to hit a second level.

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#18 10/29/88

-From Baltimore, MD

-Jake sucks face with Cheryl for a little bit, then asks Rick Rude can handle pain like a man.

-Rude responds that after their match tonight, Damien will be wrapped around Jake's neck, and Cheryl will be wrapped around his.

-The Big Boss Man is here to lay down the law. "If you wish to have an attorney present...I'LL HURT HIM TOO!"

-The Hart Foundation are ready to regain the tag titles.

-Jimmy Hart, Mr. Fuji, & Demolition say no way.

-Hogan is ready, with help from Liz, to knock King Haku off his throne.

-Hosts are Vince & Jesse

-Vince & Jesse talk about the upcoming presidential election before running down the crowd.

-A video of the great kickoff to the Rude/Jake feud airs, with Rude wanting to give Cheryl a kiss, but she slaps him, and Jake makes the save. Rude responds by wearing tights with Cheryl's face air brushed on them. Jake says he'll tear them off the next time Rude wears them, and comes through on his promise.

-Mean Gene interviews Rude & Heenan. Rude isn't worried because Jake & Damien can't beat him in a "three-legged race". Heenan asks Gene if he's ever seen a "towel-headed swami" snake charmer, then he & Rude note that after a snake is lulled to sleep by the charmer, it gets a Rude Awakening.

-Next up Gene gets words from Jake & Cheryl. Jake says he's not insulted by Rude, but Cheryl is, and that's enough for he & Damien.

-Match 1: Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) VS Jake Roberts (w/Cheryl)

-They go right into a hard lockup, which Rude wins and sends Jake in the corner, but Jake counters a shoulderbutt with a knee. Rude keeps Jake from ripping off his tights, but Jake manages to keep control with a wristlock. Rude gets out and does a leapfrog, but he stops to pose, allowing Jake to punch him in the gut. Jake goes for the DDT, but Rude slides out and takes a powder. Rude goes to the eyes to take control. Rude misses a short-arm clothesline, but immediately catches Jake with a regular clothesline anyway. Rude slugs Jake down then drops a forearm before stopping to taunt Cheryl.

Rude whips Jake into the buckles a couple times, but again stops to taunt Cheryl, allowing Jake to hit a big clothesline. Jake hits a gutbuster, then holds Rude in place for a slap from Cheryl. Heenan calls for Cheryl to be ejected while Jake begs the ref not to. Jake loses the argument, and Cheryl is sent to the back as we go to break.

Back from break, Rude manages to knock Jake into the post, then twice yanks Jake's arm, causing Jake's head and shoulder to hit the post. Jake fires back with punches, and Rude begs off. It doesn't work, however, and Jake hits a big backdrop. Rude counters another DDT attempt with a backdrop, then hits a fistdrop from the top for two. Jake bites Rude's hand to break the Rude Awakening, then gets the DDT. Heenan frantically motions to the back as Jake removes Rude's tights, then Heenan attacks Jake, drawing a DQ at 7:40 shown. This was much better than their WrestleMania IV encounter. It's amazing what a hot angle can do for two guys.

-Andre comes down to the ring and slugs Jake down. Andre goes to help Rude, which allows Jake to grab Damien. It turns out Andre is afraid of snakes, and he sells it beautifully, frantically calling for Heenan to help him as he backs away. Jake throws Damien onto Andre, and Andre appears to have a heart attack before passing out. Vince's lack of concern for Andre's health is pretty spooky, especially when Heenan tries to perform CPR. Good transition from Jake/Rude to Jake/Andre.

-After a commercial break, Andre gets revived, and looks for Damien under the ring before heading to the back.

-Mean Gene interviews the Harts. They don't want to hear Jimmy's name, or anything from him. Gene points out that Jimmy got them the tag titles, but Anvil responds that Jimmy also lost the titles for them. Anvil closes by saying that the only way Jimmy can hurt someone and to manage them.

-Jesse interviews Jimmy, Fuji, and Demolition. Jimmy says he's spilled all the Foundation's secrets to Mr. Fuji.

