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  1. Wouldn't a simple body press accomplish the same thing?
  2. Is anyone really going to care at Wrestlemania when Cody comes out? I seriously rhink he will be met with a wall of apathy.
  3. This is by far in my top 5 favorite WCW moments. I remember it like it was yesterday still. It was pure brilliance. Man, I loved Regal back then. I really shouldn't have... but he was so brilliant.
  4. I think he was the Savage of his generation.. just without the top belt. He was bulletproof. People loved him even when they were supposed to hate him.
  5. Watching a match from the early 00s or 90s is a vastly different experience. Camera was pulled back more. You didn't see the gaping holes in holds or the light touches. It made for a better product. Camera zoomed in for facial expressions at the appropriate times and that was mainly it.
  6. In all seriousness- it isn't the bland product that really turned me off the WWE... it's all the damn camera cuts. It's incredibly annoying.
  7. One can only imagine this is in reference to the £80m refrigerator. Newcastle in desperation mode with Directors looking to bleed them of every £ They could spent £5m less on their defense and picked up 3 starters between Trippier, Burn, and the Loan / Future Transfer agreement for Targett.
  8. Was that the quasi-leader of the troupe with the short hair style? She was fly.
  9. Absolutely. If I was to choose between Cody and Regal to run a promotion- I would be betting my last cent on Regal to make it work. Regal would respect the tradition of ROH and not use it for ego stroking.
  10. I can't wait for the AEW Western States Heritage Brass Knuckle Championship.... that will only be defended east of the Mississippi.
  11. I did forget about that... and now I hate you for bringing that memory back up.
  12. Oh the Cow Palace was dire even back when WCW was running Superbrawl! It was built in the early 40s from what I remember. WWE does well in San Jose and Sacramento... do they still run Fresno?
  13. i might be wrong - but weren't both shows during hardcore covid restrictions? I could see AEW at the O.co... but the purist in me wants to see them at the Cow Palace. It would be much easier for me coming from Napa to hit up the Oakland Arena... I would definitely not go if it was at the Chase Center, as I avoid SF like the plague these days.
  14. It will be Wrestling at the Chase
  15. Regal probably had 10 years experience by thar point.
  16. Maybe she was having a bowl of quinoa during the Willow distraction.
  17. Hearing that theme blew my mind that it was available THE WHOLE TIME.
  18. Watts would also have an African American as his star attraction.
  19. Save for Hogan's first WCW theme his stuff is pretty epic dating back to his AWA run
  20. I think you underestimate how influential Rocky IV was to Gen X. Not only did it (temporarily) stop the Cold War, but it also influenced an entire generation of wrestlers in match buildup psychology.
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