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  1. I would like to think that they would preface their match with some sort of competition where they try to out smug each other's oh so smug, punchable faces. Like the Rude / Warrior posedown, but with condescending looks. Then they can throw down in a weird matwork battle.
  2. I think Big Swole need shorter hair. Or a scrunchie. On Dark this week, she seemed more interested in getting her hair into place than she was in working the match. I wish that they would have kept Nicole Savoy around, as she is leaps and bounds better in-ring than Swole, but Swole seems to have the better grasp of character of the two of them. Big Swole is also a weapons grade dumb name. She is hella short, and isn't really "swole" at all. She's ripped as shit, but I have always thought "swole" to be really bulky muscular types, like Brian Cage. I really dug the Aerial Monroe name she used in the Mae Young Classic, but that is likely off-limits. Both Swole and the I believe still independent Rache Chanel have their character work supremely dialed in, but both are pretty well dogshit in the ring. Swole moves at quarter-speed a lot of the time, and leaves quite a bit of daylight on strikes, or throws them so softly / slowly that they look awful. Also, she didn't do a motherfucking thing to get Vipress up and over for the Tiger Driver to set up the cloverleaf, so it looked like Vipress did all the work herself, in addition to being pretty goddamn close to being a head-drop. If your whole gimmick is about how jacked and strong you are, let's establish some power in your lifts and slams. Chanel probably won't get a write-up, but she needs to learn some llave-style submissions and start throwing bombs, because when she has been more snug in-ring, she's a lot more fun.
  3. I am way the fuck into The Butcher & The Blade, and I think that their ever-evolving weird look is a huge part of that. They really lean heavy on the visual presentation part of character, and I am fully onboard. Butcher especially seems to understand what a fantastic pro wres look he has. The monocle on his duster, the skullet becoming more and more prominent. He's really embracing the weirdness. Big ups to Pentagon's super dope motorcycle jacket as well. Is it burgundy? A weird pink? Whatever, it's fucking swank.
  4. Man, I wish I had kept all my PWI fold-outs. My room was fucking PLASTERED in those things.
  5. Off the top of my head, I have no idea. It's a Jim Steinman composition that I believe was written for The Wrestling Album. He then re-used it for Bonnie Tyler's record like a year later. So timeframe would dictate that he would have used it in late '85, early '86, I guess? I went poking around through the 1986 results and tried to find larger houses that Hogan was on, then went looking for YouTube links for them. I found a show from The Spectrum in Philly with Bundy / Hogan, and he comes out to Real American. I'm in the office right now, so I can't devote too much time to pro wres fuckery, but I'll look some more later and link you one if I find it.
  6. As much as I like 'Real American', I have always thought the instrumental version of Bonnie Tyler's 'Ravishing' was the best Hogan theme, if we don't count Hendrix.
  7. 2017 doesn't. Why the fuck should 2020? Dodgers all goddamn day, my dude. I was 10 years old, going apeshit in my living room with my Dad in 1988. Today I got to do that with my sons. What a fucking excellent day. Manfred getting motherfucked is outstanding, and it seems like he is either hammered or stroking out.
  8. And now I want to have this discussion. Someone that isn't me should start the thread so I have time to watch Whiplash again.
  9. With your multiple mentions of "Sabian", I now want Penelope Ford to marry BLK Jeez and then the "Friends Of Eddie Kingston" all join BLKOUT.
  10. Easily my favorite part of Dark this week. I fucking howled when they cut back to the announce desk and Starks had that look on his face. Starks is some kind of grade A shitbag. I also greatly enjoyed his pronunciation of "Ser-pen-TEE-ko".