-Match 2 for the WWF Tag Team Championship: Demolition [c] (w/Mr. Fuji & Jimmy Hart) VS The Hart Foundation

-Anvil starts with Smash, and immediately gets caught in the champs' corner and beaten down. Anvil does manage to counter a suplex with one of his own, getting two. Bret gets in, hitting a nice dropkick followed by an elbow from the second rope for two. Smash counters an arm wringer with a big clothesline, then sends Bret into the buckles for a chest-first bump. Ax gets in, and Bret is officially a FIP. Smash does most of the work, with mostly punch-kick offense. Bret finally manages to score with a big clothesline, and make the hot tag to Anvil.

Anvil cleans house, and hits Smash with a powerslam for two. The match breaks down, and The Fabulous Rougeaus sneak to ringside. Fuji gets KO'd as the chaos gets worse. Smash gets a hold of the megaphone, and KO's Anvil for the pin to retain at 5:38. This was more than a little disappointing. Too short to mean much.

-THE MOUNTAIN DEW SLAM OF THE NIGHT: The Ultimate Warrior dropping some jobber with a gorilla press.

-FLASHBACK: The last king, Harley Race, misses a diving headbutt against Hogan, and crashes onto a table.

-Mean Gene asks Heenan why he would risk King Haku against Hogan. Heenan says it's because Haku demanded it and he will avenge Harley. Heenan "tricks" Gene into bowing in the general vicinity of Haku.


-Hogan says he's OK after taking a beating from the Big Bossman shortly before this. Hogan isn't worried about Heenan, since he has some "additional inspiration" in the form of Liz.


-Match 3: King Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) VS Hulk Hogan


-Haku cheap shots Hogan while the ref pats Hogan down. Haku works Hogan over, including a bite on the nose. Hogan avoids a fistdrop and fires back with punches before almost nailing Heenan. Hogan gives Haku a receipt with a bite, then knocks him down with a clothesline. Hogan chops Haku down, but Heenan hooks Hogan's leg to cause a distraction, and Haku takes advantage, chopping Hogan down and getting a choke. Haku slaps on a nerve hold, then goes to the eyes when Hogan fights out. Haku hits a Mongolian Chop, then a thrust kick to send Hogan to the floor. Heenan yells at Haku to deliver a chop off the apron. Haku hesitates, and that allows Hogan to pull Heenan in the way of the chop. Hogan steals Haku's crown and wears it for a moment as Heenan is helped to the back and we go to break.




Back from break, Hogan works Haku over, but Haku scores with a running clothesline to turn the tide. Haku hits a suplex for two, but Hogan Hulks Up, and finishes with the usual at about 5:54 shown. Solid Hogan Formula match. I'm surprised this had a clean, decisive finish, as I figured there would be a DQ here to protect the new King a little bit.


-Liz joins in the celebration, then Hogan lifts Liz onto his shoulder. Yeah, I can't say I blame Macho for getting jealous.


-Mean Gene interviews Frenchy Martin & Dino Bravo. Bravo claims to be the strongest man in the world, and dismisses the Olympians (including Ken Patera) as cheaters. Bravo says Patera will pledge alligience to Bravo's flag.


-Patera says he'd rather die than dishonor his country, then busts out the "America: love it or leave it" cliche'.


-Match 4: Dino Bravo (w/Frenchy Martin) VS Ken Patera


-Patera ducks a clothesline and slugs away before hitting a backdrop followed by a slam, and Bravo takes a powder. Bravo scores with a headbutt to the gut and some kicks to turn the tide. Bravo pounds Patera down in the corner, and adds a choke. Patera fires back with a back elbow and corner punches, followed by a snap mare and an elbow to the nose. Patera hits a slam and a shoulderblock, but Bravo gets to the ropes to avoid a Full Nelson. Bravo kicks Patera in the face, hits an inverted atomic drop, and finishes with a sidewalk slam at 3:04. Not bad.


-Mean Gene asks Slick where he finds his wrestlers, but Slick corrects him, saying the wrestlers find him. Bossman makes Gene spell "Big", then talks about how much he loves hurting people. Bossman & Slick say they'll beat Jim Powers down if he's guilty.


-Match 5: Big Bossman (w/Slick) VS Jim Powers


-Bossman tries to push Powers around, then mashes Powers into the corner to escape a sleeper. Bossman adds an avalanche, followed by a kneelift. Bossman dominates, talking shit the whole time and calling for Hogan. Bossman gets a bearhug, but then opts to just drop Powers. Powers manages to duck a clothesline and hit a couple dropkicks, but the Bossman Slam ends it at 2:38. Good showcase for Bossman.


