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  1. Danhausen/OC vs THE ASS BOYS= SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm not naming anything because it's stupid pointless and idiotic thing to debate and I don't feel like wasting valuable time on such a thing. And BTW he didn't "steal" a touchdown, the refs did something idiotic that had no effect on the play and had it been overturned it would've been a legit injustice. Stealing a victory would be doing something like a baseball team setting up an elaborate scheme involving banging garbage cans to steal signals.
  3. Winning playoff games for a team that has been a synonym for miserable godforsaken laughingstock since Paul Brown died 30 years ago? Ranting about "elite skill" is the type of worthless idiot's delight nonsense you hear on these godawful sports radio shows in the few moments they aren't talking about gambling.
  4. Put either of them behind the Bengals offensive line and see what happens. Hell put Tom Brady in his prime in that position and see what happens.
  5. You are aware of the fact that he just led a team to multiple playoff victories that had none in over 3 decades playing behind arguably the worst offensive line in the entire league right?
  6. Wide Right No Goal Music City Miracle Delay Of Game On Brian Campbell And The First Pick Of The 2015 NHL Draft Goes To God's never forgiving us for the McKinley assassination.
  7. Seeing Shannon Hogan announcing it in the post game and fighting like hell to not just completely break down on air was just awful and painful to watch.
  8. Instead of nonsensical name calling and insults provide an argument that refutes what I said. The problem is that you can't. He infuriated the New Japan people with his crap "shoot" angle he didn't tell them about that took all the attention away from the planned angle of Yano stealing the belts. You can tell they were annoyed because New Japan never sent any of their guys over to work ROH shows ever again. Not coincidentally ROH pretty much never drew a good crowd by indie standards ever again.
  9. I wish instead of everyone on Twitter tweeting "Fuck Bully Ray" everyone instead pointed out how he really is THE guy most responsible for killing off ROH by pissing off NJPW (having access to their talent was essentially their bread and butter) with his complete idiocy at the MSG Supershow.
  10. Hogan doing to Warrior what he essentially did to Sting 17 years later (Manipulate it so that he essentially buried the guy he "put over") was what sunk Warrior right off the bat.
  11. Your NHLOLOLOLOL Play of the Night:
  12. Prince Nana has responded by RAISING TAXES!!!!!!!!
  13. The fact that Yano has not been inducted with 100% of the vote is an unforgivable crime against humanity.
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