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  1. I swear I'm not concern trolling here, but I wonder if Dave will take a hit from the WWE network. Like if you are a big fan and you have $10/month you can justify blowing on a wrestling site but $20 is a stretch...and you are going to choose between the Observer and the WWE network...it seems he might lose that fight a bunch of times over. My guess is that the majority of people who subscribe to the WON are hardcores whose main hobby is wrestling. It's not like casual wrestling fans read or care about the WON. Those hardcores will buy both, like myself. Hell, I'll be subbing the Network, F4W.com, and the print WONs.
  2. Did anyone not get their print issue last week? I've been waiting a few days and haven't seen it yet. The better question is, how many people here subscribe to print and the site lol
  3. I love how Inoue eggs her on after the second corner leap! Great psychology.
  4. Why exactly are the Outlaws beating the tag champs? Sure, they're over but so is Ric Flair, should be going over on Punk? I'm all for them getting a title shot one-off at the PPV but not this. It makes them look weak that they lose to old guys. They're supposed to be the best team in the world, this should be a warm-up for them.
  5. Mark Henry looks the exact same in both pics as if someone photoshopped him into one of them.
  6. Is that a surprise? The Wii-U has barely sold 4 million units in over a year.
  7. The Network sounds pretty decent but it was always a given I would subscribe. Not sure I'll watch most PPVs live though. This thing is like Classics on Demand but on a much larger scale. I can finally give my DVD Recorder some good usage too!
  8. Explain to me something since I haven't been watching current WWE much lately. Why exactly is Daniel Bryan with the Wyatts? Has he been brainwashed? I don't ever remember hearing him losing a match with a stip saying he had to join.
  9. Is this the beginning of the end or just the beginning?
  10. I don't know, but if she died within the past 5 years then probably not. Seems like he is way behind. Yea, I think she died December 20.
  11. I'm a little late to the party but did Dave ever do a bio on Vivian St. John?
  12. Not much these days. Used to collect baseball cards until I realized they served no purpose for me. The fun was always in opening up a new box and seeing what I got. Once that was over, I stuck them in other boxes or in a book and that's it. Also, I used to collect WWE figures but I really don't use them for much so I'm selling the remaining few I have. I kinda sorta collect wrestling dvds but I have so many of them that have gone unwatched.
  13. How is Drawing Heat by Jim Freedman? Is it worth a read/purchase?
  14. According to Zeidler's comment on the goat pic, DB would pee on himself. Either way, . Yea, I see now. Either way, fun for all.
  15. Thanks for the compliment, I wasn't sure too many people cared about the reviews! I'll try downloading those players and I can start on Prime Time again.
  16. Since we're on a new board set-up now, I figured, if you guys didn't mind, I'd plug my site again. http://stevegraps.blogspot.com is the site with all my old Prime Time 88 reviews and now with a shit ton of .gifs for the newer entries. I'm working on continuing the Prime Time reviews once I get the discs working on the computer. They'll work on the PS3 but not on the PC, anyone know of any free DVD player software besides Windows Media Player?
  17. I firmly believe the WWE could've made some money off this guy, just from looking at that video. The video didn't even have any of his ranas where he lands on his feet standing. The WWE must have just sucked the life out of him. Also, on the Network thing, if MLB.tv is involved, it'd be a great thing. Their streaming service is pretty good but I'm assuming more people will be watching Mania than watching a July ball game with the Pirates and the Rockies. This is a big risk.
  18. I don't understand too much on how he even looks like a goat. I just did a google image search of a goat... No beard. The few I saw with beards were small beards.
  19. I'm thinking Hunico might be Sin Cara going forward. Those tattoos are going to be hard to explain being missing unless they think the fans are just idiots.
  20. I have jacked this and put it on twitter. Is that Killer Kowalski?
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