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  1. I'd like to see Dark end up being their Saturday Night on TBS show.
  2. Is this retroactive? Is Lawler now a 45x World Champion?!
  3. Does the PWI recognize the ROH Championship as a World Title?
  4. It's really a shame Conan is no longer on TBS. The Danhausen / Conan crossover would have been fantastic.
  5. I think he hooks up with the NWA for a short period before anything
  6. Am I the only one wondering where this leaves Arn? We never got an Anderson double crossing a Rhodes in the 21st century!
  7. I'd take Stafford over Cam, Eli, Matty Ice, Romo... Dude played for the Lions. If he was a Packer he'd be compared to Brett Favre.
  8. Lee is his own thing to me. I get the BBB comparison though since he's a big flippy... if he ever snapped and became a viscious heel I could easily see him being Vader.
  9. Getting blasted by a Joe Dumars would be Asuka's Butt Bump thing
  10. Same! Adam Cole looks like a little kid holding that belt.
  11. I've only seen one Jay White match from ROH... but he just struck me as a sleazy Brian Kendrick.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing Jordynne take apart Adam Cole.
  13. Spud would have to include EC3 and Brown Strongman
  14. That would be a waste since Omega is out.
  15. that just makes me think of Dick Murdoch vs Wahoo McDaniel at Slamboree 94
  16. My favorite pizza is Pepperoni, JalapeƱo, and Pineapple It's like an al pastor
  17. Danhausen could very well be a Rockstar in A&W. Kids and adults will love his schtick. His merchandising is going to be through the roof.. and even not wrestling he could be a mainstay as a Bobby Heenan type manager/commentator... just very evil. could also see him leading The Dark Order... or at least Evil Uno.
  18. Tough guys don't do math... tough guys fry chicken for a living
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