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  1. Looks like the love child of Rocco and The Gobbledy Gooker.
  2. Well at least he can still use his old tron video...
  3. Okay this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna hang up, call me back, and say the exact opposite of everything you just said. Good-bye.
  4. I love posts like this after every show. 11:15 and you already know enough about a show you didn't watch to know that it was a good decision not to watch it, and even though you didn't watch it, you did need to immediately let the internet know what a good decision you made by not watching the thing that we watched. Cool story. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Even as an 11 year old boy I knew Perfect spun the wrong way.
  6. Bonus points to anyone finding Rosemary in there.
  7. Back in 97/98 more than one of my high school classes were subject to VHS viewings of Hell in a Cell #1. Today I'm not sure I'd pick a different match from the 20 years since. Maybe either Sasha v. Bayley from Takeover Brooklyn or The Shield v. The Wyatts from Elimination Chamber.
  8. Miz and The Bar vs. The Sheild seems like such a misfire when The Shield should so obviously take on Miz & Miztourage as a warm up feud leading into the real program with Braun and The Bar. It's right there! So close.
  9. Don't fool yourself. WWE has an India tour in September so he keeps the strap at LEAST through then.
  10. I love that the whole Diva Revolution thing has already gone completely full circle to where they didn't want to be Barbie Doll Divas to now LITERALLY being Barbie Dolls.
  11. My one and only Smith Hart story was meeting him briefly within a circle of Ontario wrestling people that went up to Raw in Toronto in 2010 the night Bret won the U.S. title. Right away Smith asks if I want to hear a joke. I say sure. "What's the difference between jam and marmalade?" "I dunno, what is it?" "I can't marmalade my cock down your throat." Smith Hart, Ladies and Gentlemen.
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