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  1. Just curious, but has Blue Demon Jr even been decent/good when he was starting out? I always kept hearing on the boards how great El Hijo del Santo was back in the 80s-00s, but never heard much about Demon Jr.
  2. I just sign up for DDT Universe to watch newer stuff from them along with some of the older shows I've seen before. I was looking at checking out the D King Grand Prix tournament, is it worth the watch or just watch the final show?
  3. I'm reading the The Ghost of Freedom: A History of The Caucasus. I always enjoy reading books about the history of certain regions from around the world. If anybody has any recommendations about the history of certain regions or countries I would love to hear them.
  4. I discovered a YouTube channel called Cactus Back Wrestling. It has a decent selection of old school matches from the JWA, some AJPW, and other miscellaneous matches. I figured I pass it along for those who like to watch older matches or newer fans who want to see. All I got to say is young Giant Baba is fun to watch.
  5. Where do they usually end up like PuroresuDream or Daily Motion?
  6. Well, I'm also a completionist. So I'll want to checkout all of the major shows from 2010-onward and try to watch as much as the tournaments that I can.
  7. Thanks guys for the recommendations!
  8. This was my first New Japan show that I've watched in a very very long time. I think the last show I watched was back in 2009 where Tanahashi beat Nakanishi for the title. I've always have kept up with New Japan by always following the results over the years. I will say I felt like the crowd was responsive in all the matches so to me that was great to see considering I felt like with other older Dome shows, I felt like the crowd was always quiet throughout most of the show. I felt like this was a fun show that I enjoyed throughout and I never found myself bored with any of the matches. I'm going to try my best with the New Japan World to keep watching as 2019 goes on along with checking out earlier years.
  9. Did this just start at the Dome show? I just started watching it and that was one of the best parts in the Gauntlet match. I say keep it going!
  10. Like a year ago or earlier this year he had a match against Sami Calihan in AAW that was alright.
  11. Mostly trio matches, but I'm up for individual matches, too. I've seen the few single matches that Robert mention a few posts back I plan on checking out.
  12. Been watching a lot of current lucha the past couple of days. I want to check out trio matches from Nueva Generacion Dinamitas, so what are some good matches to check out? Thanks!
  13. I'm looking into subscribing to Marvel Unlimited. Is there anyway to get it on a Kindle Fire or is Comixology the best way to go? If I go the Comixology route do I get same amount of access like I would with Marvel Unlimited or is it a little more limited with titles? Thanks for the help!
  14. On Amazon I see that DC has collected older Batman stories into different books that were written and drawn by various of people. Some of them are Legends of The Dark Knight by Jim Aparo or Tales of the Batman by Gerry Conway. Has anybody here read these books and are they worth getting?
  15. I signed up today for the AJPW Streaming Service. Not a lot of matches on there so hopefully over time they will add some older stuff. This is my first time seeing the current All Japan under Akiyama so I checked out the July 17, 2017 show. It was a pretty fun card from top to bottom and I enjoyed the last three matches. The main event was great and Doering I feel like has improved from when I watched some of his matches from 2008. For those who have joined, any shows I should check out from what they have posted? My next watch is going to be the 3/25/18 show.
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