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  1. Fowler, let's leave elsalvaje "Everybody is an Uncle Tom who doesn't agree with my views on race" loco out of this, shall we? I mean, I agree the dude is a major league ass-hat, but he didn't even comment on my original post.
  2. Fences was...technically competent, at best...I guess. Viola Davis pretty much phoned in her performance and didn't really try to evolve from beyond the 2010 stage revival she starred in (and I was lucky enough to attend), Saniyya Sidney was pretty wooden, Jovan Adepo was okay in a one-dimensional "angry black teenager" role. Shot selection and staging were decent, but nothing ground breaking. I question Denzel's choice of camera filters but that falls as much on the cinematographer as Denzel. Hardly a "Best Director" worthy film, certainly nowhere near Dances With Wolves or Braveheart in terms of actors directing themselves.
  3. So after this movie bombs will he finally start work on Sherlock Holmes 3?
  4. http://ew.com/movies/2017/01/23/karen-gillan-defends-jumanji-costume/ LOL at Social Justice Warriors freaking out over Karen Gillan wearing a skimpy costume to get horny teenagers into movie theaters.
  5. Is there a reason Mike Tomlin was wearing a giant crucifix necklase during the game?
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/10/world/australia/michael-chamberlain-dingo-baby.html?_r=0 As our Australian/New Zealand-based posters already know, MIchael Chamberlain, the father of baby Azaria who was kidnapped and killed by a Dingo in the Australian desert, died back on January 9th.
  7. Live By Night was a fucking mess. Kind of like David Lynch's Dune where giant chunks of the novel were glossed over in 30-second montages with narration.
  8. So all the Earwolf podcast archives past six months are now behind a paywall....
  9. CNN just pointed out that Obama ending the policy of automatically granting asylum to Cubans who sneak into the U.S. via land routes is going to severely affect MLB, as Cuban players will now have to prove they were political dissidents facing human rights abuses in Cuba, or else they'll get shipped back.
  10. Jesus Christ, they actually signed Rosie Lottalove. I guess we should set up a betting pool on how long it'll take her to accidentally cripple Blue Pants with her sloppy work. Might as well sign Mickie Knucles too, while you're at it. WTF is Vince's obsession with morbidly obese "monster" divas? Bertha Faye, Kharma... Dump Matsumoto and Aja Kong were the exceptions, not the rule.
  11. I watched WWE for the first time in a year last night on the HULU repeat of RAW, simply because I wanted to see Chris Jericho win a title belt. At one point, Roman Reigns Irish Whipped Jericho and Owens into opposite turnbuckles and this is what his move-set consisted of: - running clothesline into a corner - running clothesline into the opposite corner - Samoan Drop - clothesline - missed jumping punch - jumping punch That was Reigns' repetoire of moves. You go from Omega-Okada to Reigns' punching and kicking everyone and is it any wonder why he gets shit on. It's almost as if Misawa-Kobashi 1/3/03 never existed.
  12. For those too young to remember Gerard Jones was a fairly prominent comic book writer in the 80s and 90s. He made his name on independent comics like "The Trouble With Girls" and "The Comic Book Heroes," a 1985 coffee table book that presented the history of Marvel and DC from the Silver Age to the Shooter Era. He eventually became the writer of the post-Crisis "Green Lantern" and had a major hand in creating Malibu Comics' Ultra Verse line. Along the way he developed a number of deep friendships with members of the comics industry: Mark Waid, Mike Grell, Mark Evanier, Chris Claremont all counted him as a friend. It all fell apart in 1994, when he was fired off of Green Lantern for either refusing or being unable to kill off Hal Jordan and bring in Kyle Rayner. As the 90s became more grim 'n' gritty, Jones became more and more disillusioned until finally in 1996, he released an updated version of "The Comic Book Heroes" which was more a bitter, scathing indictment of the post-Dark Knight Returns, Image Era of comics then an updated history of the industry as a whole. After that, Jones pretty much became persona non grata at both Marvel and DC. He tried his hand at webcomics, but in the pre-Patreon era, there was little demand for t-shirts of "Custard the Trumpet Playing Dog" and Jones ended up eking out a living writing "Ranma 1/2" before even that dried up in 2001. Jones was friends with pretty much everyone who was involved in the comics industry in the 1980s, which is why everyone was on Twitter on Friday acting like he was framed, at least until reports of the actual evidence started leaking out on Saturday, then everyone suddenly got real quiet.
  13. My only New Year's wish for Marvel is that, with all the fan backlash against Clone Conspiracy, Dan Slott is finally tossed off the Spider books. Make Gerry Conway the head writer for a year or two as a "caretaker" and let him retcon the giant continuity snarls that Slott created: put Gwen and Ben back in the grave, reveal that the Black Cat running around and murdering people and acting like a crime lord was actually a malfunctioning Life Model Decoy and the real Felicia Hardy has been undercover for SHIELD in Europe or something, have Peter go back to being a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle, make Mary Jane stop acting like a selfish b*tch towards Peter and return as his primary emotional support, make Dr. Octopus and others who learned Peter's secret identity forget it again. Also, bring back Sue Storm and Reed Richards, but "merge" Sue with her Ultimate version (gorgeous, single, and in her early twenties) and have her become Namor's primary love interest. And one last thing, ban John Romita Jr. from ever working for Marvel again as punishment for the gang-rape scene he drew in Kick Ass 2. Same goes for Mark Millar, obviously.
