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  1. I have been at wrestling cards in at least 11 states and 3 countries. In my experience, "mutant" is an apt descriptor for Philly crowds. They are vicious, ugly (inside & out) and unrelenting. That said, they are passionate, loyal and genuine. I love going to shows in thee Hostile City. - RAF p.s. - off the top of my bean, Florida crowds were quite racist, NY's are demanding (discerning and privileged), Wisconsin=drunk.
  2. Mr. Nieblas and Shocker were two of my early fave luchadors. This is like looking at footage from the 1970s when you think how much lucha (and these workers) would change over the next couple of years. Just glacial changes - Pena, Konan, ECW were all factors - chingada, none of these guys look juiced out, even. what a world, RAF
  3. I have hardly ever listened to podcasts but I am all a-fluster on the idea of Mr. McMahon running a lizardfolk-Bohemian Grove-Mothman-Vril-ancient astronauts-morphogenic fields type call-in show, whether it be sincere or in gimmick. I would buy whatever energy drink/male potency supplement sponsored him. One Man Gang could be his co-host. - RAF
  4. Basement Tapes, pt. II, the Quickening: I used to have 5 of these at one time. Foley told me that they were WCW's worst seller so he was just given all of them, which he then put back on the merch tables and re-sold. Stains = blood and/or hair dye. The gem of my hoard. I bought this in FL circa '86 even though the biggest size they had was an M, thus it is hardly worn. RAF was skinny then but still rangy. I have never seen another item with this image. Damn, I dig this. I want Mr. McMahon to know who I am and respect me. Wearing this shirt probably won't help. May have been a promo with the VKM DVD: call me, Vincey, RAF
  5. Cleaning out the basement. The COVIDs. Should this go in the Merch thread? Nah, the are soft and well-worn. SF area, circa early '90s - art by thee great Dan Higgs CCoW, SF/East Coast area (inc. early Tri-State and Eastern Championship Wrestling), RIP - art by thee amazing Bill Salmon, RIP Chango Loco, ISW/SFLL, late '90s, I lost a hair match to him and all I got was this festive T shirt. - RAF
  6. Both, but mostly Crockett. Many of the matches went Time Limit Draw, 60 or 90 minutes. Flair was even doing frequent double shots (an afternoon amatch nd then fly to an evening card) I know they did one in Hammond IN around February because that was the one time I met Flair and we talked about it briefly (a story for another time). Barry Windham was one of the greats at that time. - RAF
  7. I regret not getting to see live any of the RFlair vs. BWindham 90 minute broadways they did. - RAF
  8. Spontaneous opinion due to posting errors: a card/TV show should have matches of several lengths, all long enough to tell a story w/o belaboring it. Looking at matches in isolation - although this is how many people watch wrestling much of the time - and making sweeping statements about an ideal length leads to generalization. Speaking as a viewer, a good 4 minute squash is better than a dragging 35 minute title epic, and vice versa. - RAF
  9. Thank you - the subtlety of irony/sarcasm online is often lost w/o context. I will look at this anew. - RAF
  10. Help me out here: this is like a backyard wrestling streaming PPV, but by former WWE/veteran/indy workers, with a StrangleMania sense of humor and a lower effects budget than Total Nonstop Deletion? I might be with Mr. Orton on this, but I never begrudge a carny making a payday. Who orders this? - confused, as always, RAF
  11. Not exactly. I posted a question that perhaps is rhetorical, borne out of my frustration on hearing the Keith Lee talk. Why haven't at least a couple of those workers been given a real push? There are some reasons why the names I stated would not a get a try but those are not reasons why they couldn't succeed. You stated the reasons why the WWF may not take a chance on them but I still believe that with good booking a couple of them would be big. They audience is behind them. - roll the damn dice If there is room for Ziggler, Orton, Edge, Bray, et al, how about some new blood? Do you really believe the reasons you stated are enough to justify devoting more screentime to Big Show or Rollins? I am left wondering at the timidity of the booking - the ineptness is a given. No need for hostility - in a sense I did post a list of wrestlers I think could be big names some day (no one should be - you gotta earn it). My post was not about starting a debate (is there one?) on the specific names but about the pool of untapped talent they have and are not utilizing. - RAF
  12. You state some "reasons" - but... why? Anyone could come up with an equally valid list of the guys getting pushed that are not working out, with the reasons why they are not. It is the booker's job (if there is one, writing commitees my carny ass) to figure out someone's place on a card/roster and put them there. If it is the top, it might take some time. Ricochet can't talk? You want to listen to Baron Corbin speechify? So he can't talk - if they wanted to push him, they will find a way. My point is that there is a crop of new talent (and again my direct knowledge is over a year old) that seem to me to be worth a push --- and they are not getting a push. This is not a radical or original view. These guys seem like money to me. - RAF
