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  1. The company that was supposedly built to highlight UK wrestling, has 3 UK-born wrestlers in their annual 16 man tournament.
  2. Anyone watch Sunday's ICW Fear & Loathing X? Is it worth going back and watching?
  3. Has anyone interviewed Sasuke to find out why he's gone so far off the deep end in recent years?
  4. I stopped watching the Battle of Atlanta halfway through Ole and Ellering. I stopped caring real early in for Sawyer and Rich, even with intro promos. A failed grail.
  5. I'm just gonna chuck these 2 in here: 13th August - Kenny Omega vs Tetsuya Naito Yes - Ibushi vs Alexander with a lot more time and more drama and just better. 14th August - Kenny Omega vs Hirooki Goto Yes - I watched these 2 back to back, and while I thought it wasn't as strong as the previous night, a great final. Can't think of one better off the top of my head.
  6. I remember first seeing the Phoenix Splash creating a wrestler in the Smackdown 2 game, and thinking that can't be physically possible for someone to do. Massive innovator, RIP.
  7. First 2 matches were great, but I wasn't a fan of the over the top booking in BUSh's match, then the beers started to kick in and I really didn't get back into it until the main event. But by God, what a main event.
  8. A lot of guys on Twitter are saying Perro Aguayo Jr died, anyone know what happened and if it's true?
  9. Jack's stuff in pwg entertained me more than ajs stuff in New Japan or roh, plus there's a bit of patriotic pride going on. Zack for me.
  10. Chikara have done that, they had Eddie Kingston vs Sara Del Rey for the title shortly before Sara went off to the performance centre.
  11. Who's the other luchador in the los rudos pic with Parka?
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