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  1. I have been a fan of every version of WOW. I’m thrilled they got a syndication deal, and I hope it’s successful. McLane always hammers every angle into the ground as it’s happening in the ring. I wonder if he does that because he thinks the audience needs him to do it or they won’t get it, or does he do it so the audience thinks “I get it, Dave”, subtly making the audience think they are smart for getting the point without the announcer telling them. This almost certainly isn’t the case, because I used the word “subtle” and McLane in the same sentence, but that is the only way I can turn that part of his announcing style from a bug into a feature. His references to past wrestling greats “This may date me, but that’s an eye poke straight from the playbook of the Big Cat, Ernie Ladd!” is 100% a feature. I am looking forward to seeing Tessa, Twana “The Beast” Ferguson, and whoever else is on the roster. It will be neat to see what angles AJ comes up with.
  2. Only odd thing I saw was Silva's attack of Lumbago(severe back pain) that put him in the hospital (very short time) in November.
  3. I'm sure there's a thread where Tebow's merits and faults have been thoroughly dissected. I am in the "can play QB at the NFL level" camp but even as a Tebow fan, I see that there is a point where the circus factor outweighs the skill factor for teams. That's going to figure in where Sam is drafted and/or signed. Talent assessment can be cold-blooded, and that's not going to change for Sam because people like his story.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Clubhouse chemistry could be disrupted even if everybody is minding their own business in the face of massive, constant media coverage.
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts or info on Overeem training in Thailand? Sometimes a new camp and trainer can pay dividends.
  6. My apologies. I apparently CAN'T EDIT WORTH A DING DONG DILLY! I would like to tout http://playoffstatus.com/ I find it to be the best of the playoff scenario sites out there because it is stripped down and uncluttered, and gives you what you need to know quickly. End communication. Cowboy Wally
  7. Some thoughts, now that we are (with any luck) at the point where the dumpster fire will start to burn itself out. #1 - As the aggrieved party, Martin gets to handle this however he wants to. Caveat - if his allegations turn out to be true. The evidence so far is predominantly in his favor. However, there's a lot of he said, he said going on. NFL investigators are investigating, Incognito's filed an official grievance and NFLPA is backing him up. I am as interested as anybody in seeing what else gets dug up. #2 As Martin gets to handle this his way, it's too bad so sad for the Dolphins that they have lost (possibly permanently) two starting offensive linemen,and suffered massive disruption. Better control over the locker room would have avoided this. #3 Because of the way Martin handled this, his chances of getting another job in the NFL are lessened dramatically. Maybe he doesn't care about that. It's his decision, but it doesn't look like other NFL clubs are looking to bring him in. I could be wrong on this, of course, and welcome any evidence to the contrary. Incognito's chances of getting another job in the NFL because of this are probably a touch lower, but not more than that. Teams that don't and never wanted him (thinking specifically of the Colts and Dungy's statement that Incognito was on their do not draft because of character list) still don't want him. Teams that would sign him are still there (with the possible exception of Miami). #4 As mentioned, Martin gets to handle it however he wants. The fact remains that there were other ways to handle it, ways that might have solved the issue and kept him on the team. I am not saying necessarily that, if things were that bad, Martin popping Incognito in the snoot gets everybody a happy ending, but that's certainly a possible outcome. Maybe a personal conversation in which salty sailor talk was used early and often, or a public statement that Martin wasn't going to take it anymore, and the next guy who tried something was going to regret it would have worked. It's all speculation at this point, but what's absolutely true is that Martin's professional lively hood is in more jeopardy with his actual course of action than it might have been otherwise. #5 Final speculation - Given that Martin is as big as he is, it might well be that he never got picked on prior to going to Dolphins. I have no idea how I would have responded to being picked on for the first time at age 23, rather than at age 6, and continuing into my early-mid teens. I think the people who are asking the question "Why didn't he just hit him"? are those who had to figure out what to do at a much earlier age, and whether or not it worked out for them. Kudos to the gentleman who came up with the thread title. It's gold. Cowboy Wally
  8. Top 10 and bottom 5 for me. #1 Nick Bockwinkel vs. Wahoo McDaniel (8/28/83) #2 Buddy Rose & Doug Somers vs. Midnight Rockers (Cage Match) (1/17/87) #3 Stan Hansen vs. Crusher Blackwell (6/28/86) #4 Buddy Rose & Doug Somers vs. Midnight Rockers (8/30/86) #5 Buddy Rose & Doug Somers vs. Midnight Rockers (Cage Match) (12/25/86) #6 Crusher Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody (10/21/84) (No DQ) #7 Stan Hansen vs. Sgt. Slaughter (Bunkhouse Match) (3/9/86) #8 Crusher Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody (9/30/84) #9 Crusher Blackwell & Sheik Adnan Kaissey vs. Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon (4/24/83) #10 King Tonga, Masked Superstar, & Sheik Adnan Kaissey vs. Crusher Blackwell & Sgt. Slaughter (Cage Match) (4/21/85) Bottom 5 #146 Crusher Blackwell vs. Kamala (9/28/85)#147 Nick Bockwinkel vs. Pat O'Connor (3/22/81)#148 Greg Gagne vs. Super Destroyer Mark II (5/1/80)#149 Verne Gagne vs. Nick Bockwinkel (7/18/80)#150 Wahoo McDaniel vs. Manny Fernandez (7/6/88) Ballot is in! Hooray! Now I can order the Lucha set!
