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  1. Wasn't that pretty much every ref AEW has? I dunno, I thought if was the most enjoyable segment of the show: disappointed that Eddie didn't speak but then the way he handled it just made him come across as such a bad ass, "words aren't necessary, imma just beat your ass". The brawl didn't go too long, Miro started on top but Eddie took over and I was on the edge of my seat right to the end Definitely worked for me.
  2. Fuminori Abe squaring up to old man Fujiwara has the potential to be very fun. Big Japan not including Takuya Nomura among their offer match is a bit disappointing as he's routinely the best thing on their shows I check out. My other standout thought is "curse you DDT for giving me ANOTHER Yukio Naya match that I will sit through despite grumbling" Still looks like there should be fun stuff even some interpromotional interaction outside of the battle royales would have been fun. 2AW match should at least get some deserved eyes on them. Do we know if these shows will be on NicoPro or SamuraiTV?
  3. I really got into 2AW during the pandemic when there were few companies running last April. I quite like their roster for what it is but they've become hard to follow this summer. So I'll definitely settle for Yoshida wrestling more in All Japan & GLEAT.
  4. Apparently it was December 2016 against Cody in ROH. So kind of amazing he was able to go this long at this level. Extremely good wrestling
  5. I'm really looking forward to watching that show whenever NicoNico takes it from being a PPV to a regular "you get this for your NicoNico sub" show. Though I can't really say I understand how NicoNico works half the time, at least I've another reason for having it than just 2AW.
  6. I really hope that JIN being done doesn't mean that we're not getting more Ayato Yoshida in All Japan, because there's no where near enough 2AW that makes the internet for me to get enough of him.
  7. I've generally found the AJPW shows to be about the most watchable of empty arena shows. Partially because of how 2AW Square is as a building, all the shows I've seen from there have felt pretty solid, but also just the booking has been such a contrast from NOAH (I've enjoyed some of NOAH, especially Shiozaki's title defences, but god, they really are just running like business as usual, reacting like there's a crowd, doing 25 minute "epic" matches that'd have been better served with being closer to 10.), things have generally been snappy, it has felt a bit different from usual AJPW in presentation, obviously not everything has been a classic but just as watchable weekly wrestling goes I've been grateful for All Japan.
  8. I was really into SANADA at some point last year & then it just stopped working. It doesn't help that the Skull End looks like complete dogshit, but I don't know, I thought he had it 12/15 months ago & now I really just find more & more to gripe about. Which is sort of the opposite of Taichi really (except him being good goes back to 2018). My own bracket is completely blown now as I had a final of Ishii vs Taichi which was probably always wish fulfilment on my behalf but I kind of justified with "they won't want to do a SANADA EVIL match with no fans" (because I wasn't aware that the semi-finals were being live broadcast on BS Asahi) plus thinking that no way Hiromu beats another heavyweight, fool that I am. As it is, the 2 tournament matches tomorrow could be extremely good depending on how much of the LIJ match is spent in the Skull End.
  9. Was looking for something entirely different but just spotted this thread & https://twitter.com/ArchiveLariato hs been uploading some SMASH shows over the last week. So far it seems like the 1st 6 shows are up.
  10. I'm sure I saw a tweet or something about Yuma announcing he wants to "takeover" & rebuild NEXTREAM, whatever that might mean. But I can't remember where I read it and there's at least a 25% chance my dumb memory just made it up. But I don't think I did.
  11. I'm pretty bummed that it's on a channel that somehow isn't available in north Scotland. (well, I assume it's on Sky but not on Freeview) As for whether you can watch it overseas? Well, I dunno. Try this link and if it works you can watch the show live (which would be Friday nights, 9pm GMT, so 5pm EST (until the clocks change in America and the time difference goes back to 5 hours, whenever that is). If the first 2 episodes are up online I certainly don't know where though.
  12. Huh, that's surprising. The reaction I've seen around Gage since his return has been overwhelmingly positive.
  13. It's so weird. Shit, even if you happen to like Russo's godawful vision of pro wrestling which features little to no actual wrestling, he doesn't seem worth fawning over. I like current NJPW but I'm not searching Twitter for anyone saying Gedo sucks.
  14. Because they'd have to a modicum of editing to remove or dub the music which Sinclair have probably decided isn't worth the time involved because why would anyone want to watch pre-Bullet Club ROH? I dunno how it wouldn't pop a few hundred subs at least but I have no idea what their margins are.
  15. This wouldn't be so dumb if most (all?) of the DVDs for the Gabe era weren't out of print. There are so many fucking hours of Bryan Danielson matches you can sell this service on. We're talking about one of the biggest names in wrestling this decade. Never mind all the other names who are big enough to sell this service on the back off. CM Punk. AJ Styles. Samoa Joe. Kevin Steen. El Generico. Claudio Castagnoli. Tyler Black. Nigel McGuinness even. It seems like it should be criminal that it's easier to watch IWA Mid South or Chikara or CZW from 2002-2006 than it is to watch Ring of Honor, the superindy. Yeah, some matches are on the Youtube, yeah, some work would have to be done to dub licensed music out which would suck in its own way, but there's no way they don't sell more subs off the back of that part of the archive where ROH had so much more buzz. Give me a legal way to watch these shows that doesn't involve scouring Ebay.
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