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  1. Uhm, -2 means they're slight favourites, right?
  2. Winning more games should be better than losing games, and if it's not then you're not doing your sport right
  3. Yeah, I know. I agree totally. Either MLB needs to make a clear unambiguous statement saying that Bonds isn't eligible (a la Pete Rose,) or the voters need to get their heads out of their asses.
  4. While I like your question, and think it makes a fine addition to the discussion, there is a far more elegant way to eliminate this argument; which is an argument that I think has some merit.
  5. Sanyaku will be interesting. Takakeisho will be a Sekiwake. I think Mitakeumi will be the lesser Sekiwake, and Myogiru and Tamawashi the Komusubi, but I could be wrong. Ichinojo can slide right down to Juryo for all I care, but all the upper Maegashira didn't do more than 8 wins apart from Tamawashi, so he'll probably be about 1 or 2. Gutted that Abi did so badly. I love him.
  6. The spin that Takayasu put on Takakeisho on Day 14 was something to behold. What happened to Mitakeumi? He had some good wins, but at times he got blown away. He might keep his Sekiwake rank, barely. At least Ichinojo is head back down, hopefully to the Maegashira.
  7. I can't wait to see what Mad Max shit they have to do to get Boca in safely tonight.
  8. It depends on how you see these theoretically geographical divisions. In your example, the Cowboys, Eagles and Washingtonians are all in the NFC East, and the four (with the Giants) have shared a division since 1970. The Patriots don't count because everyone hates the Patriots.
  9. Yeah, how dare he apologise. The True Way is to get up and say that the other guy deserved it and that anyone who says otherwise is a Communist/Auburn fan.
  10. Doesn't seem to have embedded, but still: what the hell?
  11. Someone tell me how to embed tweets so I can ask what was going on with the dancing dinosaurs.
  12. You and I both know that if a mascot was going to beat a guy half to death with a cane, it would be Gritty. See ya later, Hamilton.
  13. Well. I don't know if any of you sumo types knew this, but Hakuho is kinda good. 15-0. 800 wins as Yokozuna, 1000 wins in the top division, 41 Yusho, of which 13 Zensho-Yusho.
  14. Plus with John Brown, you can keep the sheriff shooting jokes coming thick and fast. I've been offered a trade I'm inclined to reject: John's brother Antonio and Brandin Cooks for my Keenan Allen and Julio Jones.
  15. I'm pretty clearly Rugby biased, which has its own problems with injuries, including head injuries but if a tackler led the way some American football players do, they'd hurt themselves worse. I'm not one of those people who get on their high horses about Rugby players not wearing the same kind of protection as American football players, but some of these head-first shots are really difficult to watch. I take your point that it starts very young, and would take a sea change in coaching strategies. However, the move to penalise leading with the head isn't exactly a new thing, and there are sports in which players make that sort of tackle without using their heads.
  16. I got that, but how hard is it to work out how to hit the guy high without leading with your goddamned face?
  17. First time I've drafted in a few years, between an attack of anxiety and a funeral for a cat. 14 team league, 4 on the bench. Went Super No RB for five rounds, which may prove to be my undoing. QB: Wilson (SEA). RB: Coleman (ATL), Johnson (CLE), Carson (SEA), Anderson (DEN). WR: Jones (ATL), Allen (LAC), Hilton (IND), Enunwa (NYJ), Ginn (NO). TE: Ertz (PHI). K: Lutz (NO). DST: Chicago (?) Antonio Brown went 9th, second WR picked behind Mike Evans at 5th. Might be the same guy who picked the Seahawks D in the first round one year, so I guess that's an improvement?
  18. Actually, what it says is more like "Coach Meyer told us a bunch of shit that turned out not to be true but he did not, in our view, deliberately lie." Yes, part of that is indeed a direct quote.
  19. Why not just go all out pinstripes? That solid block of blue is just maddening. Yeah, even more maddening than the naked cash grab nature of it.
  20. Commissioner Manfred maybe ought to try and focus on getting 30 competitive teams going before he worries about expanding.
  21. More or less than you begrudge the players of the PED Era their drug use? That may come across a bit flippant, but it's a serious question. At the very least it's something that needs unpacking.
  22. I actually do subscribe to this viewpoint. I completely believe that the main reason baseball players back then were doing coke and other amphetamines was to keep them getting out of bed, and keep going through the long-ass baseball season. I don't know whether it's "better" or "worse" than more recent PED use; but I completely think that they were using illegal drugs to gain a competitive edge.
  23. The Away shirt being garbage ruins it more.
  24. Could Abi wind up a Komusubi if he wins tomorrow? Assuming that the YDC aren't total morons, Tochinoshin is going up to Ozeki, Ichinojo has his Kachi Koshi, as does Mitakeumi, so there are your Sekiwake. Neither current Ozeki is losing his rank this time around, but Endo surely is. There are three guys at M1 and M2, including Abi, on 7-7, and M4 Shodai who could be in contention is results go his way. Hakuho beating Kakuryu isn't a huge leap, but Tochinoshin would still need to win twice. I hope he manages it.
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