  9. Mean Gene did commentary for a good chunk of the first disk. As great as he was an interviewer, he was that awful as a ringside announcer. He sucked the joy out of more than 1 match. Good commentary was hard to come by, to the point where on the Jumbo Tsuruta matches, when they had GIANT BABA ON COMMENTARY, I was much happier and it added to the match, despite me not being able to speak a word of Japanese. Hearing the main announce teams shill for how AWA was world wide got really old, really fast. When you actually do tours around the world, you announce those dates, so that the people know that you don't just drive up and down interstate 75, and that you are, in fact, a WORLD Wrestling Federation. Stole that I-75 line from Honky Tonk Man when he did some guest commentary on RAW in the 90's. As to Blears noting that the referee was actually getting paid to stand very close to Martel & the Killer Tomato as they got up close and personal, forgive him. He's a wrestler and an announcer, and he used the tools at his disposal to convey the scene as he saw it. I can tell you that if Louis Armstrong was watching that match, he would have broken into "Wonderful World". Because it is!
  10. My apologies if this has been posted before, but if there's a better photo of Ernie Roth out there, I demand to see it!
  11. Grimmas said: " If anybody knows which matches I should reconsider, let me know." If I may be so bold, I would offer the DeBeers/Zumhofe as one to take a second look at. Certainly no great shakes but at least competent work by both men until DeBeers busts out what is I think the ONLY ENZIGURI on the set, and it is an awesome one to behold. It DESTROYS Zumhofe to the point where he's a limp dishrag and DeBeers gets the win. I think the finish keeps it out of the bottom 10. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  12. http://www.elucha.com/products-detail.php?idp=470&idc=5&name=Confederate%20wrestling%20mask%20red/black%20stars Rebel wrestling masks!
  13. WWE just released Legends of Mid-South on Blue Ray and DVD. Looks like 13 of the top 150 made the set, including 3 of top 4 (No Murdock-Windham). No Murdoch or Chavo Guerrero at all. http://www.amazon.com/Legends-Of-The-Mid-South-Wrestling/dp/B00DBPBOYM/ Disc listings for the set are in the reviews. Also, there are some matches listed on the sets that have dates close to, but not exactly the same. Are these the same matches, or different from the same series?
  14. What do you think the chances of Muta reaping his worldwide Indy contacts for this show? Have you see anything else on the Kensuke Sasaki office throwing some talent in to the show?
  15. Well, we did it. Big kudos to unclesporkums Here is his youtube channel link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKXcoKOKthK5VVZQgJ4Hdsw Check him out. Subscribe. His insane personal vision allowed me and others to see this movie , which we will not be able to do ever. As soon as Jerry Lewis dies, I have no doubt that the executor of his estate is going to destroy the masters and workprints of this movie. Harry Shearer was right. ""This was the perfect object. This movie is so drastically wrong, its pathos, its comedy, are so wildly displaced, that you could not, in your fantasy of what it might be like, improve on what it is. 'Oh my God!' That's all you can say." Seeing the shadow on the wall is as close as we are going to come. God help us all. Cowboy Wally.
  16. Brace yourselves, it's tonight! Do you remember when Mortal Kombat II came out? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeDyMJJt9nA Yeah, it's like that, except not in a good way and much, much worse. Join us, if you dare!
  17. Hank Schrader is the toughest character on tv. He's been in: A 15 yard shootout with a meth-maniac with an automatic weapon; Just outside the blast radius of an ied that killed and crippled a lot of his co-workers; An assassination attempt where, unarmed,he was able to kill and cripple both his assailants. He's worked through the physical and mental injuries related to the above to the point where he was back on the job, and putting the pieces together on the major meth distributor in his area. Shooting, bullets, explosions, and more ptsd than you can shake a stick at don't stop Hank Schrader. Not to mention having to deal with a kleptomaniac wife and a brother-in-law with major cancer. Breaking Bad is not going to end well for anyone, least of all Hank. He's going to flush his career down the toilet trying to get Walt. He may not live through this, but he won't break bad. I submit that the above makes Hank a hero. Not the hero of the show, but one of the primary antagonists of the show. Was his approach on Skyler ill-advised? Not based on what he knew and saw. My guess is the suicide attempt in the pool led him to believe she would be open to any way out. He couldn't have known about her giving $600K to Ted, and then sending the goon squad over to Ted's house which I believe were foremost in Skyler's mind when they met. So hooray for Hank. More tragedy is in store for him.