-Bossman cuffs Powers to the ropes and whoops him with the nightstick.


-WWF FLASHBACK: Bossman beats Hogan down.


-Mean Gene gets some words from Hogan, who can't wait to get his hands on Bossman.


-Jesse takes his life into his own hands by asking if Andre is afraid of snakes. Heenan & Andre want Damien banned, and Jesse agrees.


-Jesse is not happy about having to spend another holiday (Thanksgiving weekend) with Vince.


-FINAL THOUGHTS: Good show to start the build towards WrestleMania V. We got some good in ring action, and the big angle leading to Jake/Andre. Throw in some more foundation building for Savage's turn, and this is a worthwhile show.

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#16 3/12/88

They go back outside, where Race gets Hogan on the timekeeper's table and goes for a headbutt off the apron, but Hogan moves and Race crashes onto the table, which obviously isn't gimmicked, since breaking tables isn't en vogues yet and the table only bends.


also the steal band around the non-gimmicked table stabbed his abdomen, leading to his intestines inflaming, rupturing, and 7 surgeries to correct the damage. So it was the best kind of non-gimmicked, the kind that will shoot on you and almost kill you with peritonitis


Naturally Harley worked around 4 weeks in-between the table spot and his hospitalization (which only came after passing out due to pain while watching basketball)

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#16 3/12/88

They go back outside, where Race gets Hogan on the timekeeper's table and goes for a headbutt off the apron, but Hogan moves and Race crashes onto the table, which obviously isn't gimmicked, since breaking tables isn't en vogues yet and the table only bends.

also the steal band around the non-gimmicked table stabbed his abdomen, leading to his intestines inflaming, rupturing, and 7 surgeries to correct the damage. So it was the best kind of non-gimmicked, the kind that will shoot on you and almost kill you with peritonitis

Naturally Harley worked around 4 weeks in-between the table spot and his hospitalization (which only came after passing out due to pain while watching basketball)

Mwa-hahaha! Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA!


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#19 11/26/88


-From Sacramento, CA 


-Ultimate Warrior declares war on Mr. Fuji & Super Ninja.


-Andre the Giant wants the WWF title, and he wants it NOW.


-Macho is ready to be the David to Andre's Goliath. Liz looks worried.


-Ted DiBiase is sending Virgil to collect on Hercules' overdue bill.


-Hogan is going to let his pythons talk to Brother Love.


-Hosts are Vince & Jesse


-Mean Gene gets some words from Mr. Fuji about his new man, Super Ninja. Fuji claims that Ninja has trained on all seven continents, for seven years, in seven different arts, but refuses to reveal more about Super Ninja. OK, does anyone know who Super Ninja is? I'm guessing he's white since he's masked. Gene continually refers to him as "Super Ninja One", so I'm assuming there was a Super Ninja tag team somewhere.


-Warrior rambles incoherently in response.


-Match 1 for the Intercontinental Championship: Ultimate Warrior [c] VS Super Ninja


-Vince calls this the first IC title match on SNME, which isn't true. Warrior no-sells some chops and blocks a kick before dumping Ninja on his head. Warrior does a leap frog before half-assedly ducking a clothesline and hitting a big boot to send Ninja outside. Warrior follows, and throws him right back in. Warriror slugs Ninja down, then finishes with the gorilla press and a big splash at 2:11. Total squash to show off the Warrior.


-WWF FLASHBACK: Ted DiBiase buys Hercules' contract from Bobby Heenan. Hercules does not take it well.


-Jesse & DiBiase argue that Ted legally owns Hercules, but he opts to have this settled in the ring rather than a court of law. That's probably a good idea. Ted refuses to touch a "lowly slave", thus Virgil is wrestling tonight. The look Virgil shoots DiBiase as Ted talks him down is great.


-Hercules is a FREE MAN!


-Match 2 for Hercules' Freedom: Virgil (w/Ted DiBiase) VS Hercules


-DiBiase & Virgil jump Hercules as the bell rings, which should have been an instant DQ. Hercules cleans house in short order anyway to a big pop. Hercules casually beats the shit out of Virgil, stopping only to take swings at DiBiase, finishing with a powerslam at 3:23. Another squash.


-Hercules adds insult to injury by throwing Virgil out over the top onto DiBiase. DiBiase berates Virgil all the way to the back.


-WWF FLASHBACK: Andre passes out upon meeting Damien.


