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  1. I really hope that JIN being done doesn't mean that we're not getting more Ayato Yoshida in All Japan, because there's no where near enough 2AW that makes the internet for me to get enough of him.
  2. I've generally found the AJPW shows to be about the most watchable of empty arena shows. Partially because of how 2AW Square is as a building, all the shows I've seen from there have felt pretty solid, but also just the booking has been such a contrast from NOAH (I've enjoyed some of NOAH, especially Shiozaki's title defences, but god, they really are just running like business as usual, reacting like there's a crowd, doing 25 minute "epic" matches that'd have been better served with being closer to 10.), things have generally been snappy, it has felt a bit different from usual AJPW in present
  3. I was really into SANADA at some point last year & then it just stopped working. It doesn't help that the Skull End looks like complete dogshit, but I don't know, I thought he had it 12/15 months ago & now I really just find more & more to gripe about. Which is sort of the opposite of Taichi really (except him being good goes back to 2018). My own bracket is completely blown now as I had a final of Ishii vs Taichi which was probably always wish fulfilment on my behalf but I kind of justified with "they won't want to do a SANADA EVIL match with no fans" (because I wasn't aware
  4. Was looking for something entirely different but just spotted this thread & https://twitter.com/ArchiveLariato hs been uploading some SMASH shows over the last week. So far it seems like the 1st 6 shows are up.
  5. I'm sure I saw a tweet or something about Yuma announcing he wants to "takeover" & rebuild NEXTREAM, whatever that might mean. But I can't remember where I read it and there's at least a 25% chance my dumb memory just made it up. But I don't think I did.
  6. I'm pretty bummed that it's on a channel that somehow isn't available in north Scotland. (well, I assume it's on Sky but not on Freeview) As for whether you can watch it overseas? Well, I dunno. Try this link and if it works you can watch the show live (which would be Friday nights, 9pm GMT, so 5pm EST (until the clocks change in America and the time difference goes back to 5 hours, whenever that is). If the first 2 episodes are up online I certainly don't know where though.
  7. Huh, that's surprising. The reaction I've seen around Gage since his return has been overwhelmingly positive.
  8. It's so weird. Shit, even if you happen to like Russo's godawful vision of pro wrestling which features little to no actual wrestling, he doesn't seem worth fawning over. I like current NJPW but I'm not searching Twitter for anyone saying Gedo sucks.
  9. Because they'd have to a modicum of editing to remove or dub the music which Sinclair have probably decided isn't worth the time involved because why would anyone want to watch pre-Bullet Club ROH? I dunno how it wouldn't pop a few hundred subs at least but I have no idea what their margins are.
  10. This wouldn't be so dumb if most (all?) of the DVDs for the Gabe era weren't out of print. There are so many fucking hours of Bryan Danielson matches you can sell this service on. We're talking about one of the biggest names in wrestling this decade. Never mind all the other names who are big enough to sell this service on the back off. CM Punk. AJ Styles. Samoa Joe. Kevin Steen. El Generico. Claudio Castagnoli. Tyler Black. Nigel McGuinness even. It seems like it should be criminal that it's easier to watch IWA Mid South or Chikara or CZW from 2002-2006 than it is to watch Ring of Honor,
  11. I really loved that Ultramantis Black EP. Really hope there is some sort of follow up to it, it was just good solid fun. In fact I think Mr Zero was one of the guys who played on that record with UMB.
  12. Eh, speaking as someone with politics similar to Zack, he's hardly unique in having to make compromises to get along in life.We live in a capitalist society, many employers are at best amoral but you have to put food on the table and a roof over your head. And he's in his 30s now, the additional security of an extended contract with one of the biggest employers in his field is presumably good to have. Life as a freelancer is going to have to be pretty stressful.
  13. It's what you get for returning Piers Morgan to us instead of blasting him into space.
  14. The embarassing "I can't believe I didn't recognise him" for me was Samoa Joe. I could recognise almost everyone there except Massaro, Frantz & him. Oh, and Donovan Morgan but that surely doesn't count because you can't see half his face. But with Joe...I dunno, have I just never seen him smile? Now I see it it's really obvious & I can't work out how I never saw it.
  15. I've always thought he was a giant unflushable turd, but the actual moment I realised I despised him was the first time I heard that song he did which was basically a mashup of Werewolves of London & Sweet Home Alabama. God that was rancid. It's staggering just how utterly insipid it is. All Summer Long. Look it up, I don't want to go on Youtube and accidentally hear a bit of it.
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