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  1. I think that Umaga/Cena might be one of JR's top 5 performances.
  2. Not to open a can of worms... Highest rated match in history? 6.25 Stars from Meltz.
  3. So.... anything being worked on?? Joshi? Canada? NWA?
  4. Saw something about a fan was kicked out of SD tonight for having a "JBL Bullied Me" sign? Can anyone confirm?
  5. The last 25 minutes of the PPV are the best thing they've done in years.
  6. The Miz is single-handedly carrying Talking Smack. I love every minute of it.
  7. So uh, quite the babyface turn for Bray? (How can the guy who just burned down another man's home and the grave of his dead sister... be the babyface in this?)
  8. I'd wanna be Brady's chiropractor come Monday morning. He's gonna be rich. Cha-ching!
  9. I read that as "Cold Shitter" and it'd be even more fitting for the Wyatts.
  10. Is it just me or was the boom mic under the ring ridiculously loud?
  11. I hope Doo Ho Choi comes out to a rendition of Shawn Michaels' theme song "He's just a sexy Choi.."
  12. In a bit of positivity... I really have enjoyed the last few weeks of TV and the promos by Cole and O'Reilly. They always deliver, so I think the main event is gonna be real good, but I don't know if they'll pull the trigger on O'Reilly. ROH tends to have a habit of waiting til the ship has sailed on putting the ROH title on guys (Rollins, Davey, Elgin..) and if they're gonna do it, now's the time for O'Reilly.
  13. Jimmy Jacobs also deserves a fruit basket for coming up with Chris Jericho's List gimmick. SEND HIM ALL THE FRUITS.
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