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  1. You have no idea how much I hated the attempted interference spot. The entire point of a cage is that it should make interference impossible because if it doesn't then cage matches mean nothing.
  2. Anyone note the city he debuted the name on Raw tonight in...
  3. Generally when I'm joking with someone I don't blast them with enough force to send them flying backwards 15 feet in a place with a serious risk for something bad to happen (as someone who worked the chains at HS football games for 15 years I know this first hand) so even giving him the benefit of the doubt (which is still hard for me to believe after watching the clip) that was incredibly stupid.
  4. How was this cretin not kicked off the team and out of the school the second after he did that? That was a no doubt about it criminal act and the idea the guy will face no consequences for his actions is ridiculous.
  5. You mean a "quack sports doctor" who not only prevented a Bills player who suffered a horrific neck injury from ending up a paraplegic but in fact saved his life. Seriously you can shit on the Sabres for so many things but their current medical advisors (who they share with the Bills) are not one of them.
  6. Flashback to the most famous moment in Columbia Football history besides the Rose Bowl in the 30's (ff to the 25 minute mark of the video):
  7. Here's why I am: Columbus is Alexa's home town so do they embarrass her like they usually do or do they learn from AEW and Britt Baker?
  8. Only way that comment works if it's to set up a punchline about how they wouldn't sell getting hit by the cars (I think the people who crap on the Bucks are ridiculous but if you are going to do it at least show some wit).
  9. Remember all of those low IQ morons/wastes of flesh mocking DC for crying after he was beaten by their chemically enhanced hero? I guess in the end DC really won.
  10. Now I want to go on a Lee Ellia level obscene tirade on what absolute bullshit it is that neither Ken Anderson or Ken Riley are in the hall and how I hope Paul Brown's ghost haunts all of the stupid bastards who failed to put them in.
  11. Simple solution: Sabres agree to allow him to get the disc replacement but he agrees that if it fails and he can no longer play he only gets a fraction of the $50 million guaranteed him. That's the biggest issue: if he does that surgery it voids the insurance on his contract and the team gets to toss $50 million straight into the Niagara River.
  12. I'm still upset that when she got injured they didn't do a storyline reason for her absence that her visa expired and she had to go back to her home planet until it could be renewed.
  13. The one guy I am stunned AEW didn't sign is Danhausen. I honestly think he'd end up an even bigger star than Orange Cassidy and that would be no small feat.
  14. Might have something to do with having to play behind the absolute worst line in the league. After the game the players and coaches flat out admitted they knew they could've torched the Bears secondary going long but had to rely on short quick passes so Burrow wouldn't end up being killed. Why the team didn't move heaven and earth to fix it this offseason is a great question.
  15. Great Yano > Great Muta Demon Yano > Demon Balor
  16. I am a huge Dreamer fan and he's just about the nicest guy I have ever met but yeah, he did himself no favors with this.
  17. As someone who was there I can tell you that almost any face who wrestled Cole last night would've been booed because they loved the guy. Another thing is that they only had shirts for select guys (like 5 or 6 including Danielson, Punk and Cole) and everything shirt wise except a secondary "I Was There" event design had all been sold. From what I saw the Cole shirts were selling as brisk as the aforementioned duo. Edit: Also Janella and Kiss had a match on Dark worth going out of your way to see.
  18. But to be fair just the fact they were running a building that large suggested that he had stuff lined up for it.
  19. Essentially they sold a home game to an opponent like the 2018 Winter Classic. May God rot those tumors on the sport of pro hockey Terry and Kim Pegula, there aren't enough words in the English language to express my visceral and seething hatred towards those incompetent morons.
  20. We had a giraffe angel looking over us today. For you Burreaux, forever our hearts!
  21. He DID lose!!!!
  22. Can someone kindly tell me where I can get one of the Tanzania giraffe kits???
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