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  1. So, with everyone refusing to go along with Rick's plan to exterminate every last termian, and then them showing the flashback to the Termians as prisoners in Terminus, this season is going to have the surviving Terminus guys going for revenge on Rick's group, isn't it?
  2. So Ziggler wrestled Orton on Raw, and then Rollins on Smackdown. They're doing six-mans with Cena/Ziggler/Ambrose vs Orton/Rollins/Kane soon, aren't they?
  3. Well the Jets are having a joke of a season, but the Giants seem to be doing vaguely sort of alri... wait, wrong football.
  4. I've had 4 exotic weapon bounties. Even completed one of them. Plus I already had two Exotic weapons I just found, and three or four more legendaries. Oh, and I've not played this game since Friday night and maybe won't again.
  5. I watched Twin Peaks when it was first on, and then again about ten years ago when it was on the Sci-Fi channel (which was still called that then). Making a massive chess piece to not hide a body in creeped me out the first time I saw it... seemed like a lot of unnecessary effort in the re-watch. Probably says more about me than the show though.
  6. For some reason, in the update they changed it so you can only wear Crash Helmets if you've got short hair. Which I didn't know, and was wondering why all my non-Bulletproof helmets had disappeared... then I went back to the Miley-Hawk hairdo. Only it's red this time. I also got the Hakouchou. Orange and Black, because it's stripy.
  7. Actually completed an Exotic Weapon bounty, got Super Good Advice (Exotic Machine Gun). So I now have exotics in all three Weapon categories. Which is stupid, because I can't use more than one at once. I also have two exotic helmets, thanks to Xur and his engrams. One has wings.
  8. There was this women's magazine in the shop a couple of days ago, with Kate Winslet on the cover. It described her as Hollywood's Greatest Rulebreaker (meaning she's not like other Hollywood actresses or something... naturally I took it was meaning the Kayfabe word for Heel in Apter mags) or some such... which put me on a tangent about how you could change her films to make her the heel. The first one I thought of was that she sank the Titanic on purpose because she wanted to steal that necklace, and kill Billy Zane at the same time. Everyone else was just collateral damage.
  9. Because...? Christian Bale's best performance ever was in Velvet Goldmine. He manages to play the same character at two very different ages, at two very different stages of his life, and totally convince as both. At no stage does the movie actually allow him to engage in any fireworks, a lot of the time he's the cypher for the audience who sees these incredible events unfolding before him (or hears about them having happened years later, without having been aware at the time), but he's still able to bring the watcher along with him on the story. Also, Toni Collette is much better looking in real life than any of the characters she's ever played on film are. Like Lena Headey, really.
  10. Didn't Cameron pitch the original Terminator movie with Lance Henricksen in the room being the Terminator?
  11. I would kill for that much Ascendant Energy. That, Ascendant Shards, and 176 Helium Filaments (and 48 Spirit Blooms, but that's easy) are the only things standing between me and full advancement. All I ever get is blue weapons. I've already got purple or yellow in everything. Just got the Exotic Weapon bounty for a yellow machine gun too, which I'll actually complete this time because 1) It's the one thing I want and don't have, and 2) You can complete the bounty without once stepping foot in the Screwcible.
  12. In the latest FSM, they're interviewing a bunch of guys about the video game. Cesaro mentions that it was new to him to go and do mo-cap for his own moves, because every time he'd done motion capture for WWE games before (he signed for the company), he'd been copying actual then-current WWE Wrestlers. Which makes you want to go and play old WWE games and see which computer versions of Wrestlers do their moves better than the real wrestler did. Wouldn't surprise me at all to discover Cesaro is better at being Miz than Miz is.
  13. Last night, I had earned 76 Vanguard marks that week. So I started doing Strike Playlist Eagle. Two striketeams I was on spawned into public events. One of them, we were doing the tone with the tanks on Mars. We had to stop the target, and three of us were already in Cabal tanks, which had also respawned... about nine guys in the area, and the lowest level guy around was level 24. Easiest gold I ever got. Got the achievement for max Marks in a week off that. Also, I remembered my PSN password. I can finally actually join the clan, and read all them Grimoire cards I've got. I have done Devil's Lair 33 times so far.
