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  1. (Sorry, this fascinates me, I am sure there was color at least once on this card) Was it this van? Also, poor Chick Don(ovan). Eddie Hogan = Ed Leslie. I really want to see Robley vs. NAustin, and RIP Bob Armstrong. - RAF
  2. The Mongolian Stomper looks like a low polygon henchman from 90s video game. He was carved from a big granite block of Brutishness with an obsidian adze. What a presence - born to a wrestler by looks alone and always looked menacing in a photo. Don Carson - what a head of hair, & vastly overlooked. Where is Stomper's furry vest now? And when was he called The Midnight Stallion? Was that a masked gimmick? Wait, I found this: $15,000 vs. Van? That must have some sweet ride. - RAF
  3. This almost makes me regret not going to this. stupid COVIDs, RAF
  4. No, I believe he said that this Main Event match should be a main event match. and it should, RAF
  5. Bobby Shane was great, and he suffers from a lack of video evidence. He is often praised for his heel work by his contemporaries, and was an obvious inspiration for Ric Flair. Shane would have improved and excelled and might have had a big influence in the biz into the early 80s had he not been taken from us much too early. Just look at him in the ring (above) - he even walks like a heel! hail the true king of Wrestling, RAF
  6. I disagree with this. Art is an absolute. You can create art in many media for one's own enjoyment. Great artists have produced works not meant for other's eyes, that later got discovered and hailed as art. However, the very nature of wrestling demands an audience, preferably a live one. The highest form of pro wrestling (again, it is arguable whether rassling is Art (I believe it is not)) is the workers reacting to a crowd. But wrestling without an audience, with no one seeing (let alone paying), is just practicing. Wrestling is time based, in (and of) the moment (the 4th dimension, if you will), it is ephemeral. A poem/movie/song/painting exists after it is made, even without eyes on it. cans of worms, Ways of Seeing, RAF
  7. Is wrestling art(form)? Debatable, but there is an art to doing it well (as in craft). It is, and always has been, a capitalist venture. Profit was always the motive. It's carny. Is wrestling that doesn't make money still pro wrestling? I have heard oldtimers argue about this. Part of the fascination of rassling for me is this frisson between the formulaic profit-driven business and the beauty & elegance that can be created therein. You have to get the people to buy the tickets, and you do this by giving them what they want and what they expect, as well as by shocking and surprising them. Innovation sometimes, balanced with creativity and tradition, y'all. There has to be a pay-off, and a new hook, to put asses in seats. "Such a precise finality demands that wrestling should be exactly what the public expects of it. Wrestlers, who are very experienced, know perfectly how to direct the spontaneous episodes of the fight so as to make them conform to the image which the public has of the great legendary themes of its mythology. A wrestler can irritate or disgust, he never disappoints, for he always accomplishes completely, by a progressive solidification of signs, what the public expects of him." - my main bonhomme Roland Barthes - RAF
  8. The very idea of Jim Hellwig as Big Van Vader is... I cannot even conceive of it. I really think it would have affected the landscape of the evolution of Modern Rassling. I think it would have an effect on thee World as We Know It. It definitely would have made my life different (negatively). butterfly wings, RAF
  9. At the top of my list of people to second me at ringside: a huge roided out Minotaur. Towards the bottom of that same list: the Hamburger Kid. fun match, RAF
  10. As far as I can tell, it was thee Gorgeous One. Was he able to do it on house shows frequently? However, I will give it to Hayes for coming out to a pop/popular/rock tune as a heel (before Hogan & "Eye of the Tiger" (which is a great entrance song (one of the biggest pops I ever heard))) AND most importantly , it resulted in one of my favorite stories ever ever when the Freebirds tried to talk Nick Gulas into letting them use LSkynyrd. Question: was Hayes the first wrestler to come out to his own (performed) song? Or was it Adrian Street or Beautiful Beauregard? - dirty and hot, RAF
  11. Both MPSHayes and JGarvin had peaks and valleys, and while I would assert that Garvin had more peaks (more fun stuff to watch), I could not say for sure if they were higher (more enjoyable) than Hayes' best. WCCW Garvin is so so good, but the Freebirds were almost as important and influential as Hayes believes they are. MPSH as a cool heel, great promos, dirty heelin', ENTRANCE MUSIC*, got great heat - don't sell him short. However, that video when Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine were forced to work on the Von Erich ranch is one of my fave things from a brilliant heel run, it melding into the Chris Adams feud -- oy, so festivem(and there was more). stinky stinky gross dog, RAF *Yeah, I know he wasn't the first, I ain't on marijuana pills.
