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  1. Given the limited schedule and no announcement on the next title defence it’s either a really serious injury or there’s more to this. Hope he keeps himself strong both in mind and body
  2. Will Ospreay is as good of a worker as there is, has been for the past three years. He has achieved that position through hard work and commitment and absolutely deserves his current standing.
  3. It’s got nothing to do with it. There’s a pecking order and a system within Japanese pro-wrestling. It’s simply Ospreay’s time for this shot/series. It’s not a slight on Shingo or indicative of his future.
  4. It has to be said that Mox and Kenny were having a helluva match for that style until the stretch. Everything died run-in on and was mute without crowd heat. Damned shame. I’m no fan of the cinematic but I enjoyed the hell out of the street fight. Great piece of film making and everyone looked a million bucks.
  5. So we are back to the singular glaring fact; don’t attempt things you can’t deliver on. It’s so painful to see them screw this up so badly. Your most hyped show in company history and confined to the history books as a punchline
  6. I can’t for the life of me understand why they didn’t have a seperate ring set up in the stadium and do it there. There must have been limitations for placed on them and they must have been fully aware of them. In which case a straight no rope barbed wire would have done the job just fine.
  7. Given the pyro from the turnbuckles I’m pretty sure that ending was intentional. As this is pro-wrestling I’m not surprised this was someone’s idea, what surprises me is that they somehow didn’t suspect every man and his dog shitting all over it. I mean seriously, how does that not drive punters away?
  8. As Uncle Dave said, it’s not a landmark but it might as well be given the history and location. All that back stock, would be a crying shame not to see someone try to take over.
  9. Surely the most depressing news of the pandemic. The time spent prior to shows being mesmerised by the sheer amount of puroresu books and magazines https://www.nikkansports.com/m/baseball/news/amp/202101090000663.html?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Steady Gordi, you know there’s a percentage of people who will actually believe that. Put some more sarcasm in there wouldya!
  11. Not really. We are living through a golden period of great workers and superior Athletes. The first Okada v Omega has basically become the template for today’s ‘great’ match. Storytelling, callbacks, length, that match will go down as one of the most important in history for multiple reasons. You can kinda take that as a measuring stick now working up to the 70 min forth match. It’s all subjective of course, apples and oranges. Dave’s just as critical as always, the standard is just that much higher. I’m sure if he went back he would probably push several matches higher up the scale but history is just that.
  12. It’s been a boozy ny. The point stands even if my brain doesn’t
  13. Anyone that thinks Omega v Ibushi won’t happen again is either not paying attention or has no grip on reality. It’s not if, it’s when
  14. Sigh. There really is nothing like the New Years puroresu glut. Jan 2 always a soft spot for me as it meant two trips to Korakuen followed by beer and steak. It’s really hard to get fired up about anything due to all the restrictions, but the AJPW tag title match on jan 2 is top of my list to look forward to.
  15. Thanks for that Gedo. NJPW honoured their relationship with ROH. Past that it’s been pretty well established that Meij didn’t want to do business with other groups. He’s gone now, the door is wide open. Once world travel begins again you can guarantee Gallows and Anderson, FTR, Omega etc will be taking dates in Japan. I guess Omega just happened to do Okada’s routine tonight? He doesn’t do anything by accident.
  16. Let’s just roll out the vaccine and start looking forward to Tokyo dome, jan 4,2022 already
  17. They totally need to shoot Omega v Mox at korakuen with the storyline of Kenny wanting the match on his terms in his back yard. Then they can stick around for the US title match at the dome and Kenny can begin the year build for next years dome with Ibushi.
  18. Both guys really came to play. The selling was top shelf and the home stretch Miyahara vintage. Great match is a great match but the vested interest would have certainly popped the blood pressure!
  19. Belting final match, Miyahara really is a master a work. Another one that would have totally torn the roof off with a full, vocal crowd
  20. I’m curious as to why the talk of fake laughing? It wasn’t Fallon. Seemed pretty clear that Schiavone and Excalibur were having a great time. If it wasn’t for you that’s fine. But if you wanted something genuinely creative and not at all taking itself seriously, job done. I’ve been laughing about it ever since. Now someone strap Corney to gimmick and alert the local facilities.
  21. That main event was DDT-tastic. Bonkers, creative and genuinely laugh out loud funny. Exactly what we needed after the last few days, and none of the cinematic trappings of the WWE or Hardy compound efforts. I like my wrasslin’ played straight but it’s pointless right now and I could watch that over and over. A billion stars. Genuine respect also for AEW taking the time to talk about Hana. Total class.
  22. Incredibly classy of AEW to take time out of their PPV to talk about Hana. Tony Khan doesn’t put many feet wrong.
  23. Her suicide tweet is literally one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. People just need to be better than this.
  24. I’m not sure the rights and wrongs of running shows right now, but Kento v Suwama was fkn tremendous
  25. I must confess, a rousing chorus of who gives a shit about Matt Hardy’ does my heart good. A bit of mid-card shtick with Chris Daniels is fine for what it will be. I guess we can pad time until Jeff is free for the match with the Bucks and then we can all move on to our jobs at the performance Center.
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