-Heenan uncharacteristically saves Gene from getting killed by Andre when Gene mentions Andre's fear of Snakes. Heenan of course claims that Andre was ripped off of the title instead of him voluntarily vacating it, then says we'll see what happens when Macho's momentum brings him right into the giant brick wall that is Andre.


-Savage wants to beat Andre because Hogan did it.


-Match 3 for the WWF Championship: Randy Savage [c] (w/Liz) VS Andre the Giant (w/Bobby Heenan)


-Macho jumps Andre at the bell, but gets quickly over-powered and beaten down in the corner. Andre uses the strap of his singlet to choke Macho. When Macho fights back, Andre resorts to a blatant choke. As Andre keeps the pressure on, Jake Roberts & Damien come down to ringside, which distracts Andre and allows Macho to make a big comeback. Jake gets thrown out as we go to break.


Back from break, Macho jumps Andre as Heenan looks for Damien, who Jake hid under the ring before being ejected from ringside. Andre scores with a big headbutt, then sits on Macho's head. I'm sure that felt GREAT. Bobby finds Damien, which draws Jake back out. Heenan goes into the ring to avoid Jake, and the ref calls for the bell at 8:42 shown. Nothing fancy, but this was lots of fun to watch, and aided greatly by a hot crowd. I like the way this not also built towards Jake/Andre at WrestleMania V, but subtly gave Macho something more to be insecure about when it came to his relationship with Hogan.


-Macho takes care of Heenan, and Jake chases Andre away.


-Gene interviews Jim Duggan, who proclaims that the only flag that will fly during WWF shows is the American one.


-Match 4: Boris Zukhov VS Jim Duggan [Flag Match]


-Winner gets their flag raised. They slug it out to start, then Hacksaw hits an atomic drop followed by a big clothesline, which sends Zukhov outside. Duggan lowers his head and takes a kick to the chest, but he comes right back, and suckes Zukhov into missing a big kick by doing the same thing. However, Duggan quickly whiffs on an elbowdrop. Duggan absorbs and Irish Whip and fires back with a clothesline, before hitting a slam and finishing with the three-point-stance clothesline at 2:26. Mostly punch-kick stuff, and Duggan's pin cover was extremely lazy. Like "this would get you yelled at by your trainer during wrestling school" lazy.


-Jesse finds Duggan's face during the flag raising hilarious.


-WWF FLASHBACK: Hogan goes on Brother Love's show and gets the shit kicked out of him by the Big Bossman.


-Brother Love introduces his guest: Slick? Hulk Hogan is incredulous, and looks to crash the show as we go to break. After the break, Love introduces Hogan. So Hogan got all worked up for nothing. Love & Slick take turns doing their best to piss Hogan off. Hogan gets a hold of the mic, and turns the tables on Love. Hogan implies that he has a pair of handcuffs and is willing to use them. Hogan attacks Slick and gets rid of him, then indeed produces a pair of cuffs from his boot, and cuffs Love before beating the shit out of him. The crowd loves it of course.


-Jesse interviews Jimmy Hart & The Rougeaus, who reveal a secret: they've moved to Memphis. Their fake excitement at having done so is awesome.


-Match 5: The Young Stallions VS The Rougeau Brothers (w/Jimmy Hart)


-Jacques hits Powers with a sweet dropkick, and poses. Powers fights back and goes for corner punches, but Jimmy whacks him on the knee with the megaphone, and Powers is officially a FIP. Jacques hits a flying back elbow (I LOVE that move) for two, but then stops to show how smart he is, and misses a cross-body. Tags are made on both ends, and Roma cleans house, before hitting Raymond with a missile dropkick. The match breakes down, and the Rougeaus hit the FLYING DICK TO THE FACE for the win at 3:00. Short and sweet.


-Jesse interviews Andre, drawing the big man's ire when he says Andre is afraid of the snake. Andre challenges Jake to FIGHT LIKE A MAN. The look on Andre's face as he thinks about destroying Jake is terrifying.


-Mean Gene gets some words from Jake, who says Andre's fear will allow Jake & Damien to do whatever they want, and they will not stop until Andre has been consumed.


-Hogan talks about getting turned on while beating Slick & Brother Love. I did not need to hear that. Hogan can't wait to pass judgement and deliver punishment to Boss Man.


-FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a pretty energetic show, with a really hot crowd and mostly short matches. The matches aren't all that noteable aside from the title match, but there's nothing bad here, and the brisk pace means the hour-plus flies by.

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#20 1/7/89


-From Tampa, FL




-Honky can sing, dance, play guitar, & wrestle better than Warrior, says Jimmy Hart. Honky knows we want him to regain the title.


-Brutus Beefcake says Ron Bass' head will shine, or he's not "the Barber".


-Slick, Akeem, & Boss Man will not rest until the evil Hulk Hogan is gone from the WWF.


-Hogan doesn't know where Akeem came from (really?), but he knows where he's going.


-Hosts are Vince & Jesse


-Jesse's John Waters mustache is quite off-putting.


-Mean Gene gets some words from Ron Bass, who apparently doesn't care that he could lose his hair tonight.


-WWF FLASHBACK: Brutus Beefcake saves a jobber from a vicious beating by Bass, then cuts Miss Betsy, Bass' bullwhip. Shortly after, Bass cuts Beefcake's head open with Bass' spurs, which somehow kept Brutus out of the IC title match at SummerSlam.


-Brutus doesn't want to forget getting his head cut open by Bass, and he wants Bass to remember "the face of the Barber".


-Match 1: Ron Bass VS Brutus Beefcake [Haircut Match]


-Bass jumps Beefcake before the bell and chokes him with Miss Betsy. Brutus escapes and gets a hold of the whip, and the production crew adds a not-exactly-subtle sound effect whenever Brutus cracks the whip. After Brutus is disarmed, he catches Bass with a high knee to knock him to the floor, then keeps hitting Bass to keep him from getting back into the ring. He finally lets Bass in, and slugs him down before adding mounted punches. Bass comes back with a stomach breaker, and knocks Beefcake outside. Bass works Beefcake over in the corner, and focuses on the midsection. Bass seems to have it won after a piledriver, but he wants to deliver more damage before cutting Brutus' hair. Bass hits a hot shot, but again pulls away from the cover. Bass hits a big clothesline for two, but he thinks he actually won, and prematurely goes for the scissors. That allows Brutus to revive, and get the sleeper for the win at 7:32. Pretty good opener Bass looks like an idiot, but he's an 80's heel, so that's OK.


-After a commercial, Beefcake gives Bass a haircut. Bass freaks out at having his receeding hairline revealed to the word.


-Mean Gene gets some words from Slick & The Twin Towers. Slick points out that Hogan is a rule breaker, and that Boss Man is there to make sure justice prevails.


-Mean Gene interviews Hogan. Gene points out the odds are stacked against Hogan. Hogan isn't worried, because here comes Macho to watch his back. Macho takes Gene to a "special place" to watch the match on a TV. As Hogan helps Liz into the ring, the camera cuts to Savage intently watching FORESHADOWING!


-MOUNTAIN DEW SLAM OF THE NIGHT: Demolition kill jobbers.


-Match 2: Akeem (w/Slick & Big Boss Man) VS Hulk Hogan (w/Liz)


-Hogan avoids an Akeem charge at the bell, then throws Slick onto Akeem before covering for two. Hogan then slugs away, stopping to shove his headband into Akeem's mouth and slide outside to go after Boss Man, throwing Slick onto him too. Hogan goes for a slam, but it's too early, and Akeem takes control. Hogan avoids an avalanche and goes right back on offense, ping-ponging Akeem between corners. It takes a couple tries (and a shot to Boss Man), but Hogan manages to knock Akeem down. Akeem gets a cheap shot to regain control, but Hogan fights out of an arm-wringer before knocking Akeem down and slugging away. Hogan sends Akeem into Boss Man, and pounds on Akeem in the corner, knocking Akeem onto the buckles before delivering more punishment. Hogan whips Akeem into the corner, but Akeem pulls the ref in the way of a Hogan avalanche, and the ref is dead. Boss Man enters with the night stick to make it 2-on-1. The camera cuts back to Macho, who says Hogan's going to be a-ok. The Towers take turns splashing Hogan, and Liz runs to the back to get Macho as we go to break.


Back from break, Akeem goes to the second turnbuckle. The camera cuts back to Macho, as Liz finds him, but Macho still refuses to help. Akeem apparently missed the splash, and Hogan Hulks Up. He works Akeem over, stopping to take care of Boss Man & Slick too. Oh man the bitching that would be happening online if this were going on today. Boss Man nails Hogan with the night stick to draw a DQ at 8:00. The match was pretty fun and heated Hogan formula, but the most important thing is the push towards Savage's turn.