  14. The Milk Cup? How are you using the internet?
  15. The UFC roster is HUGE now. Not too many years ago, they had considerably fewer than 100 fighters (across five weight classes) under contract. Now they have over 100 fighters in the lightweight division. All those shows they do, between Fox specials and Fight Pass shows, lots of fighters who'd have been out the door before are now getting semi-final matches on main cards.
  16. I never got a licence, never learned. It never appealed to me... I had one lesson when I was 17, and it started to give me the fear. So I stopped. Besides which, I work in a Petrol Station, and have for years. You see all these athletic looking teenagers turning up on foot to buy stuff every week, and then they get older and start turning up in cars, and a couple of months later, they don't look athletic any more. And that's when you realise... driving makes you fat. I always wondered why I was the guy who din't get ill, when everyone else does, why I'm the guy who feels warm in a room everyone says is cold. Like as not, it's because I walk to work, work standing up, and walk home again.
  17. Maybe he thought he was a boxing judge in Germany, so he scored most rounds to the home fighter... meanwhile the other judge gives Story all 5 rounds, with a 2 pointer (in the 4th probably). Which was how I had it.
  18. My character was wearing the green camo jacket and Darth Paintball mask, with a sequined miniskirt and heels. Because so many people were committing to the paintball look, it made sense to make it ridiculous. Changed now, obviously. I've committed to my character being female by changing her look every five minutes.
  19. That's tragedy, that's completely different. Complaining works best in situation comedy if you're laughing at, rather than sympathising with, the complainer, no?
  20. I ran Voidwalker until I'd fully levelled up all the Voidwalker skills, then started switching to Sunsinger to cash bounties... and eventually to do patrols and low level stuff. Now I've got full advancement on Sunsinger as well, and I never switch back to Voidwalker any more. If you're intending to be a Sunsinger, be a Sunsinger. There's a trophy for fully advancing each class, there's no trophy for fully advancing one class twice.
  21. Once, months ago, Havoc said to me that LTS's were better than Deathmatches because they had a tactical dimension to them that deathmatches lacked. I replied that the problem was that if someone got a bullshit kill on you in a Deathmatch, you had plenty of opportunity to avenge it, whereas in an LTS, you were stuck watching your teammates screw it up for everyone. The event weekend playlist, that you have to do if you want the special mask, is five LTS's. They are all best 2 out of 3 matches... so it takes about an hour. Lots of which is spent watching your teammates lose for you after you died in screwy fashion. The second one is guys on Skyscrapers vs guys in Buzzards. We lost the first round when the last man standing (me) got blown up by a rocket that was nowhere near me... although we would have lost on time limit anyway, because half of their team stayed on the ground. Then in the second round, I get into the back seat of the chopper, planning on parachuting out and shooting them in the back while they were looking up. We fly high up over the skyscraper, the pilot sets off on what would have been a good strafing run if he'd had the sense to use the guns (instead he fired one rocket, missed everyone and took a boatload of bullets to the engine for his trouble), I jump out, and... my parachute doesn't open, and I die from falling onto the roof. And then I get to watch a bunch of random idiots not know how to fly helicopters for a few minutes. Fucking joy.
  22. The issue isn't "Should rich people complain?". The issue is"Should people complaining constitute entertainment?"
  23. Tried playing a little earlier (wanted to do the weekend playlist but it wasn't letting me). Kept going "Argh! Destiny buttons!" when I tried to kill people but just changed weapon and went into cover. Or when I tried to run and started sneaking. Game was being weird anyway. Every fastest lap was a World Record again. Did a series of jobs, did an open invite in the lobby to give myself time to go to the toilet, and when I came back it was on the choose vehicle screen but everyone else had left. Then I lost connection on the second lap. I think my Modem's dying already.
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