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  1. Sooooo best matches in the tournament to check out? I don't mean to be lazy or anything, but I just sat through the entire goddamn BOSJ
  2. So I know that DDT is going to allow fans to cheer at their big show coming up. Am I missing anything else? I heard that there was crowd noise in Sendai during the BOSJ.
  3. So any update on the crowd noise deal?
  4. Honky was completely justified here. I would do the same thing if some coked-up redneck cosplaying as Magnum TA keep calling me an idiot, making fun of my name and sticking a goddamn snake in my face, all while in front of a nationally televised audience, I'd knock his ass out with a guitar too.
  5. There are some wrestling fans that make me sometimes question why I got into it in the first place... Yeah, that's all well and good, except....
  6. So I was reading up on Mil Mascaras after someone brought up the match he had with Foley in 1990. Apparently a lot of promoters tried to get him to put over their champions cleanly, and that didn't work for him, brother. Also, apparently he wasn't too keen on selling for his opponents. Are there any examples of this floating around on video?
  7. When I was doing ring crew at a Lucha show in Phoenix not too long ago, in the main event a guy named Perrush-K wound up winning the match and the title, but in the process bled buckets. Yeah, it was real fun cleaning up the ring afterwards ? So we started talking about Muta scale matches, and the usual suspects came up (Heavenly Bodies vs Thrillseekers, Eddie Guerrero vs JBL, etc). But this young 20-year-old kid told me about this match that I'm posting here Maybe I'm way late to the party, but I never knew that Luchadores could get downright violent like this! I mean, I read a lot of history and all, but I've never seen it until now. And I gotta say, the selling in this match is Valentine levels of believable. So now I wanna see more, dammit! DVDVR, please help me to find more good stuff like this.
  8. I've heard it said that in 2000 when The Rock and HHH were feuding, Rock would stick to the bullet points in promos and segments, but Triple would be unprofessional and fly off the handle. Are there any clear examples of this on WWF TV?
  9. I don't know if this has been asked before here, but what are the bloodiest matches in the mainstream offices in Japan (NJPW, AJPW, NOAH)? Besides the obvious Hase-Muta and Nagata-Sasaki.
  10. Had to revive this thread. I don't watch WWE at all anymore, but this was an asswhoopin for the ages. The welts!!
  11. Wait, is THAT why I haven't heard from Koji in years? What the hell did he do? While we're on the subject of news from the past, I just came across this match from NOAH Departure at The Egg. I read on Wikipedia that All-Japan worked with them on this show. Does anyone know what led to them working together? Did the old widow stepping down and let Mutoh right the ship have something to do with it?
  12. I'm leaving this link here under the assumption that everyone here has NJPW World..... http://njpwworld.com/p/s_series_00121_1_10
  13. Hell yeah! After I watch the NJ Cup tonight, I'll definitely watch this.
  14. Saw the official Muta thread, so I thought I'd start one for my favorite of the Three Musketeers. Chono was my favorite ever since I saw him on a tape I got as a kid when he beat Rick Rude in the G1 Climax, but when he became Yakuza Chono it really shot him up in my eyes, and it pissed me off when he was treated like a ham-and-egger in WCW. Not even in a "oh he deserves a push" way, just doing more than he did there. I came across this clip of him telling Chins McMahon that the ring smells like shit, which is funny considering that NJPW is cleaning the ring in the middle of shows now.
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