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  1. No, it's the WRONG date. It's still the 4th, not the 5th.
  2. To be accurate he called Mickie a "CRASS BITCH!" with full Vince growl voice. I don't know if that was a condemnation or commendation really.
  3. Steve's wife might have something to say about that... but if the walking talking human sleaze thread Hannibal inferred it, it couldn't be sensationalized.
  4. I can't be the only one that hoped The Street Profits being out there for that tag match was going to lead to a heel turn and a New Nation with Lashley & MVP. (And Bianca) Maybe call it BLM - Bobby Lashley Matters. That faction would rule.
  5. Hakim Zane won it and became Rohit Raju of the Desi Hit Squad.
  6. Impact Motown Showdown from Belleville, MI this past Sunday 12/8. https://www.twitch.tv/impactwrestling/video/518994093 Elgin vs. Cage starts around 2:22 and is an AWESOME hoss battle. What a match. Hard for Sami & Rhino to follow.
  7. "marketing pig vaginas to children" - Really? Your outrage is a bit of a stretch here, pal. I see a seam on a plush toy of a (male) character. You see Mr. McMahon doing his growl voice in a boardroom somewhere - NO NO NO HUSKUS NEEDS A HUGE GASH! I WANT CLEAR FEMALE GENITALIA HERE PEOPLE, WE NEED TO MARKET PIG VAGINAS TO CHILDREN, GOD DAMMIT BECAUSE WE ARE ARBITRARILY EEEEVIILLL AND WE WILL GET AWAY WITH IT TOO, MUAAAHAHAAHAHAAAA!!!
  8. The head of hair on Corbin is simply preposterous...
  9. Can't believe the King of Jorts has been overlooked this whole thread. Shame on all of you. The passing of the Jorts Torch... Bonus points for an Owen Jorts appearance...
  10. Well technically it's Party City.
  11. I was foolish enough to get my hopes up that this would be a Heyman era episode and different than say Raw X, Raw Homecoming, Raw Family Reunion (2006), Raw 15th, Raw 800, Raw 17, Raw 900, Old School Raw (2010), WWE All Star Night, Raw 1000, Raw 20th, Old School Raw (2013), Old School Raw (2014), Raw 1100, Raw Reunion 2015, Raw 23, Raw 1200, Raw 25, and Raw 1300, (Yes, I googled that list) - But no, Raw Reunion (2019) was just another miserable display of uninspired, uncreative, paint-by-number, lather, rinse, repeat meaningless booking that makes no use of the creative capital and credibilit
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