  14. To every business that closed today (Monday) "for the New Year's Holiday"... Fuck you. New Year's was yesterday. Some of us have errands to run and today is our only day off this week. Just because Xmas and New Year's are on a Sunday, doesn't mean you get to take an extra day off. It simply means you only get Sunday off, like every other week of the year.
  15. No, more like a massive hack/shutdown like the April 2011 PSN collapse.
  16. New Year's Wishes for DC Comics and its staffers: - The continuing decline in sales will finally lead Time-Warner to fire Dan Didio, strip Jim Lee of his "co-publisher" title and reduce him to being a staff artist, and order a company wide reboot. - Further, Eddie Berganza and all of the other DC staffers accused of sexual harassment will be fired and placed on Time-Warner's "Do Not Rehire" list to ensure they never work for DC again under any circumstances. - Detective Comics #900 will serve as the post-Crisis/Zero Hour/Flashpoint/Rebirth DC Universe's "grand finale" with every character getting a combination happy ending and a "the adventure continues" ending. Bruce Wayne will (as Denny O'Neill always wanted) hit his head when Gotham is destroyed in an earthquake, come to his senses, and marry Talia and retire from superheroics. Clark and Lois will continue their adventuring, Wonder Woman will become pregnant by Steve Trevor, Hal Jordan will retire with Jade becoming the new Green Lantern of Earth, Ted Kord will assume the mantle of Blue Beetle once again and go off on wacky adventures with Booster Gold, Tim Drake will marry Stephanie Brown, - Following Detective #900, EVERY title will undergo a reboot back to Day One with a new #1. Time-Warner will also issue a new corporate edict that this will be the last "re-numbering" of the titles for at least 15 years, if not longer. - In this newest reboot, there are no superheroes anywhere on Earth prior to Kal-El crash landing in Smallville, nor were there any superheroes in the past. No Justice Society, no Sandman Mystery Theater, no WWII heroes. Whenever a new superhero is introduced, he or she MUST get an origin story and start off from the very beginning with the first four issues of each character's title showing them training, acquiring their costume, and establishing the title's baseline status quo. Action Comics #1 will open with Jor-El pleading with Krypton's leaders and then launching his son into space, Detective Comics #1 will open with Bruce and his parents walking out of the movie theater and into Crime Alley, Wonder Woman #1 will open with Steve Trevor crash landing on Themyscria, etc., etc. - The same will be true of villians. Each time a villian is introduced, they will get a full origin story told as it happens, rather than have the villian recount his or her origin in flashback. The first appearance of the Joker will open with Jack Napier getting heckled off the stage of a comedy club and arriving home to learn his wife has died. Pushed over the edge, he dons the Red Hood costume and gets tossed into a vat of chemicals, becoming the Joker. - All Batman characters will be permanently "locked in" to their classic Neal Adams designs from the 1970s. No more black cape and cowl for Batman, he will always wear a blue cape and cowl and jockey briefs, yellow oval Bat insignia, and grey spandex bodysuit. Catwoman will wear a purple costume with a plunging neckline, skirt, and green cape. - Wonder Woman will be locked in to the Lynda Carter costume, Superman will wear his classic outfit. No more attempts to "update" the costumes for the 21st Century (or any century or decade). - No more "grim 'n' gritty" Batman. All future Bat-Writers will be instructed to place a much heavier emphasis on Bruce Wayne's personal life and entailing soap opera elements. "Bruce Wayne as Peter Parker" will be the name of the game going forward, with Bruce being a mixture of the Adam West-persona (philanthropist who does lots of charity work and is very out and about in the city) and the Telltale Batman (Batman is just a mask Bruce Wayne wears to fight crime). No more portraying Bruce as a ditzy idiot, Bruce will be shown spending a solid eight hours a day overseeing the day-to-day operations of Wayne Enterprises. - It will be extremely difficult, if not outright impossible, for idiotic concepts like "Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E." to ever get green lit going forward. - The Justice League of America will be just that, a superhero team sponsored by the American government. Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman will ALWAYS be a part of the team. - Superman will always say that he stands for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way." Comic book writers who express distaste at having Clark say this will be instructed to watch documentaries about human rights abuses in Cuba, Russia, China, and other countries that the comic book writer in question may have admiration for.
  17. Myles Garrett already pissing off Internet Browns fans with his "I want to play for a warm weather team" comments.
  18. At me I won't have to hear that idiot Dave Mahler jerk-off every day to Budda Baker anymore.
  19. Piranese apparently forgot to take his OCD meds at 7:41 on Wednesday night.
  20. I absolutely hate how Sony and Microsoft gives everybody two weeks off over the holidays, every year gambling that there won't be some sort of massive collapse of their networks for 14 days. Just one year I want some sort of massive hack of both XBox Live and the PSN late at night on Christmas Eve to force all the IT people and customer service wonks back to their desks to fix it and to force all the writers at IGN, Kotaku, Eurogamer, et al back to their laptops to report on it.
  21. Whichever one has the beard and mustache. GO BROWNS!
  22. From all accounts Rex Ryan is a colossal prick, who, while his players will march into Hell for him, his "it's never my fault" attitude pissed off the front offices of the Raiders, Browns, and Cowboys, and alienated himself from Sean Payton. Rob Ryan has a long career as a talking head before him, while Rex will be coaching defensive backs for the Jaguars next season.
  23. Variety is reporting that Carrie Fisher had completed filming all her scenes for Episode 8. Not sure if they'll have Leia die off-screen between Episode 8 & 9, or if they'll keep Leia alive off-screen and say she's "in meetings" or "plotting strategy" in the final film.
  24. Dear Rex Ryan, Have fun spending the rest of your career as a lowly positions coach, you arrogant asshole.
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