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  1. My wrestling hot take is that over the last few years WWE effectively killed the town. They were positioned absolutely perfectly. All of those attitude era wrestling fans were now entering their prime earning years with disposable income and young children. The indies/performance center had produced a talent surplus. The tv/streaming wars would give them more money for programming than they could imagine. Yet between endless bad press, boring/bad tv and ignoring the audience they managed to turn off most of their fan base.
  2. I think about someone like Wesley Blake. Two years in the business he gets signed. Probably thinks he's on the verge of stardom. This is the beginning of Obamas second term. He then toils in nxt through the entire second half of his 20s and beginning of his 30s. Almost a decade playing grabass in Florida during his prime wrestling years waiting for his break. WWE doesn't owe him money or an opportunity but what an indictment of the developmental system.
  3. Perhaps, but what about the rise of the underfaker? And Kane getting the rub by storyline killing his brother.
  4. What's interesting about Sid is how many stints he had in each company over a decade. (3 WCW, 2 WWF) If he debuted for the 15-20 year period where WWE was the only major promotion he probably flames out in 6 months to a year and is never heard from again.
  5. The way I see this all playing out is Peacock likes the idea of WWE running monthly ppvs and pushing that they are exclusive to the streaming service. I don't see any reason why they would have real interest in any of the other content. Perhaps some of the originals. All of it kind of bums me out. I remember the promise of what I thought the Network was going to be. Idealistically, I thought WWE would finally provide a home for the most diehard of fans that had been brushed off in pursuit of ratings success.
  6. We're talking about 1986 in Florida. I picture him putting on karate demonstrations in middle of nowhere dive bars on the regular. It's not much of a surprise if you think about it. Don't forget... he was the only wrestler trained by Ric Flair.
  7. What I both love/hate about wrestling is there is a hierarchy of how much a move hurts that has no relationship with reality. 5-10 unprotected punches to the head are just a transition to the real move which is a safe looking throw. Or how it must be accepted as a given that a heels foreign object will knock out the face.
  8. What hit me while watching the mens rumble is we're experiencing a change in how WWE does business. In the past, as much as WWE wanted to rely on old-timers with name recognition, they were hampered by the fact that they were running 200 house shows per year and needed performers on top who could actually bump/work. No broken down "legend" could keep up with that kind of schedule. That's why the legends would only come around for the big shows. They couldn't handle the road. It's also really difficult in front of a live audience to hide that a wrestler can't go. Now we're in this weird ag
  9. Whether it's movies, tv, music, sports, etc., there's this constant promotion and hype of everything that is new. One day you realize it's far more entertaining to throw on a random WCW ppv or superstars versus trying to sit through a boring Raw you have no investment in. Which brings me to my next point. While Greg Valentine may have a visually unsettling bodytype, what a fun wrestler to watch.
  10. I look at Rollins as a recipient of the HHH push. He has had a sustained push from the moment he was on the roster. He is always featured prominently whether or not the fans are entertained by what he is doing. It doesn't matter if he is a ratings black hole or if the house show business is in the toilet, you can count on Rollins getting a featured spot.
  11. I've been thinking a lot about this point the past few days and how it applies to the issues we as a society are coming to terms with right now. If it's an open secret in your organization, industry or social circle that someone is human garbage and you have chosen to remain silent because it doesn't effect you, the silence benefits you or the silence protects the strength/cohesion of the unit, are you any better? I understand that in some ways it is human nature to turn a blind eye and if you pointed the finger at anyone who had a whiff that something was afoul and did nothing there may not
  12. Steiner is a case of someone who didn't nail his character until he was half broken down. So I think people fantasize of what it would of looked like if he put all the pieces together five or six years before. I was trying to think of other examples of wrestlers who fell into this category. Mark Henry?
  13. During all of the recent craziness I've spent far more time perusing the network than I have in the past. While I can always find something to watch, it is hard to comprehend how six (6) years into the network so much classic content is still missing. Why is there only a year or two of WCW Saturday Night or Superstars? Where is the rest of Primetime? Where are the syndicated shows?
  14. Jericho has had exactly the type of career he should've had. He's one of the rare types who every once in a while gets a hot hand and knows exactly how to run with it.
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