  11. I really enjoyed the chicanery to get Cabana the W. Colt was super jazzed afterwards, too. The repeated "I'm a winner." was a nice touch. Hobbs spinebuster was super rad, and I hope to see more of Megabyte Ronnie, he's rough in-ring but I had fun with all his horseshit. People's Elbow is dumb as dogshit any way you slice it, but I giggled with the addition of the fanny pack hot dog. Avalon and Cutler was fun as hell and then I was thinking that maybe they end up back together and get a tag team win after not being able to seal the deal against each other. I think it's how evenly split Leva was that put me in that direction. Ortiz is like the absolute greatest. I love the comedic stuff he does, but at the same time he has such a nasty vibe that you know he's going to fuck somebody up. I'm hoping that they and Best Friends are going to have a fun fucky brawl tomorrow.
  12. All I can think of watching his promo is "I bet this is what Jumping Jeff Farmer was going for." Anyone ever seen him in-ring? I hope he's competent, as I'm all aboard the Megabyte Ronnie express now. It would be a shame if he didn't have a real solid throwback babyface working style.
  13. I just read the ESPN writeup on the Rizzo ejection. I didn't need more reason to dislike Joe West, but he gave me one anyway. Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo was tossed for yelling at umpires from a luxury suite in Atlanta on Sunday, with longtime crew chief Joe West saying, "Enough is enough." "I wouldn't take that from a player. I wouldn't take that from a manager," West told The Associated Press. "If it was Donald Trump, I'd eject him, too. But I'd still vote for him." I guess he's making the point that if anyone was giving him shit, he'd hose them, but to invoke the President's name feels like he is fishing for some extra ink or to hope his hero in the White House pats him on the head. Fuck Country Joe and his dogshit strike zone and his itchy ejection trigger finger and his shitty country and western records.
  14. I feel like the thread would just degenerate into whether we should eat at Mr. Danger's or Ribera. We are on a pro wres message board, after all. If we were getting in to the steakhouse discussion, I would like to nominate the Buckhorn Steakhouse in Winters, CA. Hella delicious, in a goddamn beautiful building, and cheaper that Morton's or Ruth's Chris.
  15. I truly hope so, but LAD just tweeted a lineup. I also watched video of SFG meeting on-field, then both teams vacating the premises. So who the fuck knows, outside of the folks in the locker room. I feel like the team of Jackie Robinson should really stay off the field tonight.
  16. Holy Christ. He's lucky he didn't wind up melted like Hetfield. That is scary as fuck, when did that happen?
  17. TOR erasing the big lead in game 2 buries this game 1 story more than a little. 105 exit velo, and Alvarez still completes the play. What a stud.
  18. Eno Sarris tweeted, then deleted that Schilling had been thrown in the clink. Here's the reasoning.
  19. On a board in which many excellent things have been written over the 20 plus years I have been posting here, this is way near the top of my list.
  20. I didn't check here first, I posted Passan's tweet with video in the Stupid Things thread.
  21. Proud graduate of the Marge Schott School of Broadcasting, Thom Brennaman:
  22. The league would rather demonize fun and then tell us that it's Trout's fault he's not a bigger star. Fuck em. Pimp 500 foot shots, and get jazzed about striking out the side to leave em loaded. Did you see that fucking catch Machado made the next night in the RF corner? That is some million to one type shit, and if I was him, I would have cartwheeled back to my position before the next batter. Best part of all of this is Tatis stole 3rd while SD was up 6-0 the next day. The Jomboy breakdown is great, he just bitches and moans about how stupid it is to take your foot off the gas.
  23. Fucking hilarious, and I love love love it. https://www.change.org/p/professional-wrestling-fans-ban-jonathan-moxley-s-use-of-the-paradigm-shift-to-protect-all-elite-wrestling-s-roster?signed=true
  24. Yo, I'm a California resident. I fucking hate politics, and have only in the last couple of years began to pay more mind to them because of how fucked everything has gotten under our current fuckhead-in-chief. I make that point only to say that on my way home from work yesterday when NPR was discussing her nomination was the first time I heard her spoken name, and I instantly felt like an idiot. I just saw it and immediately tied to the only possible pronunciation my brain could link to that name. Fucking pro wres, man. Making us all a little dumber.
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