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  1. Been liking this thread on FAN, thought I would import it to here: http://officialfan.proboards.com/thread/491403/russo-ize-classic-match-angle?page=3&scrollTo=10814095
  2. I wonder if the end to the tag title match from Main Event '88 exists anywhere in the vault?
  3. Kevin Conroy. Nuff said. If only we could Cool World his Batman and have HIM be in all the live action films.
  4. Info on the new TF series: http://www.newsarama.com/20590-transformers-returns-to-tv-with-all-new-series-in-2015.html Good that they are continuing Prime, but I'll have to see the animation style in action to see if it works for me...(they say CGI but the Bumblebee in the picture is hand drawn. Also, CGI + cel reminds me a bit of the Unicron Trilogy...)
  5. Spidey Unlimited is there. To me, YJ and EMH are equal pretty much, and in the same boat of Brilliant But Cancelled shows.
  6. Yeah, it gets a pass for being Old School I guess. If it happened today, we'd get "Fire Russo" chants, I'm sure.
  7. Same here. I ordered Mania 9 out of habit but as I was already well on my way out of wrestling by that point. It'd be the last ppv I ordered until Mania 13. I saw the Flair-Perfect match and Janetty-HBK (not sure if that ep is up yet as I'm only up to ep 4) on a comp from my tape trading days but never the whole shows. Santana-Flair was a nice little match although sucks Tito never busted out his figure four. Oh and he may be legendarily awful but Rob Bartlett beginning ep2 by ripping up a picture of Heenan and saying "Fight the real enemy" was pretty damn funny. Too bad his other 367 joked were terrible. I just got through watching Tito-Flair. I liked it a lot! It was fun in a way I can't really articulate. I thought Flair and Perfect's brawl and promos afterwards were fantastic. Rob Bartlett... holy shit, his references during that match were so painfully dated and awkward and AMAZING. "Are Regis and Kathie Lee a tag team now?" was a real highlight, as was saying that Flair should "take a Prozac". There was also a great crack about Flair looking like Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Pure early 90s hacky Kenny Bannia crap that I just couldn't stop laughing at. EDIT: Just started the 4th episode of Raw. Good God, this Beefcake promo about his dead parents and the parasailing accident... Do they keep the fan yelling "Kill yourself" during a pause in said promo? I was watching some WCCW, and saw the ep. with the 6-man battle royal. What did Andre have against Terry Gordy? He'd knock around the other heels for a second, then just go back to choking him out. Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes. Also, the ghost of Lynyrd Skynyrd can be heard over the generic instrumental knockoff used in the Freebirds video if you listen carefully.
  8. Interesting lists...and as bad as Fred and Barney Meet the Thing supposedly was, I think slots could have been used to fit in a number of other shows. I can see a case being made for one being "too hard" on The Batman, or either of the two "Ultimate" Marvel series just for being Replacement Scrappys, but still. And no New Adventures of Batman??? I ended up getting through only half the episodes then giving up and giving it to my friend to sell on Half.com (http://shops.half.ebay.com/jeter421_W0QQ by the way...) Imagine an EVEN MORE pacifistic Superfriends with an Orko times ten thousand, and you've got NAoB. A case can be made for the Kennedy Cartoons season of Fantastic Four as well. The Best 10 seems to be based on nostalgia... Also...
  9. And for the person who asked, according to Kevin Kelly, the fall was taped, but is in the vault with instructions not to view or duplicate. Same with that D'Lo vs. Droz match.
  10. Yes. On one hand I think of Animated. On the other, I think of the Marvel shows and their mediocre replacements, and ESPECIALLY Ultimate Spider-Man.
  11. The 1968 Filmation Batman is finally coming to DVD. Yeah, nostalgia, but after suffering through the version with Adam West and Burt Ward, I'll be glad to see the original (hey, people could still punch each other back then!) And Ted Knight's Riddler is a guilty pleasure, if you've heard him, you know why.
  12. I hope Adult Swim plays her DVD collection commercial every break in her honor! Oh wait, they do that already? Seriously, RIP to a true legend. These past years we've been losing a lot of those...
  13. I watched the last CC episode, Laserblast, on Netflix (funny, some of the MST3K uploads there seem to be taken from VHS copies, many even include the Comedy Central end tag at the end). What a train wreck that movie was! And is it me, or does Mike era = more "x IS y" and "Tonight, on a very special..." jokes?
  14. Does anyone know the date of the WON that picks apart Hogan's biography?
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