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  1. Bundy must be a waxer. One of the silky-smoothest dudes to ever step between the ropes. I'd wager that Bundy's pubes have never been seen by anyone except for the Best Western housekeeper who had to sweep them up every other morning.
  2. That Villano 4 match is probably the biggest miracle match of the year. V4 drags BDJr along kicking and screaming to a legit MOTYC. Peligro y violencia. Here's Demon vs. the best wrestler in the world
  3. Try this one, same teams but more of a brawl. If you don't like this then maybe modern CMLL isn't your thing. If you weren't aware, Tiger and Puma are Felino's sons and Cachorro and Black Panther are Blue Panther's boys.
  4. Punk always struck me as the kind of guy who loves to have fun. I bet he's going to be a great dad.
  5. I'm on my phone and I've been drinking since 6PM and I also meant Miguel Herrera but this has really made my evening. Thank you.
  6. The right photoshop editing and this would make a great poster with a caption like: "August 1969: Sgt. Slaughter stumbles on the Woodstock Festival and gets to work." You could have tried harder on this one. No Maradona GIFs for you today sir
  7. I actually asked him to do that. I said "I know you're not an Iraqi sympathizer anymore but is there any way you could lay me out with the Cannon and put me in the Camel Clutch?" but he wasn't into it.
  8. I can't top that ^^^ but here's pics of me and my girlfriend meeting Sgt. Slaughter at a minor league baseball game There's also one of us tying up collar-and-elbow but these pics are fucking huge so I'm gonna limit myself to just the two
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DVatI90jxfYc Dylan just posted this on Twitter. I haven't watch it yet but I bet it rocks
  10. I think Lawler said that they used to not keep the old Memphis TV tapes, which pretty much means that unless they find some guy in Covington TN that's been taping the Saturday morning show and keeping the tapes boxed up in his garage somewhere we'll never see those episodes. Yeah, no I get that. That's something most people who are digging into this stuff know coming in, that there's gonna be large gaps in footage. I'm just wondering if anyone ever compiled a list of what we do have.
  11. Check out this piece of shit. The Armstrongs and PG-13 are both feuding with the Mamalukes and so are the Harris Brothers I guess. The Harris Brothers pay off the Armstrongs and PG-13 or something, I don't know. None of this matters. Seemingly everyone in the match is wearing jeans and half of them have t-shirts on too. People keep tagging in members of opposing teams. Then you get the best part, when Vito and Johnny get tagged in against each other and Vito tries to pin his own partner. Then Zbysko says "That's a great plan, they would've won their own belts" and Scott Hudson starts trying to explain that apparently you can pin your own partner in a three-way tag and win the match as long as you're both legally tagged in. This is pretty much where I zoned out. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xsa2ol_mamalukes-vs-pg-13-vs-scott-and-steve-armstrong_sport
  12. Is there a list of all the Memphis episodes that are available somewhere? I'm watching on Youtube and there seem to be large gaps in 82 and 83 but a lot of stuff from those gaps appears to be on the Best of Memphis 80s discs from a couple years ago. Summer 1983 and the Lawler/Dundee feud episodes missing is odd to me as there's obviously a ton of footage there, but I can't find any of the episodes in full. So has anyone ever put a list together of all the episodes that we know exist? And also, where does the other footage on the Memphis set come from if not the Memphis TV shows?
  13. Scorp match is excellent and one of the best indy matches of last year. That three-way I posted is bad though, don't watch it. I could have done anything with those 8 minutes, I don't know what is wrong with me. It did leave me wanting to see Gresham v. Cruz in a singles. That's bound to have happened somewhere in Florida or Alabama or something right?
  14. Mike Cruz was one of the best guys on the indies last year I thought. I knew Rippa would post that Vordell match. v. Too Cold Scorpio v. Low Ki Most recent match I can find is this triangle match from some Georgia indy against Jonathan Gresham and Corey Hollis
  15. Everyone needs to get on that Busick vs Thatcher match immediately. I don't think I've ever seen Thatcher even mentioned on this board and he's one of the best wrestlers in the world. Busick is amazing too, and any fan of guys working holds and building logically to roughneck strike exchanges should be all over it. Top 5 MOTY and way better than anything from Japan this year.
  16. bucky

    2014 G1 Climax

    Haterz gonna hate.I like KUSHIDA well enough but that is truly an absurd statement. Weird. Wild.
  17. He was in at least one classic Battlarts tag and probably a half dozen other ones that I'm not remembering immediately. He always held his own against Ishikawa and Ikeda. I think there's an Ishikawa singles match that's good stuff too.
  18. bucky

    2014 G1 Climax

    KUSHIDA is ten times the wrestler that Ibushi is.
  19. When I used to backyard wrestle we had a guy named Maximus The Man's Man and that was his entrance theme. TNA should hire that guy.
  20. Everyone check out the main event. Omori's selling and Akiyama's dickishness. Very very good.
  21. Dixie went to the TNA Board of Directors to get him removed because he was abusing his power. Then when it worked she thought she was going to be back with full control of the company, but they decided to put it on Kurt instead. When we say RUCE You say SO
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