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  1. Pitcher Mike Marshall, the first reliever to win the Cy Young, dead at 78.
  2. As if I ever scrolled down that far in the Sports folder. I mean, there are sections of the board that I am never-ever-ever going to go into. Apparently, scrolling down the sports folder is one of them.
  3. Rippa and my favorite thing of the day is New Era already pulling the Local Market hats. Never forgotten, Local Market hats. Never forgotten.
  4. Since this encompasses both the Baseball and Pro-Football Reference sites, Sports Reference announced they are no longer going to list players predominantly by offensive nicknames. I'll warn you, if you decide to check out the post, some of the names are...harsh.
  5. CHRIS SIMMS #9!!!!! is still one of the greatest things to ever happen on this board. Poor crazy, Rich.
  6. Trust me, I come here to bury Ohio State not to praise them. But some of the same things that can be said about Ohio State QB's can be said about Alabama QB's since...post-Richard Todd? If we're being honest with ourselves, Alabama QB's have been equally as bad in the pros in the past 15-20...(even 40?)years or so as Ohio State QB's. Tua may change things. Or Tua might be the result of Alabama producing really good (if fragile) WR's. Who can be sure? All things being equal, you'd probably want Fields over Mac Jones based purely on athleticism. Personally, I wouldn't be keen on taking a first round flier on either - and I'm a Raiders fan who knows all about bad first round picks. But why Mac Jones is getting a "game manager" rap and moving up the charts while Fields has gotten...a lot of dog whistling blown his way is...curious. Predictable, but curious. The one thing I think Jones DOES have as an advantage over Fields - and it's the 30000 ton elephant in the room - Big 10+ football is not very good. At all. Locally I get the smoke blown up my butt about how Ohio State dominates the greatest football conference in the history of pigs sacrificing skins. But the Big 10+ is really really really really bad. So it's possible scouts are looking at game film and realizing just how poor the level of play in the Big 10+ is and Jones is getting some credit for playing in the SEC - you'd think that might count for something. I'm not sure if playing in the SEC should vault Jones up that high given that he didn't look like anything special to me. But hey, what do I know?
  7. EdA


    Bingo. My gut says this is far more because of gambling (and to a lesser extent fantasy) interests than the league giving a crap about pissing off fans or the networks.
  8. Bobby Brown (no, not THAT one) who did basically EVERYTHING: middling Yankee player, doctor, veteran of two wars, AL President - dead at 96.
  9. Steph did an interview with Bloomberg on it. Believe what you'd like
  10. This. Not to mention comp tapes that had...questionable....video quality. *cough*Bixelvision*cough*
  11. EdA


    You're stretching the definition of "good" with regards to Grady Jackson. But I get the point.
  12. EdA


    I'll give him until Week 4 before he gets injured or just vanishes. But sure, FINALLY A REPLACEMENT FOR KHALIL MACK!
  13. EdA


    Can I admit that I had never heard of DJ Chark until this thread? Mind you, that probably says as much about my general disinterest in the NFL and total lack of awareness the Jags even exist as it does that Chark is good/not good. And there really is something great about Nise Shane McMahon's twitter feed being a mix of him yelling at people about trade rumors and AEW hype/apologies. I now kinda want Mark Davis to start a money mark fed too since god knows he couldn't run that any worse than the Raiders.
  14. Rippa will punch me for bumping a thread dead for 3 months... TCM is revisiting some movies with...issues...this month. https://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/020930?source=Block
  15. I'll have to find it again. There was a ton of obscure-ish stuff. I know he put on Johnny Cash's pilled-up song about the Boa Constrictor. God bless Youtube: And he felt the need to put on a song by Hank's widow that was...so not very good.
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