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  2. Hi okay let's do this! I know I said it should wait until after the first of the year but then I got an idea for what's actually coming out in December and thought “I think we're good to start this." RULES * Ballot size between 10 and 25. Scoring will basically be the inversion of a hypothetical top 25, with a slight bonus given to your #1 rated release. * Eligible Releases include Albums, Mixtapes, EPs and soundtracks of largely original compositions. -Compilations are OK if the material was unavailable up until this point (rarities, b-sides, demos, covers). -Live albums are OK if the material is either currently unavailable as a studio recording or significantly different than the existing recordings. Realistically I'm not going to have time to check that, so scout's honor on this one, eh? * The initial release date of any piece MUST be within 2013. Format doesn't matter: if it was available digitally in 2012, it's a 2012 album. Exceptions granted to releases sold on tour that only became commercially available later, and 2013 albums that leaked in late 2012. * Only pimp in the pimpin' thread. * I will accept ballots three ways. -If you have a RateYourMusic account, send me a friend request (account name BL88) and I will use the list labeled as 2013. When your list is finalized, PM me on this message board and I will add it. Maybe put the link to your list in that PM if you want to be nice! -The same goes for anyone with a Discogs account. Same account name, same procedure as above. I only just made an account on discogs for this, so please do not try to talk to me through that. I imagine I'm not going to remember it exists most of the time. -If you want to just submit a text list, send email to DVDVRBestMusic2013 at gmail dot com. Put “BALLOT” and your account name in the subject. I'm going to check it every Friday, and I'll reply with some gibberish to let you know when I receive it. Treasure this gibberish. It is for your eyes only. * Please try not to do a bunch of last minute changes. If you have to take it to the deadline, do it, but if you get it right the first time it'll make this all go faster. Also if you're using one of the list making sites above, PLEASE tell me when you change something. Once I have it entered into the spreadsheet I'm probably not going to look at that site again, and if I do I might not notice any changes. SUPER NEAT SUGGESTIONS * Seriously, RateYourMusic. Once you get a hang on how Early Internet that site is it's really easy to check information on albums and maintain lists. * If it's an album you think has gotten passed over or is relatively obscure, include sample tracks. Music requires hearing, so you need to suppliment your praise for a thing with a chance to hear it. At the same time, if a lot of your (my) releases are obscure like this, don't embed like twenty youtube videos into a post or something obnoxious like that. Just like make it a really obvious hyperlink or something. Or if the whole album's just availible somewhere like bandcamp or a huge youtube video, use that. *** I wouldn't recommend using Spotify for this. I listen to a ton of music and I don't have a spotify account, so don't assume it's a common thing. * To avoid burnout, don't make your queue rigid. Listen to whatever genre feels right that day, and do not force yourself to listen to stuff outside that genre if you don't want to. DEADLINE March 31st, 2014. Plenty of time to both finalize your own opinion and give a chance to most of what gets posted. I can move up the close date if pressed to. ADVANCE WARNING: I am a student at San Diego State University who will be full time in the spring. If my time gets too tight (I do not expect it to), this will not be top priority. I would love to follow through and I intend to at least get the data crunching done but if I get swamped in work I'll let you know and I will supply the data set to anyone willing to take this to the finish line. Hopefully it won't come to that. OKAY HAVE FUN WITH MUSIC NOW
  3. Probably once the year's actually over? Just in case something doesn't sneak by. I'm down to run it if no one else wants the job
  4. Goodnight my love Remember me as you fall to sleep Fill your pockets with the dust and the memories That rises from the shoes on my feet I won't be back here Though we may meet again I know it's dark outside Don't be afraid Every time I ever cried from fear Was just a mistake that I made Wash yourself in your tears And build your church On the strength of your faith Please Listen to me Don't let go Don't let this desperate moonlight leave me With your empty pillow Promise me the sun will rise again I too am tired now Embracing thoughts of tonight's dreamless sleep My head is empty My toes are warm I am safe from harm
  5. Well you have other hobbies, and plus Doug and I have more of an interest in exploring obscure corners of music than most people would or probably should.
  6. Shadow Warrior is $20 for eight hours. If you need a classic FPS, down to end level scores, par times, and numerous secrets, get on this.