-The Towers beat on Hogan then go after Liz, which finally draws out Macho. Macho chases them away with a chair, but doesn't seem to be happy that Liz is so concerned about Hulk.


-Honky is primed to regain the IC title. Jimmy dubs him "The People's Champion".


-The Warrior couldn't give a fuck less that Honky has had time to study film on him.


-Match 3 for the Intercontinental Championship: The Ultimate Warrior [c] VS The Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart)


-Warrior fights off a pre-match attack from Honky, easily over-powering him. Warrior rams Honky into Jimmy to a big pop, but misses a Stinger Splash. Jimmy gives the megaphone to Honky and distracts the ref, allowing Honky to hit Warrior in the gut with it several times. Honky works Warrior over, then manages to cut off a Warrior comeback by getting his knees up to block the big splash. Warrior throws Honky off a pin cover to start his final comeback, and finishes with a flying shoulderblock at 5:07. All punch-kick stuff, but the psychology was solid, and there was plenty of heat.


-Mean Gene interviews a very happy trio of Slick, Boss Man, & Akeem.


-Jesse interviews Bobby Heenan & his new charge, the Red Rooster. Jesse & Heenan completely run down the Rooster, but Heenan thinks he can still take the Rooster to the top.


-Match 4: Red Rooster (w/Bobby Heenan) VS Tito Santana


-Heenan is mic'd for this one. In a cute bit, Heenan spots George Steinbrenner in the crowd and asks what to do if his man doesn't perform. The answer is of course "fire him". They have a good back-and-forth match, but the star of the show is of course Heenan, who naturally does an awesome job working his gimmick and the angle of managing a guy who sucks. After Tito gets a close near-fall, Heenan pulls Rooster out of the ring and berates him before shoving him, and Rooster shoves him back as we go to break.


Back from break, Rooster hits a kneedrop to the forehead for two, followed by a backbreaker for another two. Heenan is NOT happy that Rooster refuses to hook the tights. Tito gets a small package and a backslide for close two counts, as Heenan freaks out. Rooster hits a nice piledriver, and gives a frustrated "IS THAT ALRIGHT?!" to Heenan before covering for two. Rooster hits a clothesline for two, but Tito blocks a Sharpshooter attempt with a punch to the head and clotheslines Rooster out over the top. Heenan throws Rooster back in the ring, and Rooster turns to yell at Heenan, allowing Tito to get a schoolboy for the pin at 5:30 shown.Good match, with Heenan being mic'd adding a lot to it. I'm not sure that a "green, unskilled rookie who constantly gets berated by his manager" angle couldn't have done really well, but I don't think Terry Taylor was the right guy for the spot.


-Rooster gets tired of Heenan's shit, and kicks his ass.


-Mean Gene interviews Curt Hennig, who DEMANDS to be called Mr. Perfect. Perfect declares that he has a perfect finisher, the PerfectPlex.


-Match 5: Mr. Perfect VS Koko B. Ware


-Perfect gets the early jump, but Koko fires back with a couple hiptosses and a dropkick. Perfect fires back in the corner, but Koko reverses a whip and hits an armdrag. It's weird seeing Perfect in short tights and being referred to as both "Mr. Perfect" & Curt Hennig by Vince & Jesse. Koko keeps the offense coming, and Jesse suggest Perfect start fighting dirty. Perfect hits a back elbow and a standing dropkick to send Koko outside. Koko comes back with a headbutt and a big clothesline, but he misses...something in the corner, allowing Perfect to finish with the PerfectPlex at 3:10. Decent match. I was a bit surprised to see Koko get that much offense in, but that appears to be the way Curt did things, since he gave Owen a lot at 'Mania too.


-Mean Gene interviews The MegaPowers. Hogan plays ignorant be seeming to believe that Savage is still his brother, and Macho is great playing into it. Jesse doesn't buy it for one bit.


-FINAL THOUGHTS: A pretty good show, especially the segments building the MegaPowers' explosion. Heenan played his role tremendously during the Rooster/Tito match too.

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#21 2/3/89


-From Milwaukee, WI


-This is another show called simply "The Main Event".


