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  1. That makes me feel funny...and I'm not talking about the Steiner .gif either.
  2. Why is Terry posing with Norman Bates' mother?
  3. I foresee a divorce due to OJ keeps using his wife's hair care products. Really though OJ, WHO conks their hair anymore? This ain't the 60's...
  4. I'm the father of a 4 year old autistic daughter, and while it can be really tough sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I freaked out last year around this time when her mother and I got the diagnosis, trying to figure out why this happened and wondering if my old lifestyle had a part to do with her diagnosis. I had to be talked off the ledge by my friends(as well as some of the posters on this very board) until I could come to grips with it. I don't feel sorry for her per se, but I feel bad that she has an upward battle, even though she's not gonna lose as long as she has me at her side. Her issues aside, I love the little things in life that she did, like saying "daddy" as her first words, or using the potty for the first time. I'm also willing to make a fool out of myself just for her. Being a dad is pretty fucking cool.
  5. November 11: Demi Moore, George Patton, Jonathan Winters, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Gunn, Vincent Schiavelli, Kurt Vonnegut, U-God and Hyapatia Lee
  6. FUCK YOU TO DOMESTIC RELATIONS. It's bad enough that I have to go through this, but the dumb C U Next Tuesday that was calculating my income couldn't figure out how to enter my commissions and tried to stick me at almost $1000 a month for one child. That would be all fine and dandy, except I don't make THAT good of a living. That would leave me in debt automatically because my leftover pay wouldn't even pay my bills let alone have any kind of living money. I had to raise a fuss until she could get somebody into help her figure it out, and my payment is now below $300, which is considerably less than what I was paying out of my own pocket for non-ordered court support, so fuck my baby's mom too. BTW, I'm still trying to figure out how I still have to pay support if I have joint custody....
  7. We need to see more open-handed chops/slaps, ala Wahoo or Ronnie Garvin.
  8. And Victor Cruz takes Kawada/Taue finisher.
  9. I took it as Bryan saying that he created his own breaks and he didn't have generational ties to get him started in the business. How is that burying Orton? Jesus...
  10. If you step to a girl looking thirsty, she's gonna play you out, it doesn't matter how you look. I'm no prize, but confidence and delivery is key, and I've had more exceptional-looking ladies come into my life than I've had a right to.
  11. Yeah, because we're the maladjusted ones, right? I find more amusing that you're taking it personally.
  12. Cool story: I took my daughter to McD's for dinner one night and while we're sitting there, I notice two other guys sitting with their daughters. We all looked at each and gave each other a tacit nod, because....just because.
  13. Wait. That's not the vibe you guys give off to EVERYONE? Yeah, but when it comes off as rapey or predator-like, it's bad.
  14. Marty, you don't know this, but I'm kind of going through the same domestic issues you are going through, and I always smile when I see your pix with your girls. Men get a lot of bad rap about being "bad" fathers, and hopefully guys like you and me can continue to buck this stigma.
  15. How about interacting with someone that their familiar with. That sound better Vic?
  16. Maybe you "socially awkward" guys should approach women just like you do a man. When you approach a women, and the vibe you give off is, "I'm trying to talk to you because I want to fuck you", you've lost the match already my friends. Treat them as a person...and for God's sake, don't start trying to get all of her personal info out of her within the first hour of talking to them. Comes off creepy....
  17. I thought altogether, the wrestling wasn't bad, save the Santino match. I thought it was a good show.
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