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  1. Jimmy Lloyd is not my cup of tea. Getting booked because your friends are stars is carny 101 though and I get it but him being in the Main Event was akin to Beefcake At Starrcade 94. The commentary is horrible. Dave Prazak is ok and did all he could to make the show listenable but every match doesn't need f bombs dropped. I know it's not a family product but not all adults need to hear swearing and screaming on commentary. Did Joey Styles need to swear? Did Paul E? Jim or Tony? None of the greats did and there is a reason. True talent doesn't need to be over the top. I felt bad for Dave.
  2. how has nobody mentioned the spot where Jimmy Lloyd stuck the syringe in that dude's ear and shot the water through it. Or when he shoved it up the dude's nose and did the same thing?! So fucking sick and i'm sure the payoff wasn't worth it as I haven't heard or saw anyone even talk about it.
  3. At the NEW show in Rostraver (Pittsburgh) Enzo and Cass had a consistently long line of people to meet them paying $40 for an auto or $60 for Auto and picture. The line always had a good ammt of people waiting to meet them and I'm sure they made a good ammt of $$. Stroman could do this and maybe power slam a local indy guy every 2 weeks and make some bank if AEW or NJPW don't want him. Why go back to WWE? I questioned Hero, I question Zelina,. Why go back to a place that didn't want you the first time? Especially when it's only been 2 months. Companies don't suddenly admit "oh we fucked up come back to us" And even if they did why would you want to go back?
  4. Kingston apologized but I think he was forced to. Could be wrong. I love Norm Connors and it wasn't his fault or responsibility. It was all on Eddie. There are better ways to get heat. I know a lot of people root for him as if he's the underdog but I lost a shit ton of respect for Kingston that night.
  5. The Hero- Kingston beef definitely started with Marciano. Claudio and Hero are like brothers so it's natural that he would have Hero's back. I remember Hero saying that his whole life is wrestling and questioned Kingston's commitment. This was back in 04 or 05. My wife used to enjoy wrestling. Not a huge fan but would watch it with me, knew enough of it to know who was who. I took her to a show that had AJ vs Punk, Southern Comfort vs Midnight Express, Sabin vs SJK, just a stacked card. Our own @Gormanwas on commentary I believe. Well long story short Kingston fell outside the ring and landed by my wife's feet. She backed up and he said "you should stay in the kitchen" no big deal. Well a few mins later he spat and it hit her. She was furious. To this day she refuses to go to a show. Fucking killed wrestling for her. Hero on the other hand is a different breed. I'd venture many of us spent time chatting with Chris back in the AOL messenger days. He was always polite and if he saw you at shows he always had time for pics or to chat. He could come off as a dick at times but all humans can. I was a huge fan of his early IWA-MS work and always wanted to see him get a good WWE or NJPW run. He and Claudio could have easily won tag league and been huge together in NJPW. WWE not bringing up Hero and tagging Shemus with him instead will always be a head scratcher to me.
  6. I have Xbox game pass and PS Now and feel i won't have to purchase as many newer games as both seem to cover a lot of ground. Xbox has all the Yakuza games including the newest like a dragon, they also have a deal with EA Access so you get all of the sports games. They just added the newest UFC. Between Game Pass and PSNow I feel set. The only game missing that i'd want right now is the newest RE.
  7. I bought the Ennis Omnibus books 3 of them and I instantly wanted to read more Punisher. The writing, the art, I was hooked. Ebay is a good place to find them. I bought all 3 for roughly $180 total. Also feel free to DM me as I have another option you may be interested in.
  8. Brian Myers vs Omega? That will put the asses in the seats. Does anyone possibly think Myers has a snowballs chance in hell of winning this?
  9. So for all the positive feedback coming out of MITB Raw just killed it all. My timeline was littered with Raw hate. I'd venture to say 90% of the fanbase thought Becky would close out the show with a stare down with Charlotte. Nope. The ending was just weird. How many weeks until Karrion Kross becomes "Kross" maybe that's why Nikki Cross had the name change. Vince must have saw Jeff Hardy trending Sunday and figured the fans wanted to see him pushed. Only way to explain his win. Keith Lee coming back in his home state to lose a non title match is pure WWE. Think about this guys and gals, WWE is promoting their biggest summer show on a 60+ yr old man and a less than part timer. This is what happens when you refuse to make new stars. How jealous must Pritchard and Dunn be of HHH. They kill everything he creates. Kross, Lee, half of the women, Andrade, Black, they split American Alpha prior to the injury. it's the reverse Rumplestiltzkin effect. Everything HHH turns to gold they turn to shit. How do you end Summerslam to send the crowd home happy? Cena isn't beating Roman, Goldberg winning would be a huge mistake unless Big E cashes in on him which is really the only viable option that would make sense. I can't possibly see the women main eventing a show that has Cena-Reigns on the card.
  10. Get A DUI get rewarded. Sounds about par for the course. I guess they stopped catering to the stockholders.
  11. I was at the Juice/NZO match and it wasn't too bad. Before the show you could meet Sgt. Slaughter, Carlito, Lex Luger, Sam Adonis, NZO, Cass, and a few others. Poor juice had 0 line at all. Was the modern day Virgil.
  12. This was exactly my thought as well. Flip lost but gets a title shot at the next show? Makes zero sense. If he couldn't win this match why would anyone think he could beat Bandido? They have done this all the way back to Gabe and it's head scratching to me. Otherwise it wasn't a bad show. Taven and Vincent in a cage to main event a show? Not sure how well that well draw. They should have had that match in the Boston area.
  13. A couple more to add would be Rick Rude, and Mr. Perfect. Rude had decent matches with Warrior. Some could argue some of Warrior's best work. His work with Sting was great, his work with Steamboat was great, hell the Jake feud wasn't bad either. Mr. Perfect had excellent matches with Bret, Shawn, Warrior, and Hogan. Almost a WWF version to Flair where he could make whoever he was in the ring with look better. Dare I also add one of my favorite's as a kid and say Ted Dibiase. Million Dollar Man could go. Was one of the great in ring WWF Heels, but his pre-WWF work is stuff of legend as well.
  14. I was lucky enough to meet Paul. Was a nice guy to me. The crowd heckled him because his in ring promo took awhile too long and it was sad to see. I was also at Fall Brawl 2000 when he was injured Always a fan of his and he had one of if not the best piledrivers in the business. RIP Paul.
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