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  1. The company that was supposedly built to highlight UK wrestling, has 3 UK-born wrestlers in their annual 16 man tournament.
  2. Anyone watch Sunday's ICW Fear & Loathing X? Is it worth going back and watching?
  3. Has anyone interviewed Sasuke to find out why he's gone so far off the deep end in recent years?
  4. I stopped watching the Battle of Atlanta halfway through Ole and Ellering. I stopped caring real early in for Sawyer and Rich, even with intro promos. A failed grail.
  5. I'm just gonna chuck these 2 in here: 13th August - Kenny Omega vs Tetsuya Naito Yes - Ibushi vs Alexander with a lot more time and more drama and just better. 14th August - Kenny Omega vs Hirooki Goto Yes - I watched these 2 back to back, and while I thought it wasn't as strong as the previous night, a great final. Can't think of one better off the top of my head.
  6. I remember first seeing the Phoenix Splash creating a wrestler in the Smackdown 2 game, and thinking that can't be physically possible for someone to do. Massive innovator, RIP.
  7. First 2 matches were great, but I wasn't a fan of the over the top booking in BUSh's match, then the beers started to kick in and I really didn't get back into it until the main event. But by God, what a main event.
  8. A lot of guys on Twitter are saying Perro Aguayo Jr died, anyone know what happened and if it's true?
  9. Jack's stuff in pwg entertained me more than ajs stuff in New Japan or roh, plus there's a bit of patriotic pride going on. Zack for me.
  10. Chikara have done that, they had Eddie Kingston vs Sara Del Rey for the title shortly before Sara went off to the performance centre.
  11. Who's the other luchador in the los rudos pic with Parka?
  12. Mikey Webb is good, one guy I would have liked to see from the NE area is Donovan Final.
  13. What's going on with Sami Callihan, is he hurt?
  14. Whatever happened to Saturday Morning Slam? Did it get cancelled because of ratings?
  15. Any chance someone can put the last podcast with cliff on a file upload site, because I've been trying to download it for over a week without success. Cheers.
  16. It's from the bizzare crucifixion he did on that DREAM MMA show, right?
  17. I had an old wrestling book from the early 2000s with profiles of everyone worth mentioning ever. It said Jimmy snuka could jump off the top rope and perform 3 full flips before landing. I believed it.
  18. From the G1 Final. YES to: Time Splitters vs ReDragon Naito vs Honma Goto vs Shibata Nakamura vs Okada
  19. I'm gonna say yes to AJ Styles vs Minoru Suzuki G1 Glimax Day 7. (08/01/14), and there's a few matches from the final I'd say YES to, but I'm too lazy to write nominations so I'll let someone else do it.
  20. No for me as well, but then in England we only play the national anthem before the national football/rugby team play. We definitely don't play it before every regular season club game.
  21. I've reffed a bunch too (still do a masked gimmick for one promotion I work for, as I used to do double duty as ref/wrestler). All the points above are great, in addition: I hate refs who think they're hot shit, "I don't need to know the finish, I'll just count the 3 when it's the 3" etc. The way I did it was to go up to the guys about 30 minutes before they were on and ask "Hey guys, I'm reffing your match tonight, do your know your finish yet? Also is there anything else I need to know?" Don't be a brown-noser, just act professional. As far as invisibility goes, try and form a triangle with the guys in the ring. Keep your wits about you with positioning, don't be the ref that stands in the corner as a guy is getting whipped into it. Bring a watch, then drop timehints when you're checking on guys "CAN YOU CONTINUE??? five mins in guys, five mins DO YOU WANT TO SUBMIT??" On that note, work on voice levels for shit you want the crowd to hear, and shit you only want the workers to hear. Just like how guys call spots. Signal everything to the crowd, and to the timekeeper. When there was a near fall I would shoot my hand up with 2 fingers and shout it was a 2-count as loud as I could, then signalled it to the timekeeper. Makes it seem more legit. Workers will try to use you to communicate to their opponents, do it subtlely. Also, screw black sneakers. I wore black suit trousers (cheap ones), and black dress shoes/black wrestling boots when I reffed.
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