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  1. yeah, the one they just added is nWo: the Revolution. it's just a couple years old and they did interview Luger for it. i still find Back in Black superior.
  2. this was going to be my #1 example. i also dig the Halloween Havoc match, but it isn't really on par with the other 2. his stuff with Flair is ok, but doesn't touch their Mania match.
  3. just read Batman: the Cult for the first time. wow. what a great read.
  4. no, that wasnt until 2001 i believe. don't remember his 99 absence.
  5. i'm a big fan of those skits. the dX/Nation and the nWo/Horsemen ones are my absolute favorites, ever.
  6. i'm not much of a book reader (i read tons of comic books), but i just started reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. i'm like 3 chapters in, and so far i love it. i love how the tension is gradually built up, with more and more instances where our narrator just can't explain and gets increasingly frustrated and frightened.
  7. and i will second it. Higgins finally hits his stride and it's a great ride.
  8. Nightwing #29 is the perfect ending to Higgins' run. very good issue that touches on pretty much everything that has happened up until now. the art is excellent, also. VERY interested in the 1-2 punch that will be Forever Evil #7 and NW #30 next month to see where this leaves the character. as of right now, we don't even know if/where we can follow him.
  9. i remember, in 1997, being shocked that he beat Regal for the tv title and thinking that he was actually pretty good. within 3 months i had stopped caring about him. upon my recent rewatch, he's very bland and not so good.
  10. Brody held the tag title in World Class, if that counts. Likewise Kamala was champion in Memphis. I was going by the promotions listed by the person asking the question. Fair enough, though I'd argue he left out a lot of promotions that were major in their day. yeah, i didn't make a definitive list, just a starting point. whoa. good call-out. i figured he must've had a Cruiser reign during his WWE run, or at least that the Jung Dragons won the tag titles or something in WCW.
  11. watched the 2nd ep yesterday and the 3rd today. quick thoughts: Eddie Gilbert has worn out his welcome. He's on 5 of the 6 segments of the week 3 show, and annoying on all 5 of them. people complained about the ECW Zombie on the first episode of the Sci-Fi show, but they must've forgotten about the Kodiak Bear (who gets a title shot on #2) and Canadian Wolfman (who gets a tag title shot on #3). some pretty low rent stuff going on. the TV Title Tournament came off pretty well but wasn't anything special. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka wins it. Surfin' Sandman is tremendous. but only in the "it's so bad it's funny" vein. it would've been just plain bad in '93. Terry Funk's the only one on any of these shows that is over with the crowd.
  12. yeah. until they add a Wii/Wii-U app, or one for Sony Blu-Ray players, i can only watch this on my PC or Kindle Fire. not exactly ideal.
  13. so the last couple of days, i've been trying to answer this question in my head: "who's the most famous wrestler to never win ANY title in a major promotion?" i was thinking of US-based wrestlers and promotions, so WWF/WCW/AWA/ECW/TNA. best answers i've come up with yet: Scott Norton Kamala
  14. no picture, but "pro wrestling is....." being a big enough fan of someone to bring a sign in their honor. and then spelling their name wrong. "Rick Flair Rules" is my favorite.
  15. 1- i actually texted my buddy (who shares a Network sub with me) that just said "Gillberg!" 2- Magnum was on the Mid-South dvd, but i did a double take at Lanny Poffo. Macho Man next year for HoF.
  16. whoops! put that in the wrong category. fixed! results: i used to have a handheld of it, but that's not really the same thing. they should just take their internet commentary and put it over any video they recorded of it.
  17. AWA. there's not a single scrap of footage up. at least put up the SuperClash shows! the WWF Hall of Fame inductions for '93-'96. WCW house shows. there was a show 11/96 in Baltimore that was hyped pretty heavily on TV and they showed clips of it the next week. WCW internet PPVs and pay-per-listens. there was WCW Saturday Nitro from LA in summer '97 and one with a Hogan/Sting cage match, among others. the WCW matches from the World Wrestling Peace Festival, summer '96. there was Sting/Giant and something else. WWF specials. WWE "Super Tuesday" from november 2002. the lead up specials to the Big 4 in the early 90s. "March to WrestleMania", "Survivor Series Showdown", etc. the NWA world title tournament held in SMW in '94 where Candido won. and subsequent title defenses. on a similar but different note, stuff i'd like to see WWE acquire and then air: World Wrestling All-Stars. from 2001-2003, they had 5 ppvs that were all at least decent (i love the first one) World Wrestling Network. one or two shows by Heyman and Crockett in '92. pre-ECW Tri-State Wrestling Alliance. had seasonal supercards.
  18. as long as whoever is inducting (or accepting) brings out the Undertaker's urn. or does that make it too gruesome. i can't decide.
  19. i hadn't heard that before, but i love it. i appreciate that Buff thinks he's on the Big Show's level. Kayfabe or not, a 7'2" tall monster with multiple world title reigns in both major promotions > 6' muscular midcarder with tag title history.
  20. i'd never seen this show but thought it was decent. minus the Legends stuff, which i didn't particularly care for. the Sid Vicious return/squash was glorious. Rude, Rhodes, and Sasaki were all good in their match. Orndorff was ok but brought it down overall. Sting vs Nailz was just weird. the tag title steel cage match was good, but everything after the hot tag to Steamboat made it great. Anderson/Windham was a good match, but nothing special by itself. Vader/Bulldog was a great match. the power moves and hard hits really were a treat. overall, B-. edit: i agree with KidKash, i think our viewing period should be 2 weeks. one isn't quite long enough but a month is way too long.
  21. AND, finally got to see the Goldust bit. very cool.
  22. yeah, and the "something major" was revealed in Issue #1, and it is a big deal, but hasn't been followed up on since. Oh, and Grayson's been tied to a chair for a bunch of issues. Oh, and now he's strapped in a bomb. Oh, and now Luthor stopped his heart. granted, he's clearly not dead. this issue (#6) did not "reveal the final fate of nightwing" as advertised. and it won't even be in HIS book, because it's cancelled. x'hal! the entire thing's so frustrating. Johns hypes up Nightwing to be the best hero around (when the JL isn't available) and how he is a leader, and a rallying point. And then doesn't show it at all. Instead we get 6 issues of him doing........absolutely nothing. He seemingly didn't put up a fight when the CS grabbed him, and he hasn't had a singular moment of shine.
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