  18. One brave man has filmed "The Day the Clown Cried" on his own, playing all the roles himself. This movie will never be released, so this enactment may be the closest we will ever come to seeing it. To be candid, I do not have the courage to watch even an enactment of this movie on my own, so I am having a simulwatch viewing of it. Call it cyber hand holding, a virtual group hug, or whatever you want, but I want to watch it, and I will not watch it alone. Thus, the Bonehead Radio Film Review Podcast, this Thursday, August 22 at 8:45 PM CDT. Talkshoe link is here: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=129911&cmd=tc A little after 8:45, we will all begin watching the movie at the same time, via the you tube playlist of all the parts of the movie at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUv-ZtYzYXY&list=PLV1PxYLX6soiVcaSPcPy6mMVBRPnjJlh5 We will probably comment on the movie as we watch it, but I am not anticipating anything beyond gasps and sobs. Join us if you dare! If you have read this far and still don't know what the Day the Clown Cried is nor why a grown man would refuse to watch a movie alone, you deserve to know that the movie was directed, co-written & co-produced by Jerry Lewis in 1972. It tells the story of a clown in Germany during World War II who is sent to a concentration camp and entertains children on the way to the gas chamber. No, you are not prepared either. Join us! Cowboy Wally
  19. First night is finished! We had a great time this week! First three shows (which cover the first night of action) were a lot of fun, with plenty of solid action! Here they are: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=129691&cmd=tc Next week shows will cover night 2 and be on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday the 14th, both starting at 10:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 PM Central. My personal favorite match of night one was Nagata/Suzuki. Greatly enjoyed the main event as well. Can't wait for night 2! All the shows will be available at the above web address. As mentioned, you can get the shows at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/36679157 No one is saying $150 isn't a big chunk of change, but it is the G1. Thanks to everybody who is listening and downloading! We at BHR Wrestling appreciate it! See you Tuesday night at 10:00 Eastern 9:00 Central. Cowboy Wally
  20. Hey hey! Simulwatch/English Language commentary begins Tuesday, August 6th at 10:00 PM EDT (9:00 PM Central) at Talkshoe, here:http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=129691&cmd=tc We will be going 3 nights a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) until it's finished, which of course means we'll be done LONG after the tourney is complete, but it's a great time. We had a blast doing the AJPW Champion Carnival, and I expect more of the same with NJPW. Remember that Ustream has ALL the shows available on VOD (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/36679157 ) so please go there first & buy the package and then go to talkshoe so we can "synch up" the commentary to the show. No one is saying $150 bones isn't a good chunk of change, but if we don't support the model, it will be much harder to get these events in the future. A big THANK YOU to everyone who went and checked out the Champion Carnival broadcasts either by listening live or downloading. I hope you enjoy them and these. Please do give feedback, positive or negative. We try our best to entertain (and inform a teeny, tiny bit), so let us know if we are doing it. Thanks again, and please join us Tuesday - Thursday on talkshoe! Phone Number: (724) 444-7444Call ID: 129691 Cowboy Wally
  21. Glad you asked! Clarification is always a good thing! It's a simulwatch. Get the audio commentary first, and then go to the youtube link in the show description. Play the audio commentary, which will give information as to where to start the show, so that the audio commentary will "synch up" with what you are watching. I was inspired by DEAN and others who used to do this with phones and video tape.They'd all have a copy of the same tape, be on the phone, and then press play at the same time so they would all be watching the same thing at the same time. I did this for a lot of the 1980's sets (on both talkshoe and blogtalkradio) and for various other wrestling that I've found entertaining. I am working on melding the commentary and the video into a single unit, and will advise when available. Goodhelmet picked up the simulwatch and commentary ball for the AWA set (which pleases me to no end, and is also on talkshoe, here http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/userProfile.jsp?userId=2624991&cmd=userprof), and with any luck, I can return serve on the next 80's project as well. I was also inspired by the show Toukon Retsuden (a ton of their episodes are on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/thewrestlingscene?feature=watch I can't recommend this show highly enough. The Great Riki and Dan Ginnetty have forgotten more about Japanese pro wrestling than I know. They are highly knowledgable and entertaining. Those are the shows to watch! Thanks, Cowboy Wally
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