  7. I guess? I also have a top 100 but we are probably thoroughly in the minority there.
  9. Its a 16 hour long escort mission where the person your escorting is 4 notches above useless Wait, they remade Ico? yeah but instead of a beautiful mysterious castle full of odd and terrible things that are never explained and consequences directly tied to your companion, you have guns and it's new york and ellie is an immortal quip emitter This snap brought to you by the Ico Defense Force: "It's Just Me In Here, But Thanks For Stopping By, Can I Get You A Drink Or Something"
  10. I guess this is the time to point out that when I was a child my father was fiercely anti-Nintendo, so we didn't ever buy that stuff. All of my friends however exclusively had Nintendo systems, so believe me when I say I'm familiar with Smash Bros, Goldeneye/Perfect Dark, Mario Kart, etc. I've been looking for less common/dumber things (Fighters Destiny, Magical Tetris Challenge (go youtube the music for that one, holy shit)), or failing that just arcade ports (Gauntlet Legends, Blitz, Bust A Move 2), I've seen enough of F-Zero X to know that might be my thing. And shit, I might get Perfect Dark anyways since Gauntlet Legends is one of those "enhanced by expansion pak" things. I also wish I could get those Goemon games, but they're a little out of my price range at the moment. Also to be more relevant, thanks to that one day Divekick sale, I have played hell of Divekick multiplayer this week.
  11. After carefully weighing my options, I've chosen my console for the next generation of video games: I bought an N64 with eight games off a friend of mine that needed to clear out their apartment. POKEMON STADIUM/SNAP- I don't have a good term for this idea, so here comes a clunky one: I'm a big believer in "ideal playthroughs." If a game is single player, typically, I'll want one good run with a game so I have some lasting memory of it and then I'm pretty much good, without any need to play any sequels. I had that with Pokemon Silver, and so I've been done with Pokemon for a long time. So playing Pokemon Stadium was a pretty good reminder of why I'm glad I had that one playthrough: the combat alone wasn't enough of a game to hold me. On the flipside is Pokemon Snap, which is an idea so very close to amazing that it's unfortunate Nintendo's never gone back to it. That PS3 game Afrika was the mechanical execution free of any of the charm or personality, which are things that the Pokemon art style is best at. A new Pokemon Snap might be a breaking point between me and getting a Wii U. OCARINA OF TIME- Always hated zelda, 2D or 3D. I just never had fun with it. So since I'm waiting for the first of January to start buying more games (Gauntlet Legends wooo!) this is doing for now, plus I'm glad for the opportunity to have time with the game without severe expense. So far, it's OK. The dialog comes apart in some weird places (I keep expecting Link to go "I'M LIKE FIVE YEARS OLD, WHY DO I NEED TO DO THIS") but at least that's good for a laugh so I'm still enjoying my time with it. WCW/nWo WORLD TOUR- Back on that ideal playthrough thing, I spent a lot of time with Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 through 300% Absoultely Legal Means, and before that all of my Aki Wrestling Game memories were tied to Wrestlemania 2000. So I'm having a weird time with this one. Like, it's the game I played, kind of, but it just feels... wrong. It's like I had a dream about this game and now that I'm playing it nothing is the way it should be. SUPER MARIO 64- is still this game. I got all the stars on the DS version (i know (i know)) so I'm not having a strong pull with this one. I also got Starfox 64, Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire, and Mortal Kombat Trilogy. I don't intend to ever play any of them.
  12. wait until January, so that way people have a chance to get to things like Gone Home, Monaco, Gunpoint, Shadow Warrior, etc. during the steam sale
  13. So here's me making up for not having streams: this guy, Milo. He raps a little. Reads philosophy, kinda nerdy. He rapped a little more than a little this year though. These first two are EPs with duality, both between producers used and the theme within. The * tracks are bonus tracks placed into the run time of the last song on each EP. "Things That Happen At Day" 1. sweet chin music (the fisher king’s anthem) 2. almost cut my hair (for Crosby) 3. folk-metaphysics 4. legends of the hidden temple 5. almond milk paradise (ft. Safari Al) *. Kenosha, WI "Things That Happen At Night" 1. a lazy coon’s obiter dictum 2. the Gus Haynes cribbage league (ft. Busdriver) 3. monologion 4. folk-metaphysics, 2nd ed. 5. post hoc ergo propter hoc (for Schopenhauer) *. the otherground pizza party This one is my rap album of the year by a goddamn sight, and quite possibly my overall album of the year. There's not a single second on here I don't love. It's also the most aggressive and energetic thing he's put out, written and recorded after the passing of his grandfather."Cavalcade"1. geometry and theology2. sophistry and illusion ft. Nocando3. red oleanders ft. Busdriver4. besos5. ba al chiliagon swords ft. YC The Cynic6. i am am7. ecclesiastes This is far and away the silliest of anything he's put out this year. It's his debut as a producer, and he promised a friend when he started making beats he'd call himself Scallops Hotel (jokingly after Clams Casino and before they knew clams casino was a real dish). "poplar grove (or how to rap with a hammer)" by Scallops Hotel1. budlong woods2. 50 centaurs3. karl drogo sighs4. my granddad's soul with thanks to Will for helping me find it5. milk toast6. bergamot gamut7. evil doer melody (this can't be the place)8. xergiok's chagrin (a song for jib)9. one eight-hour shift at the theater will earn you $66