-A video, with narration by Vince, encapsulates the Mega Powers/Twin Towers feud.


-This is apparently the first WWF show from the Bradley Center.


-Hosts are Vince & Jesse


-Mean Gene interviews Slick & The Twin Towers, asking if they'll actually wrestle or simply continue their "terrorist attacks" on The Mega Powers. Slick says victory for his team is assured because three men will always beat two. Not in the WWF/E.


-After the Twin Towers make their entrance, a music video highlights the friendship between The Mega Powers. Which will TOTALLY never, ever end. Never!


-Hogan says it's LOVE that will lead the Mega Powers to victory. He talks about the three different relationships within the team, starting with him & Liz, which was a nice touch.


-Match 1: The Twin Towers (w/Slick) VS The Mega Powers (w/Liz)


-If you know anything about this time period, you know what happens towards the end of this match and immediately after. Hogan, after getting called out by Boss Man, takes most of the first few minutes of the match, which Jesse naturally interprets as him wanting all the glory. Hogan ends up playing FIP for a bit before getting the hot tag to Macho. Macho cleans house for a minute, but takes a cheap shot from Boss Man, and now it's his turn. Then, it happens: Akeem throws Macho through the ropes, right onto Liz. Hogan checks on her, completely ignoring the double ass kicking Macho is taking. Macho makes a comeback, but Hogan walks away from the ring with Liz in his arms, which distracts Macho, allowing the Towers to blind side him. Medics take her to the back, and Hogan acts like she's literally dying. OK, that's just a bit of an overreaction there Hulk. Then he blames it on Macho. Oh man he so deserves what is about to happen to him.


After a break, Hogan is fucking CREEPY holding Liz's hand and moaning about how happy he is that she's alive. Liz comes to, and tells Hogan to get back to the fucking ring. Well, not in those words exactly. The Towers are still taking their turns beating the shit out of Macho, and Hogan finally gets to the corner. Akeem somehow falls through the ropes, allowing Macho to make a comeback on Boss Man. Macho dumps them both, tags Hogan, then gives him a well-deserved bitch slap before walking off. Savage seems conflicted, but apparently he just forgot the title belt, so he walks back, grabs it, and officially leaves to huge heat. Hogan can't even take the loss here, finishing with the usual after a big splash from Akeem at 18:20. The match was good and heated, but played a distant second fiddle to the implosion of the Mega Powers.


-Macho bitches about Hogan as Hulk makes his way back to where Macho & Liz are. Macho finally comes out with everything that had to have been festering inside his head for months, before finally whacking Hulk with the title belt and punching him out. Liz tries to help, and Macho threatens to splatter her all over Hogan, which is really the only heel-ish thing he's done to that point. Beefcake enters to help Hogan, and Macho casually tosses him around too. What an awesome, all-time classic angle. It'd be great if they could somehow tap into this with a Bryan-Cena partnership.


-Mean Gene can't get any words from Hogan, who is still being tended to.


-Match 2: Hercules VS Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil)


-Hercules jumps DiBiase before the bell, which drives Jesse nuts. He takes care of Virgil too, and the heat here indicates that they really should have saved the blowoff for 'Mania. DiBiase turns the tide and gets an extended heat segment, but Herc keeps kicking out of DiBiase's covers with a lot of authority. Herc makes a comeback, then DiBiase turns the tide again. Virgil wraps Herc's chain around the turnbuckles, but Herc rams DiBiase into it for a GREAT false finish. Herc gets a torture rack, but first Virgil has the ref, then the ref turns to get rid of the chain. Virgil pulls DiBiase out of the hold, and DiBiase gets a school boy with a handfull of tights for the pin at 7:09. Good match, but this should have been a set-up for the big stage, instead of, I believe, the blowoff.


-Hogan refuses an interview (wha?), instead opting to grunt and yell "RANDY!" into the camera.


-THE MOUNTAIN DEW SLAM OF THE NIGHT: Jake kills a jobber with DDT then puts Damien on him.


-Jesse & Vince argue about the Mega Powers' implosion.


-Hogan looks backstage for Macho, stopping to manhandle The Hart Foundation and Shawn Michaels for some reason. That's how the show ends.


-FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a GREAT, and historically signifigant show. Well worth tracking down if you haven't seen it, especially if you're a Hogan-hater, or want to see just how justified Macho was in hindsight.

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