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Impact Wrestling: 4/29/21: Rebellion Fallout

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Pretty good show. Digging the start of the build of who can be the one to take Impact back from Omega. Good to see Taylor Wilde back in action, she looked good. Her and Deonna eventually should be excellent. Josh Alexander/Ace was great. Awesome sequences and counters throughout. El Phantasmo arrives next week! That'll be cool and a potentially great addition to things here.




*Before the Impact Preshow Match: James Storm (w/ Chris Sabin) def. Deaner (w/ Eric Young, Joe Doering, & Rhino) (9:28) after the Last Call Superkick

Impact Wrestling - Airing April 29, 2021

*Scott D'Amore came to the ring to open the show to address Kenny Omega as champion with the roster surrounding the ring. D'Amore noted that due to the Winner Take All stakes of the Title vs. Title match, there would be no rematch clause for Rich Swann. D'Amore announced there would be a 6 way #1 contenders match at the next Impact+ special, "Under Siege", on May 15 with 6 qualifying matches taking place over the next 2 weeks. D'Amore noted that if Kenny Omega did not show up to Impact tonight, he would be stripped of the title but Don Callis is working to make sure he gets there. D'Amore announced the qualifying matches would start now. 

*Chris Bey def. Jake Something (5:59) in a lumberjack match via rollup with feet on ropes after a distraction from Rohit Raju, to advance to the Under Siege 6 Way.

*W. Morrissey def. Sam Beale (1:36) after a powerbomb.

*Taylor Wilde def. Kimber Lee (w/ Susan) (9:52) via modified indian deathlock submission. After the match, Susan attacked Taylor but Taylor fought back. Tenille Dashwood ran out to help Taylor, thinking they are going to be partners but Taylor is not interested.

*Josh Alexander def. Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) (11:13) via ankle lock submission to retain the X Division Championship.

*Matt Cardona def. Brian Myers (12:16) after Radio Silence to advance to the Under Siege 6 Way.

*Sami Callihan def. Eddie Edwards via DQ 10:29) when Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers interfered. They attacked both until FinJuice ran out for the save but got beat down 3 on 2. Don Callis said this was their celebration as Omega & The Good Brothers stood tall to end the show.


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1 hour ago, Curt McGirt said:

Mind wandered watching and thought "they will probably bring in Kurt Angle out of retirement to end this after a couple months". 

I wish.... the Ultimate Dream Match!  I had thought it would be possible in AEW with Kurt booked for the Jericho Cruise, but he recently said he has "something going on with WWE that will likely materialize" but he can't talk about it and doesn't want to mess that up. 

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The only other big alumni I can see them getting to do that would be Joe, and in that case it would probably be him beating Omega, giving the belt back to TNA and working for AEW. Which would be way, way funnier, and sadder.

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Angle has been working out at the local gym daily. More so than usual so he may be making a return to TV for someone, likely WWE but who knows. Dude looks jacked.   


Would love for someone like Deonna to get the shock win over Kenny but knowing Impact they would have Tessa come back and be the one to beat him. 

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