  14. TERRARIA- Burned out on it harder than I ever did with Minecraft. I think what it gets wrong is that it feels more insistant on the idea of a "right way to play," and all the hours of Minecraft you can manage before you give up and find the wiki are pretty magical. I lasted about fifteen minutes in Terraria before I went to look stuff up. PINBALL ARCADE- i am terrible at pinball, and also i wish i could turn down the volume in the menus PAYDAY 2- I have no idea if this game is any good. I'm enjoying my time with it, but I might just be enjoying hanging out with my friends and doing things. I mean, heist movies are my favorite style of action film and paying full price for GTAV despite being uncertain about it proves I am willing to go to some weird lengths to be able to play a good heist game. So as far as a heist game goes, this is the Yang of Mass Effect 2's Yin: Where ME2 was epic build for only one heist, Payday 2 is next to no build for infinite heists. I also bought the Age Of Empires II HD expansion because haha what, but I haven't played it yet.
  15. Funny you bring up the "hip hop" thing- I think this is their first album where there's no way to defend it as being such. It's like someone describing The Fall to a dystopic science fiction writer.
  16. blah blah blah streams blah blah weak part of the year blah NEW DEATH GRIPS ALBUM "Government Plates" by Death Grips 1. You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it's your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat 2. Anne Bonny 3. Two Heavens 4. This is Violence Now (Dont get me wrong) 5. Birds 6. Feels like a wheel 7. Im Overflow 8. Big House 9. Government Plates 10. Bootleg (Dont need your help) 11. Whatever I want (Fuck who's watching)
  17. The XCOM Expansion has crashed to desktop twice so far. The original game crashed no times. I don't think I like this new feature.
  18. Again, a thin week on streams. Fortunately, the one I feel I can push out here is the 10th Anniversary Deluxe reissue of an overlooked modern classic. "Magnolia Electric Co." by Songs: Ohia 1. Farewell Transmission 2. I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost 3. Just Be Simple 4. Almost Was Good Enough 5. The Old Black Hen 6. Peoria Lunch Box Blues 7. John Henry Split My Heart 8. Hold On Magnolia (everything after this is a bonus track or a demo) 9. The Big Game Is Every Night 10. Whip Poor Will 11. Farewell Transmission 12. I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost 13. Just Be Simple 14. The Old Black Hen 15. Peoria Lunch Box Blues 16. John Henry Split My Heart 17. Hold On Magnolia 18. The Big Game Is Every Night 19. Whip Poor Will
  19. No one's going to like what I have to say about Reflektor, so here's some streams! Well, okay, it's kind of a light week, but the two I have here are pretty dang excellent. Excellently crafted hook-laden rock, now with extra fuzz pedals! "Surfing Strange" by Swearin' 1. Dust in the Gold Sack 2. Watered Down 3. Mermaid 4. Parts of Speech 5. Melanoma 6. Echo Locate 7. Loretta's Flowers 8. Glare of the Sun 9. Unwanted Place 10. Young 11. Curdled A bandcamp hosted tease of a record that is currently heavy in my rotation. Super sparse, atmospheric guitar muisc. "Overdue" by Circuit Des Yeux (SIDE A ONLY) 1. Lithonia 2. Hegira 3. Nova 88 4. Acarina
  20. BATTLEFIELD 4 (PC)- I got a real itch to get in some heavy multiplayer shooting, and that used to mean Bad Company 2 a few years ago. Well, now only insane people play that, and I had extra dosh around so I went in on this. Really enjoying it so far! Getting most of my time in on a support, and spending most of that time getting murdered while I learn maps, but that's how that's supposed to be going right now. DARK SOULS (also PC)- Trying a Sorcerer. It's an odd combination of really easy and really fucking hard- basically if I have a clear line of sight I can nuke the fuck out of whatever stands in my way, but gosh help me if there's a corner I need to round to get at someone. Also got trolled by an invader for the first time! Neat! REUS- God game, not totally sold on it yet. The game layout and the art design are really neat, but there just doesn't feel like there's enough that can be done. Quite a problem seeing as you are the will behind four giant god monsters. I don't know that I'll stick with this one.