  13. Y'all gotta stop being wrong and hating on Thee Boogie Woogie Man. He is the Arcane Pope of my Dancin Rasslin Funky Church, the Hierophant of thee Street Peoples, the ArchShaman of Gettin' Down DADDY, for the love of Dusty. your Boogie Man loves you, It's all about putting asses in seats and soul in your heart, baby. - RAF
  14. The Narcissist was a shite gimmick, despite the hard work of The Brain, and it did LL no favors. It did not help that it appeared that he had never heard the word "narcissist", let alone Narcissus, before he joined the WWF. The Total Package was a solid if minimal gimmick and more his speed, Allah bless his pointy little head. woof, RAF
  15. I certainly cannot disagree with your conclusion (and I dig the way you phrased it) BUT Vince may be behind the times and a bit mad, however he is carny as all get out, and green is the only color (flag, dimension) that matters. He would have pushed Lashley fercryinoutloud to the top if that had worked out at one point in time. Maybe he thinks that the fans/marks/universe/shareholders are not ready for it. Recent events, The Rock and the indys have shown that not only do these former "restrictions" don't matter, they can actually be assets. Maybe the writers think that Vince and/or the audience still wans not just the same ol' type of workers, but the very same workers... - RAF
  16. On WWE booking of late: How can you not be pushing and making money with Keith Lee? How can you not be pushing and making money with Ricochet? How can you not be pushing and making money with Aleister Black? How can you not be pushing and making money with Andrade? How can you not be pushing and making money with Angel Garza? How can you not be pushing and making money with Big E? How can you not be pushing and making money with Chad Gable? How can you not be pushing and making money with Killian Dane? How can you not be pushing and making money with Isiah Scott? I see any of the folks (and this is off the top of my head and having not watched any WWE shows for the past year+) as worth investing in and potentially able to hold their own at the top of the card. Politics? $$$? Vince? Fear of the new? It is mind-boggling. - RAF, befuddled as well
  17. Coming soon from RAF Enterprises: our new parfum - Essence of Kobashi. It will invigorate your career as well as your senses. Looking for something lighter? Try our eau de cologne Kenta (not to be confused with our upcoming KENTA Body Spray for the youth market) - absorb it and live strong-style. - call me nez, RAF
  18. Luger was Mr. McMahon's ideal wrestler form at that time - I always surmised (and I don't remember the WON talk from that time) that he was to turn ASAP, face vacuum, heel surplus or not. Look at how he was loaded - pushed as a reformed heel, body builder, super strong, a patriot AND a bionic magic forearm. LL does not have enough personality to carry the main baby champ role (or the main heel role for too long, even with a manager, in my opinion). Hindsight and all that... - RAF
  19. Marone, DZ - are you trying to talk our ears off? - RAF
  20. The business is changing, and we are entering an era of new different money streams. It will be interesting. However, I believe that true pro wrestling has to do with emotional resonance, a bonding with the sport, workers and company by becoming emotionally involved as a fan. The best way to do this, as my aged eyes see it, is via live events. That is where the magic happens, if you will. The socialization, the communion, the power of the moment, the immediacy and the crowd is was makes memories. Kids going to an event with their parents and/or friends, adults bonding over this shared experience, and the power of a wrestler making you feel something right there - TV/streaming/DVD/YouTube/etc is secondary to this. TV is a cold medium, no substitute for the live experience. Going to a card is what makes lifelong fans, be it a TV taping, indy show in a gym or bar, or a Starrcade. Yeah, yeah, the COVIDs, the Saudi petroblooddollars, the costs - all I know is what worked before. I don't know from stocks and investors but I have been to plenty of rasslin shows and there isn't one that would have been more memorable on tape or PPV than it was for me live. - RAF "I'd rather be in the bleachers than on my couch, dammit"
  21. I get that Cody wants these names and concepts because they were attached to his Dad, but wrestling has gotta move on. Nostalgia will only get you so far, it is high time to invent some new traditions. Easier said than done, I realize, but the concept of a PPV as a monetary stream is outdated - the titles (especially the ones not connected to particular match types) can rest as well. - RAF, iconoclast (except for Starrcade, maybe)
  22. Killer Khan has some of the best ring noises - squeals and grunts of Mongolian bloodlust. In my dream fed, KK comes to the ring for our big PPV played out by these guys: - RAF, hypnagogic booker
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