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  1. So Chicago is officially the pro-wrestling capital of the world right? Only had time for two matches. Loved the shit out of Claudio and ZSJ. Zack’s stuff looks so good the crowd was biting on everything and Claudio looked a million bucks with the cuffs off. Just two great pro-wrestlers doing pro-wrestling stuff. Oh look, it’s the flippy guy having another MOTY candidate. I finally think people are beginning to realise what an incredible worker Will Ospreay has become. He just knows how to mix the ingredients. The way the match switched into another level was masterful. Never enough to be hokey and edited perfectly to hit the climax.
  2. He’s a helluva talent. That was a terrific match, the kind Ospreay delivers time after time with whoever he’s in the ring with. If they could get Wayne into Dragon Gate for a year he would benefit immeasurably. But with his youth he’s a licence to print merch money. They could totally do a 123 kid thing all over again with him.
  3. More Miyahara magic tonight. 25 minutes gone in the blink of an eye. Nothing flashy, all impact, both guys laying it all out and in for the duration. Matches like that deserve sold out arenas going batshit down the stretch.
  4. And there was I thinking the easy go to was ‘Dax carried the flippy guy’.
  5. My god Dax and Will was a vintage TV match. Absolutely flawless execution, heat and back and forth. Dax continually gets his deserved respect, but people are still seriously going to tell me Ospreay isn’t as good as there is? Please.
  6. Out of the box suggestion; how about destroying it and pretending this shit never happened?
  7. To be fair I don’t think the blood was planned although probably inevitable. Mox’s stitches opened up and as soon as he realised he just said fuck it, throw me into the ring steps.
  8. In terms of what he does and how he works, Punk’s perfect opponent is Tanahashi. Those two will kill it.
  9. ‘Look, we’ve only got ten so let’s just cut out all the basics and drop each other on our heads ok?’ Entertaining? Sure. Any good? Meh. On the upside the truncation meant it was probably less dangerous than my past experiences of watching Brooks nearly cripple himself or his opponent.
  10. For sure. No point making it into something and then blowing it straight off. Sell it all the way to the back, what a pro!
  11. Getting stuck was legit. Once he realised he got Bryce to call the shots and make something of it.
  12. How can you love Bryan Danielson any more? When he does things like this. Just brilliant.
  13. I love Lindaman but that jump start tope is paralysis waiting to happen. The clearance is marginal at best
  14. I have to catch up on a couple of matches but this was a damned great show. I really loved Dash and Michiko working headlocks and kicking the piss out of each other. Top three matches were all great but for the love of Shibata, tone down on the headbutts. Shingo v Kawakami will do just nicely, thanks for asking. I’d say it but DEAN will sue.. take it away squire…
  15. Absolutely. Nagata’s 2007 was better than many guys careers. He remains one of my top workers of all time. Everyone should get hold of the IWGP title blu ray box set volume that covers 2007. Especially given it includes the complete Nagata v Tanahashi rematch from October that was on my most wanted list for years. The Tana/Nagata matches from 2007 are damn near perfect pro-wrestling.
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