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  1. Something, something different eras... This is the most mind blowing stat: DeGrom has 5 RBI's this season at the plate while only conceding 4 earned runs all season on the mound.
  2. Like the 1995 Western Conference Final was the "real" final? I mean Tampa is the defending champion and the Isles have one of the greatest coaches of all time and a home ice that is the hockey equivalent of playing in Estadio Azteca or Parkhead when the huns visit.
  3. People need to understand that they only have 45 minutes to work with and thus can't fit in every single detail. It was like the Sir Alex doc I watched a few days ago that was just released where it would've been impossible to fit every single thing he ever did into a 100 minute doc.
  4. Advertising one of the worst most destructive vices imaginable that predominantly targets the poor and destroys lives was morally fine but their use of scantily clad women in marketing was just completely unacceptable.
  5. So I guess Japan is no longer part of the world per HHH.
  6. If Chris Candido was still with us he wouldn't want any because he hates needles: Watch this untill the very end for a big surprise appearance by a living legend you never saw coming.
  7. This is what happens when a wrestling promotion no longer has to worry about drawing money and only has to produce content and cash checks.
  8. Here's video of Bruce Cassidy' postgame press conference:
  9. And the match being halted over anti gay slurs, don't forget that.
  10. That was so dark that I tossed on Faces Of Death afterwards to lighten the mood.
  11. And the fact that not even Patrick Steffan would've failed to put that puck in the back of the net.
  12. Did you know why they changed colors? They were the colors of the new owners company Adelphia. Those owners went to prison in the biggest financial fraud case in US history and nearly killed the Sabres in the process.
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