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  1. I would like to apologize to the group for ordering GAB 91 on PPV.
  2. I got into wrestling on the tail of the MTV/WWF/A-Team cross over. It took me awhile to figure out just HOW to see the good matches they’d go on about on the Saturday shows. So for me, the Steamboat/Savage Match was pretty much the first big good match I’d ever seen. These days I hunt down a lot of the televised house shows from MSG or NESN etc. You’ll wade through a lot of bullshit. But the match at the Maple Leaf made it worth it. Side note: I also found a Honky/Savage IC title match with a baby face Honky. It was decent. But I couldn’t understand what I was watching like it was Opposite Day.
  3. I hadn’t considered Steamboats short WWE comeback at all when I posted. Which is odd because I really loved what he did then. That being said. Look up that match from the Maple Leaf. It’s fantastic.
  4. I saw Luger until I read these posts. When I went back he magically transformed into Windham.
  5. A random thought I had. What is the likelihood of near-miss potential rematch between Steamboat and Savage in 95 ruining the legacy of the Mania match? Ricky’s injuries may have saved us from what could have potentially been Hogan/Warrior 2 levels of disappointing suck. But it’s not like they only had one good match. The Wrestling Classic Match is ok and I vaguely recall at least two IC title matches on Superstars (one of which is the dreaded bell to the throat angle). But there was also a match at the Maple Leaf that I saw a couple of years ago (late 86?) on the YouTubes that is fucking awesome bloodbath war. So they totally could have more than one good match. But would it have sucked in1995 WCW?
  6. Would I be required to have a sinister moustache to deliver vigilante justice?
  7. Great show! Top to bottom played out as I would have planned it (with the exception of Black going over).
  8. Sounds like the path to that “Rick O’ Shea” joke.
  9. Oh Enzo... "Why is the FUCKING BLUE MEANIE up in 1st Class?"
  10. Of course Bronn also eyeballed that flaming arrow to hit the Wildfire boat at night time. Poor poor Edmure couldn't hit a moving canoe in broad daylight.
  11. This was a really great show. My job has me up very early in the morning so I can't stay up for shows like Raw and SmackDown. Having tomorrow off and staying up to watch tonight really paid off. My take on the head drop is that Cena really doesn't know Nakamuras moveset. I think he didn't rotate over enough because he assumed he was taking a suplex. Oops. However, getting up after that is very manly and worthy of a hoot or two.
  12. Bischoff's one liner about the corvette slayed me.
  13. The Leftovers is fucking bonkers. Love it. The actress that plays Nora is top notch.
  14. One has to wonder if the lack of faith in WWE booking made people back off of buying that SummerSlam. It was impossible to imagine them putting Bryan over Cena. At least that why *I* didn't buy the show.
  15. I had it in mind to rewatch the LT/Bigelow match for the last week or so. Just got done watching it and you're right. It's a damn miracle on par with the Stephanie/Trish match from 01. LT sticks with what you might expect from a football guy. Whatever he does, he starts in a full to semi 3 point stance. Bigelow accents this by taking those Misawa elbows like a real man and bumping like he got hit by a train. Nit picks go to the heat segment as I think Bammer should of stuck with the Boston Crab idea as that leg move was kind of weak. As was the moonsault. LT sold the shit out of the finish (or maybe he didn't have to sell) and more than earned his money and respect. It's basically the worst Wrestlemania. The only other thing I remember about the show was Kid killing Jarrett with a spin kick. I don't really remember much about this era. So it begs the question for a rebooking. What else do you do?
  16. If push comes to shove... they can always whoopee up a back up plan angle where Bryan trades Orton or something. But in exchange for the cruiser weights going non-exclusive. As a bonus it's a narrative sub-plot in the growing rivalry between the brands.
  17. Corbin just cut a shitty promo and 1 GUY clapped!
  18. Bonkers is the right fucking word. Good times this show is. I was iffy at first but I'm now really glad I hung in there for the sweet pay off.
  19. Random High Thoughts with your Host… Brandon Bones. I would like The Outcasts to keep challenging dudes every week until they do something fucked up and go serious. In an age where titles fail to have much prestige. Would it be too much to ask that MAYBE Kalisto/Neville be the Main Event? It was the ONLY title match on the fucking show. If anything 2006 ROH taught me its that there is nothing wrong with having The Briscoes, Nigel, and Bryan rotating in and out of the Main Event. That brand of promoting would do nothing but good for Kalisto and Neville on a perception level. Natty has every reason to bitch about her placement in the pecking order when its more than satisfactory just being included. She made Charlotte look really good. Give her more next time. Get well Nikki. I'm down with The Golden Truth. I'm going to go massage MY groin. These two statements are entirely unrelated. Ok, I'm back. Post.
  20. Honma is a BEAST even as an underdog
  21. How well do any of you think the game performs as a simulator? 13 and 14 were maddening when the COM vs COM would start a match with a finisher or a top rope superplex to the floor.
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