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Your 2019 Internet Matches Thread

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DJZ vs. Myron Reed is a match that has everything I love and hate about indy flippy guy matches.

There is something inherently wrong with Gringo Loco being from Chicago and coming out to a West Coast hip hop track.  I marked when they pointed out that Puma King is El Felino's son and Negro Casas's nephew.

As for the mystery partners:


Pillman Jr. picking with Davey Boy Smith Jr. as his partner was underwhelming.  It was too safe of a choice.

I figured that Dreamer would tag with Sandman and Sandman is 100% broken down, but I marked the fuck out anyway.


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The Hart Foundation rap track ain't half bad and the Teddy Hart / MJF match is an old school contrast of styles.

I still hate the Canadian Destroyer but Teddy's modified Lungblower spots are nice and hurty and he still has a sweet moonsault.

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Jordynne vs. Sonya was a nice Battle of the BBWs (I know, I know, settledownHollywood. Couldn't resist) only with a really shitty ending. There's a Fisherman's Buster in there that has to be seen to be believed.

I'm not sure which is worse: Orange's shirt or Stokely's pants

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