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  1. I wonder if Nakamura ribbed Aries during Takeover how his Kanji means "vanilla midget".
  2. The great ones generally are the biggest marks.
  3. Buddy Murphy sounds like what you would name your two yellow labs.
  4. I just rewatched the Dallas match. It's still fantastic, there are elements from that match they used at Full Sail... but The End is definitely the better match... I'm not discounting Dallas... it's still a damn good match that happened to be one of the greatest nights in WWE history in terms of strength of card. A phenomenal opener. Dallas is basically Dawson vs Gable with Dash running shenanigans on the outside and Jordan periodically cleaning house. Dash really makes the tag team work, imo. He's just so damn good outside the ring.
  5. Was the missed spot in Dallas really that off putting for the match? That was the hottest tag match I've seen in years.
  6. The Full Sail Crowd isn't any different than the ECW crowd... or any crowd where it's the same people at all the shows. It's natural when you develop a local following that they develop their own traits and smarmy "in crowd" behavior. I do give the Full Sail Crowd credit for keeping the "you [email protected]#^Ed up" to a minimum... especially considering all the green talent they see.
  7. I look at the Full Sail Crowd as having a sense of entitlement to the point that they act too smart for their own good. You can't fault then for that as they're seeing the same people grow and work through their mistakes so they take a different stance to some wrestlers... much like the old ECW crowd.
  8. Alexa Bliss strikes me more as a cuckolder
  9. You might have the heel for the 21 1/2 Century
  10. For the life of me I can't stop confusing Albania with being an albino.
  11. You must be my soul mate. I'm still a fan of the satin look. Got to give the babyfaces some ammunition - so I vote for yellow.
  12. I came out thinking the same tbing. Aries was held his own against Nak. Everyone knew he was going to lose, but damn if he didn't get stronger because of it.
  13. The Steinerification of Aa was completed tonight. Jordan even became The Dog Faced Gremlin at one point and the crowd ate it up. Dash & Dawson is the best pure American tag team I've seen in 20-25 years. They're not Anderson/Tully... they're Anderson/Zybisco.
  14. Since the acquisition- has the WWE done a War Games? I keep thinking The Club vs The Samoans or Team Cena would be a fantastic War Games.
  15. Beth Phoenix opened my eyes on female sexuality in Amazon Women V
  16. I also always thought Jericho was a little too big to be considered a Cruiserweight.
  17. I seriously doubt Brian Christopher or Scott Putski could ever make that fictional weight limit.
  18. Is it really attempted.murder when you're clearly fighting a demon?
  19. Sid probably doesn't poop his shorts in the main event of a Wrestlemania
  20. Well, to be fair - Foley did refer to it as The Titantron on Credgely. Come to think of it - is that the first time Christian has ever got first billing?
  21. That end quote about himself really says it all. I loved Barmy Windham. Him and Steamboat were my boys.... he had the look and the ability and he was like water in the ring (to borrow a Bruce Lee-ism)... when TA went down he should have been The Guy. But he just didn't have the desire.
  22. What if Shawn didn't lose his smile leading up to WM13? We'd get the WM12 rematch... but what about Austin? Or even The Undertaker? I doubt we'd even have had The Hart Foundation angle without that double turn.
  23. I want to say that GWF had a better ring than the AWA. I'm shocked the boys could even run those ropes.
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