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  1. Punk would never go for it but a feud between the two would end up being incredible because everyone knows the story and that they legit hate each other after having been best friends.
  2. Best way to describe the show is that it was essentially the legendary Canadian Stampede IYH PPV (nothing but really good to great matches) only twice as long.
  3. By "Peak Ovie" I refer to Ovie's first 4-5 years in the league when he was essentially a human highlight reel and you couldn't keep your eyes off him. That was Mogilny as a Sabre.
  4. He absolutely was before the injuries. I remember my dad who was a Rangers fan telling me Mogilny was the one player he felt was literally worth the price of admission to see alone. Honestly if Patty's # is retired (and the fact that it is quite defensible IMO) than Mogilny's should be as well. In fact we should do it if for no other reason than to shame the committee into inducting him in 2023.
  5. I don't have an issue with a borderline guy getting in who happens to be the face of an entire franchise the way he is for the Sens as I feel that counts for something. I have a real issue with one of the most significant players in hockey history who was Peak Ovie 15 years before Ovie (Go look up the footage of Mogilny from back then for a real treat) not getting in again.
  6. The committee members can all go die in a fire for snubbing Mogilny AGAIN.
  7. PARTY IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Guys, I just came up with a great idea: Show opens up with Danhausen coming out to the ring and apologizing for accidentally cursing the show and then announcing he is now uncursing it and now everyone can enjoy the show.
  9. Everyone missed THE blockbuster move by Utah:
  10. If you want a fun/ interesting thing to do go through all the back issues on the WON site and see how many people in The Reader's Page you recognize.
  11. Who could it possibly be other than Claudio? There's nobody else I can think of who could fit the bill that the fans wouldn't completely shit all over
  12. If Danielson can't do the match against ZSJ I came up with a brilliant backup plan to save the show:
  13. A Sabres beat writer once put it best: "Apparently there are only 40 or so people in the entire world who are qualified to be an NHL head coach".
  14. Does AJPW streaming service work with Chromecast with the little icon on the video you press to cast it like Wrestle Universe or NJ World? If it does I probably sign up on the first.
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