  21. There's no steam deal thread anymore, so, I'll just put this here: Gone Home is $10 for what I assume is today only, as part of their Midweek Madness thing. There's no demo since it's at most three hours. It's a first person adventure game that takes the strength of Bioshock's style of storytelling* (the narration happening while you're in the game looking around) and makes it so both the game and the story benefit from that delivery. If you're looking for a break from the Ten Hour Action Movie thing, this is a pretty excellent option. *it comes from a part the team responsible for the Bioshock 2 Minerva's Den DLC, which has the reputation of being better than the main game.
  22. Alright so I decided it'd be worthwhile to take a day and pick through the new streaming things to find things I could pimp instead of just going "MY SOURCES LET ME DOWN SO NOTHING IS GOOD." Especially since that DJ Rashad record "Double Cup" was out last week and that thing's dominated my stereo since. SO! Here's some streams! The PR line on this one talks about "the intersection between rhythmic and ambient music." I just think it's damn good electronic music. "Chance of Rain" by Laurel Halo 1. Dr Echt 2. Oneiroi 3. Serendip 4. Chance Of Rain 5. Melt 6. Still/Dromos 7. Thrax 8. Ainnome 9. -Out Here's one I'm admittedly still working on figuring out, but so far I like it. Dark Detroit Rap. Like, "Dark for Detroit Rap" Dark. Also, this one's a bandcamp page so you've probably got more than a week to get to it. "No Poison No Paradise" by Black Milk 1. Interpret Sabotage (feat. Mel) 2. Deion's House 3. Codes and Cab Fare (feat. Black Thought) 4. Ghetto DEMF (feat. Quelle Chris) 5. Sonny Jr. (Dreams) [feat. Robert Glasper & Dwele] 6. Sunday's Best 7. Monday's Worst 8. Perfected On Puritan Ave. 9. Dismal 10. Parallels (feat. Ab) 11. X Chords 12. Black Sabbath (feat. Tone Trezure) 13. Money Bags (Paradise) This is maybe the most NPR album stream possible: A "Best Of" compliation by an overlooked and mysterious Nigerian funk pianist, put out by David Byrne's Luaka Bop record label. "Who Is William Onyeabor?" by William Onyeabor 1. Body And Soul 2. Atomic Bomb 3. Good Name 4. Something You Will Never Forget 5. Why Go To War 6. Love Is Blind 7. Heaven And Hell 8. Let's Fall In Love 9. Fantastic Man 10. The Way To Win Your Love 11. Love Me Now 12. Jungle Gods 13. When The Going Is Smooth And Good
  23. AUDIOSURF 2- Early access, so I wont say a lot. Right now, I feel that it handles the kind of music I listen to better than Audiosurf did, and I sank 30 hours into Audiosurf so that's a good sign.EXPERIMENT 12- Certainly an experiment. Started by Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV, Super Hexagon), Experiment 12 is an attempt at making a chain game, as in a game that is developed by a succession of people. Each game takes an element from the end of the other and builds into a story that takes off on its own bizarre path. It doesn't always work out well, like an experiment, but the idea alone was wild enough for me to find it worth checking out. VOLGARR THE VIKING- This game is going to kill me. My favorite kind of platformer is where there's deliberate pacing and a possible "perfect" run with limited variables, and Volgarr The Viking is a game that punishes you for not knowing/using that path. It's a great way to test your ability to learn pattern recognition. Also a great way to break your controller. THE STANLEY PARABLE- When I start to play a game, I spend time pushing against games while I play them, trying to see where it breaks. The Stanley Parable is a game where every time I've pushed against it, the game has directly pushed back. It stresses me out a lot, even though the story is light and comedic. At its best though it's a strong critique of the Ten Hour Movie game development trends which is something that needs to exist right about now.
  24. That's the truest, ugliest part of game development (and software development): It takes a lot of work to ship even a shitty product. At the same time, given Ubisoft's history, the idea that a game of theirs would've been too fresh out of the oven to put out is amazing. Oh how I wish I could play the current build for twenty minutes.
  25. It's a good thing all the streams this week are albums I cant vet, because there's something way more important to address That right there is a cover to "Not Here/ Not Now" by SWANS. If you want to pre-order the new live CD/fund the upcoming album, you'd better move fast. Note the /2000 in the upper right there.
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