  12. Question: (nice list, by the way) Do you not think that Lawler is as excellent at all that stuff you mentioned? I do. I see the comparison to the others, but is Lawler more of an emotional attachment for you than an analytical one? I look at factors like facials, body language, selling, and even moves and spots to be in service to telling a story and psychology, which are my big factors for digging a rassler, along with gimmick and aura (and blowing the deadly mist and good promos and entrance music and...) - giddy as a schoolgurl, RAF
  13. Thank you Dolfan, for letting me (us) hijack your GREAT thread a whole bunch. The continuity and readability of your writing keeps it all together. Now --- get back on your bike. - RAF
  14. (clipped from cagematch) 21.10.1995 Chicago, Illinois, USA Arena: International Amphitheatre Octagoncito defeats Jerrito Estrada Koji Kitao defeats Hideo No More Cactus Jack, Psicosis & Sabu vs. Rey Misterio Jr., Super Calo & Winners - No Contest Jerry Estrada, Pentagon & Reyna Atomico defeat La Parka, Super Muneco & Tinieblas Jr. by DQ Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) & Tommy Dreamer defeat The Eliminators (John Kronus & Perry Saturn) & Too Cold Scorpio Konnan, Octagon & Perro Aguayo defeat Cien Caras, KGB & Killer This cannot even begin to describe the festiveness of this event. Exanple: Perro Aguayo gets an award at intermission, and thee brilliant Terry Funk of course smashes it over PA's skullbone, piercing the wafer-thin tissue that surrounds his forehead arteries. This triggers a real riot. And there were more stories. I met Mick Foley a couple years later and grilled him relentlessly about this card. Two important factors: it had thee best food concessions I have ever experienced at any event, and it appears that this does not exist on videotape on the planet Earth. I should do a big ol' write up of this before my memory morphs and mutates any more, if I can find out what thread to post it in... - RAF, gringo-at-large
  15. This was me as well, for about a two year period, then later AWA, AWA and WCW in Chicago for a while. Officially & for the public, my claims to fame are WM1, the first couple Pro Wrestling USAs, SuperBrawl 2 (Pillman v. Liger, Sting wins belt) all come to mind. For me, the arcane AAA/ECW show at the Universal Amphitheatre, seeing Rude/Fernandez as tag champs in Florida as well as occultic Kevin Sullivan, Super Porky at a lucha spot show in the Chicago suburbs, various craptastic indies with great crowds. I worked some great cards as well. It is significant (odd) that my most memorable memories are the fun ones as opposed to the historical ones... - RAF
  16. I recall developmental being folded into NXT and it never being expected to make a profit (even stated directly by HHH on a investor's call, again my faulty memory). Maybe that was when they were doing the interstate house shows to give everybody experience, as well as spending bucks to accumulate all those international and indie talents. Was there a time after I stopped watching when NXT was making a profit or alleged to make a profit? - RAF
  17. Forget all your doll dramas, I want this, if only for the tiny bell and wooden mallet. I can't believe I watched this whole thing. Tabletop enthusiast AK is very scary. - RAF
  18. Maybe it's my COVID19 brain, but how can something be aired live that was pre-taped (and not shot live anyway)? - RAF
  19. RMjr's good stuff is so... so... good, esp. in Mexico, WCW and ECW - innovative for the time. Maybe a bit RFlair-like in that he does have "the same match" over and over, but it's a good match and he always (at least appears to) give 100% and be all there. The man has been going at top speed for a couple+ decades now. His wee underdog vs. giant monster heel matches are thee gold standard. That said, he never was one of my faves. The 619 is one of the most contrived finishers ever. He never needs a belt (he is his own attraction) but the outcomes of his bouts are usually predictable. Aside from the Eddie G family feud, he has never had a real WWE nemesis to spark a good program (but rarely had a terrible one). Great-yes. Overrated - ----- - ----- - maybe? I don't see him on to many Top 5 lists. It's more like he's still around, being Rey. - RAF & his dos centavos
  20. “There they laugh: they do not understand me; I am not the mouth for these ears.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra "Whooooo mercy baby, my mama was a Gibson, my daddy was a Fender, you know Handsome Jimmy gonna be your mindbender! Lancer my brain has been gone, it’s been gone 5 or 6 weeks, it’s back it flew in special delivery, my brain and my body is back, Jack" — Handsome Jimmy Valiant you will learn (daddy), RAF
  21. Please --- let's work together to stop the camo on camo violence. - RAF
  22. Relatively sane babyface Terry Funk is delightful - I like to imagine I can see all the seething craziness a-burbulin' under the surface. A match like this is so full of great moves, sells, spots, mannerisms, stories, psychology and spots to learn from and/or swipe. In my imaginary virtual COVID-era on-line school of wrestling, this is part of the curriculum. Just watching this takes me back to going to Gem Spa (NYC corner candy/magazine/egg cream bodega) to look for The Monster Times and be entranced by the bloody rasslin magazine covers... - RAF
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